08  décembre     11h46
Why do the French eat so much seafood at Christmas?
   If you’ve spent time in France over Christmas one thing you’re likely to have noticed is the amount of fish and seafood that is around, so what are the roots of this festive tradition?
Fit to fly’: What kind of Covid tests are valid for returning to or entering France?
   Covid rules for anyone wanting to enter France from abroad vary from country to country, with non-EU countries - such as the US and UK - facing more stringent requirements than residents and citizens of EU Member States.
Christmas travel between France and the UK: What am I allowed to bring?
   This is the first Christmas since the end of the Brexit transition period, so if you’re travelling between France and the UK, here’s what you should know about the new rules and what you can’t pack.
Winter weather: Pyrenees and French Alps set for more snow
   It has already been a remarkable December for snow in the Pyrénées - but more heavy falls are forecast from Wednesday, while the Alps are also set to enjoy more fresh snow.
France’s new right-wing presidential nominee surges in polls
   A new poll places Valérie Pécresse, presidential candidate for The Republicans, beating Emmanuel Macron in next year’s presidential election.
07  décembre     17h38
OPINION: Only two people can win the French presidential election and it will be close
   With the official candidates (almost) all in place for the 2022 French presidential election, John Lichfield looks at who is likely to make the second round - and what this will mean for France.
What are the Covid recommendations around socialising in France this Christmas?
   While the French government has not brought in any strict limits on family gatherings or banned work functions, ministers have advised the public to take their foot off the pedal when it comes to socialising. So what are the recommendations?
Paris opens new Covid vaccination centres to battle Covid surge in capital
   The French government is pushing for a major vaccination drive in a bid to curb the fifth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Paris authorities are setting up more vaccination centres to deal with the demand.
Vive le vent: The French phrases you need at Christmas time
   If you’re in France for the festive season then there are few words, phrases and expressions that will come in handy. Joyeux Noël is a decent start, but here are some thoughts on where to go from there.
French Expression of the Day: Partir en cacahuète
   This is a very useful French expression for when things are beginning to slide out of control.
What are France’s ’Christmas bonuses’ and could you qualify?
   Each Christmas France hands out primes or bonuses to poorer families around the country. But who qualifies and how much are they worth?
Mother and baby rescued after building collapse in French Riviera
   The French fire brigade have saved a mother and baby from a fatal building collapse in the Mediterranean coastal city of Sanary-sur-Mer. The search for survivors is ongoing.
US advises against travel to France over Covid-19 surge
   The US has advised its citizens against travelling to France, because of the recent surge in Covid-19 infections and concerns over the spread of the new Omicron variant.
ANALYSIS: We can expect more violence during French presidential campaign
   The first election rally by French far-right runner Eric Zemmour was marred by several violent incidents against anti-racism protesters, the media and even the candidate himself. Is this a worrying sign of things to come during the French presidential election campaign?
06  décembre     19h03
LATEST: France to close nightclubs and encourage more home-working to fight Covid surge
   The French government has decided against implementing stricter Covid-19 measures in bars and cafes, but nightclubs will close over the Christmas period and the public has been asked to limit social gatherings.
Latest: How to get a Covid-19 booster dose appointment in France
   With booster doses soon to become a requirement if you want to keep using a health pass, demand has been soaring for Covid vaccination appointments. But for over 65s and people going for their very first anti-Covid shot, things have just got a little easier.
100 dead cats found in French pensioner’s home
   Animal protection associations are set to file criminal charges against a French 81-year-old for appalling mistreatment and negligence.
EXPLAINED: The Covid travel rules between France and Ireland this Christmas
   Travel between France and Ireland over the festive period should be relatively straightforward compared to other destinations. But each country has its own entry requirements. Here’s what you need to know.
Saint Nicolas: What is the festival celebrated in parts of France on December 6th?
   While Christmas is the main event in terms of December festivals, certain parts of France have an extra day of celebration on December 6th.
French phrase of the day: Père Fouettard
   This is a figure you are likely to encounter in early December, but one which also has a wider meaning.