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20  mars     08h54
Why do the French live so long?
   France is home to roughly people aged or over and statistically French people have a long life expectancy so what s the secret to French longevity Spoiler it s not the tomatoes the wine or the cheese
What does Monday’s no-confidence vote mean for Macron and for France?
   The French government on Monday faces a vote of no confidence so what does this mean and is it as dramatic as it sounds
On the Agenda: What’s happening in France this week
   From yet more strikes and a pension crisis to an international day to celebrate the French language a royal visit and the start of Ramadan here s what is happening in France this week
19  mars     15h20
French government defiant on pensions ahead of crucial votes
   France s government on Sunday held its ground over a bitterly contested pension reform rammed through parliament without a vote a day before it faces crucial no confidence motions
France’s Borne: resilient technocrat under pressure
   France s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne who has pushed through a controversial pensions overhaul without a parliament vote is an experienced technocrat known for her resilience
Quiz: Test your French language level on the A1 to C2 scale
   Learning French can be a long process and it also brings you into a world of bewildering acronyms here s what these language levels means in terms of your everyday French conversation with quizzes so you can test your level
OPINION: Macron, the government and France itself all lose from the pensions debacle
   After a tumultuous hours in the French parliament and on the streets John Lichfield looks at what happens next for Emmanuel Macron for his embattled prime minister and for the strike weary country
13 things foreigners do that make French people feel awkward
   As a foreigner in France you might feel like you re the only one feeling ill at ease in situations But there are some things we do that can make the French feel awkward too
French tests, remote working and Notre-Dame secrets: 6 essential articles for life in France
   Testing your language skills working as a digital nomad in France closures on the famous Canal du Midi and things to do in Spring are just some of our essential articles for life in France
18  mars     14h28
Inside France: Beer, George Clooney and France on the barricades
   This week in France conversation has been dominated by the highly controversial decision of president Emmanuel Macron regarding pension reform and the reaction that followed but we ve also found time for beer street art and celebrities in our weekly newsletter Inside France
PODCAST: Property tax hikes, swimming in the Seine and just how important is the French language?
   The Talking France podcast is back with a bumper length episode looking at what s going on in France from the last gasp pension strikes to free chickens swimming in the Seine to hijab rules and everything you need to know about the French language
France faces more protests as pension strikes see planes and trains cancelled
   Trains and planes are cancelled and a fresh wave of demos are planned for the weekend as fury grows in France over the decision of Emmanuel Macron s government to push through controversial pension reform without a parliamentary vote
France reports record number of washed-up dolphins
   At least dolphins have washed up on France s Atlantic coast since the start of the winter with most deaths believed to have been caused by fishing activities the Pelagis ocean observatory reported on Friday
Could anti-Macron protests result in a Yellow Vest rerun in France?
   French President Emmanuel Macron s move to force through his pension reform by short circuiting parliament unions and public opinion may well rekindle social unrest reminiscent of the Yellow Vest movement union leaders predict
Should you cancel a trip to France because of strikes and demos?
   With strikes and demonstrations in France hitting the headlines some people will be wondering whether to cancel plans or go ahead with their trip Here s what you need to know to make that decision
12 French phrases that English really should have too
   Some French words and phrases cause a translation crisis because they have no exact equivalent in the English language while others just express lovely concepts in a single word Here are some of our favourite French words that English really should have too
17  mars     15h01
French MPs file no-confidence motion over pension reform
   French President Emmanuel Macron s government on Friday faced no confidence motions in parliament and intensified protests after imposing a contentious pension reform without a vote in the lower house
Two fingers to the French people’ - what the papers said about Macron’s pension decision
   France s ongoing pension debacle made headlines around the world with newspapers describing Macron s decision to force through the bill without a vote as a power grab and two fingers to the people here s a look at how French and foreign media reported the crisis
All you need to know about shopping at French food markets
   No stay in France is complete without a visit to one of the country s famous food markets Here s what you need to know to help you navigate them like a local
Eight tips on buying wine in a French supermarket
   Ever felt dazed and confused when deciding which wine to buy in a French supermarket Here are a few tips from the experts to help you choose a decent bottle or two