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Good Morning Britain : Russia Ukraine conflict : youtube
23  février     11h49
2 Years Later: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine On Its 2nd Anniversary
24  février     11h21
Ukrainian Tennis Player Swapped His ” Tennis Whites For Army Fatigues’ Good Morning Britain
Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill On Working With Zelensky To Protect Ukraine Good Morning Britain
22  février     12h50
Ukrainian Parents Plead For Help As Children Traumatised By Russia’s War Good Morning Britain
21  février     11h04
EXCLUSIVE: Susanna Reid Meets The First Lady Of Ukraine Good Morning Britain
20  février     19h48
Ed Balls Takes In Ukrainian Family Good Morning Britain
Susanna Reid: Live From Ukraine, A Year On Since The War Began Good Morning Britain
Russia’s War In Ukraine: A Year On Good Morning Britain
26  septembre     09h47
British Prisoners Of War Who Were Sentenced To Death Discuss Being Back In The UK After Ordeal GMB
23  septembre     09h41
John Sweeney Declares Putin ’Is In Trouble’ Because Ukraine War Is Not Popular In Russia GMB
03  mai     07h56
Ukraine’s UK Ambassador Says He’s Working To Find ’Better Solutions’ To Ukrainian Visa Issues GMB
26  avril     09h17
Susanna’s Refugee Visa Question Leaves MP ’Embarrassed’ As He Admits He Doesn’t Have An Answer GMB
Brit Who Set Up Group To Match Homes For Ukrainian Refugees Discusses ’Heartbreaking’ Struggles GMB
25  avril     08h53
Former Ukraine Prime Minister Condemns Putin & Calls For Tougher Stance On Russian Supporters GMB
21  avril     08h58
Ukrainian Refugee Children Get Their First Experience Of British School Life GMB
18  avril     08h40
Ukrainian Millionaire Reveals Why He Ordered Ukraine Military To ’Bomb’ His Home GMB
04  avril     08h37
We’re Desperately Waiting For This Visa’ Ukrainian Refugees On Struggle With UK’s Visa System GMB
24  mars     09h45
Touching Story Of 54 Ukrainian Children From An Orphanage Flown To Safety In Scotland GMB
23  mars     09h45
The War Is Creeping Closer’ Rohit Describes What The City Is Like Live From Kyiv GMB
21  mars     09h56
British Teen Who Went To Ukraine To Fight Reveals He Regrets Decision & Urges Others Not To Go GMB
14  mars     09h57
John Sweeney Calls On British Govt To Do More To Help Ukraine & Those Fleeing The Country GMB
Ukrainian Mother Begs Boris Johnson To Impose a No-Fly Zone Before She ’Is Killed’ GMB
11  mars     10h37
What’s Next For Chelsea FC? Club Face Uncertain Future After Roman Abramovich’s Sanctions GMB
Should Children Get Involved In Politics? Pupil’s Actions to Support Ukraine Sparks Debate GMB
The 11-Year-Old Boy Who Fled Ukraine Alone On Massive 750 Mile Journey To Escape War GMB
10  mars     10h16
Armed Forces Minister Is Challenged On The Refugee Visa Chaos Good Morning Britain
Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Reveals Heartbreaking Reality Of The Situation In Mariupol GMB
Medical Student Describes Her Appalling Racism Experience At Ukraine Border Crossing GMB
09  mars     10h12
Inspiring Brit Who Has Driven 80 Refugees Over Polish Border In London Black Cab GMB
Shadow Home Secretary Questions Priti Patel & Govt’s Response To The Refugee Crisis GMB
Grant Shapps Challenged On The UK’s Response To The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Good Morning Britain
08  mars     10h34
As Fuel Prices Hit An All-Time High, How Is The War In Ukraine Economically Affecting The UK? GMB
19-Year-Old British-Ukrainian Student Poignantly Explains What Can Be Done To Help Ukrainians GMB
Absolutely Heartbreaking’ Defence Editor Discusses Rescuing Deaf Children From War GMB
Defence Secretary Challenged On Delay In Calais Visa Processing Centre To Help Ukrainians GMB
07  mars     10h30
Russian Journalist Discusses New ’Fake News’ Law Which Prevents Calling The War, ’War’ GMB
Journalist Oz Katerji Explains What It Is Like Trying To Leave Kyiv Good Morning Britain
Former PM Gordon Brown Calls For President Putin To Be Tried For War Crimes Good Morning Britain
Richard Gaisford: A Traumatic Race To The Polish Border Good Morning Britain
04  mars     10h13
No Water or Food’ Ukrainian Journalist Describes Dreadful Ordeal Escaping Ukraine War GMB
03  mars     12h03
Ukraine’s Youngest Snooker Player Iulian Boiko Says Ukraine Situation Is ’Terrifying’ GMB
How Do You Talk To Children About War? Reverend Steve Chalke Explains Good Morning Britain
Security Minister Outlines Govt’s Latest Plans To Bring Those Fleeing From Ukraine To Safety GMB
Paralympians React To News Russian & Belarusian Athletes Are Banned From Paralympic Games GMB
02  mars     11h04
We’re Going To Be Starved & Bombed’ Journalist Describes Heartbreaking Scenes in Kyiv GMB
Refugee Rights Director Reveals He’s ’Sceptical’ About Govt’s Offer To Help 200,000 Refugees GMB
Defense Secretary Warns Imposing a No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine Could Trigger a European War GMB
Ukrainian Activist Who Confronted Boris Johnson Explains Her Emotional Plea For a No-Fly Zone GMB
01  mars     10h00
My Safety Is Secondary’ British-Ukrainian Student Shares Brave Decision To Stay In Ukraine GMB
Air Raid Sirens Ring As Reporter Gives Live Update From Kyiv Good Morning Britain