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30  mai     21h49
Putin labels drone strike on Moscow as ’terrorist’ attack by Kyiv ITV News
   Vladimir Putin has labelled a drone strike on Moscow a quot terrorist quot attack by Kyiv aimed at intimidating Russians Russia said eight drones targeted civilian areas of Moscow and the Moscow region with a population of over million in the early hours of Tuesday but were either shot
24  mai     21h56
Meet the Russians fighting their fellow countrypeople as the Ukraine war rages on ITV News
   Anti Putin forces who want to reclaim their country invaded Russia on Monday and captured an army vehicle The group Russian Volunteer Corps hopes to free the whole country and say they won t stop until they get to Moscow They say they re fighting quot for freedom quot and quot against
23  mai     21h49
In the battle for Bakhmut - the teams saving lives have never been busier ITV News
   In the battle for Ukrainian city Bakhmut even the field medical stations are a target as ITV News Correspondent John Ray reports They meanwhile are pre occupied by the business of saving lives And they have never busier rdquo Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube http bit ly lOHmNj
15  mai     21h55
On Ukraine’s eastern front as army readies its counter attack ITV News
   Is this the big moment That is the question asked of every Ukrainian leader and every Ukrainian soldier we have met here Their spring offensive the great counter attack has been talked about since the freezing depths of last winter Now the warm weather is here the rains have stopped and
09  mai     21h31
Fresh wave of missiles hits Kyiv as Russia celebrates muted Victory Day parade ITV News
   Ukraine has faced an escalation in missile strikes from Vladimir Putin s forces as Russia celebrated its annual Victory Day parade The Kremlin s forces launched missiles on Monday night in a wave of attacks across Ukraine the Ukrainian air force said adding that its air defence system had
04  mai     22h06
US denies any involvement in Kremlin drone attack as Zelenskyy gives speech at the Hague ITV News
   The United States has denied it had any role in an alleged drone attack on the Moscow Kremlin the home of the Russian president The White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby said the US had quot nothing to do with this quot in an interview with American broadcaster MSNBC after
21  mars     20h36
Little Ukrainian girl walks again after losing her leg in Russian bomb attack ITV News
   Six year old Marina Ponomaryova lost her leg in May last year A Russian shell hit her home both she and her mother were seriously injured Doctors decided Marina rsquo s only chance of survival was to amputate her leg above the knee They saved and changed her life in one operation In the
19  mars     22h22
Vladimir Putin visits Mariupol in first trip to occupied eastern Ukraine ITV News
   Vladimir Putin has paid a surprise visit to the war torn city of Mariupol Russian state media has reported Slammed by the city s mayor as a quot war criminal returning to the scene of the crime quot the trip is President Putin s first to Russian occupied territories in Ukraine s Donbass
14  mars     21h22
Father of British soldier killed in Ukraine retraces journey to Kyiv ITV News
   ITV News has seen the final moments of a young British soldier s life before he was killed in a violent clash with Russian soldiers during the war in Ukraine last year Motivated by a strong sense of duty Jordan Gatley had just finished serving in the British Army when he decided to travel to the
06  mars     22h39
Ukraine says it will not retreat from eastern city of Bakhmut ITV News
   Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed not to retreat from Bakhmut as Russian forces encroached on the devastated eastern city Less than a week ago an adviser to Ukraine s president said the defenders might give up on Bakhmut and fall back to nearby positions But on Monday Mr
03  mars     23h11
Ukraine’s air attack on the Russian front line as they push to win the battle of the skies ITV News
   Ukraine is focusing more on fighting in the sky as the war with Russia continues President Zelenskyy spoke to ITV News and repeated his plea for the west to provide Ukraine with fighter jets to help carry on resisting against Vladimir Putin rsquo s invading forces Ukraine rsquo s own aerial
24  février     22h43
I’m completely broken’: Woman living in tent is among 4,295 homeless Ukrainians in UK ITV News
   An increasing number of Ukrainians are being forced to choose between homelessness in the UK or returning to the war as their hosting arrangements end and they can rsquo t find anywhere to rent Charities and councils have accused ministers of failing to have any long term housing plan for the
Ukraine marks sombre one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion ITV News
   Ukrainians and others across the world have paid their respects with sombre vigils marking the one year anniversary of Russia s invasion People from the war torn country described the milestone as both terrible and inspiring as its fighters continue to defy expectations they would quickly fall
21  février     19h11
Vladimir Putin pulls out of only remaining nuclear arms treaty with US ITV News
   Russia is suspending its participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the US President Vladimir Putin announced in a two hour speech as he blamed Western countries for the invasion of Ukraine Mr Putin risked further inflaming tensions with the West ahead of the first
20  février     21h23
It’s not home’ - The Ukrainian families trapped in a foreign land ITV News
   The queue in the cold forms an hour before the doors open When they do the atmosphere is frantic It rsquo s an unusual sight outside a university planetarium But just once a fortnight it rsquo s transformed by the Romanian Red Cross into a foodbank for Ukrainian families who can rsquo t