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Global News : Ukraine
06  décembre     23h48
U.S. Senate fails to advance Ukraine, Israel aid amid border policy fight
   The vote came after Biden said it was stunning that Congress has not yet approved tens of billions of dollars in military and economic assistance for Ukraine as funding runs out.
Canada, G7 banning direct import of Russian diamonds
Naomi Barghiel    The announcement comes after G leaders announced a commitment to reduce Russia’s revenue from the export of non industrial diamonds mined, processed or produced in the country.
Zelenskyy assures Ukrainians of victory as U.S. aid hangs in the balance
   President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told Ukrainians on Wednesday that Kyiv would defeat Russia and win a fair peace against all odds as new U.S. military aid hangs in the balance.
04  décembre     21h22
Nearly out of time’ to help Ukraine as aid dries up: White House to Congress
Sean Boynton    The letter from the White House’s budget director represents the starkest warning yet that existing U.S. funding for Ukraine is running dry.
01  décembre     12h47
After difficult summer, Ukraine’s fight against Russia enters new phase’: Zelenskyy
   Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says the war with Russia is in a new stage, with winter expected to complicate fighting after a difficult summer counteroffensive.
28  novembre     19h17
Ukraine spy chief’s wife in hospital after being poisoned, officials say
Kathryn Mannie    Marianna Budanova was poisoned from heavy metals, according to multiple spokespeople for Ukraine’s military intelligence agency.
Ontario to mandate lessons on Holodomor Ukrainian famine in Grade 10 history course
   Grade students in Ontario will get mandatory education on the Holodomor famine in Ukraine and its impact on the community in Canada as part of their Canadian history course.
Tories insist their vote against Ukraine trade deal causing no harm whatsoever’
   Conservatives defended their vote as a committee of MPs began a clause by clause study of the bill that implements an update to the Canada Ukraine Free Trade Agreement.
26  novembre     02h34
Ukrainian refugees in Okanagan facing another Christmas away from home
Doyle Potenteau    I arrived with my daughter and with my husband,’ said Ukrainian refugee Yuliia Halaktinova, who came to B.C., in . ’But my son is now in Ukraine. I worry about it.’
Calgarians mark 90th anniversary of Holodomor genocide as war continues in Ukraine
Carolyn Kury de Castillo    Calgarians marked the th anniversary of the Holodomor famine and genocide in Ukraine, as the current war with Russia continues.