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03  octobre     00h31
Nikkei Down 1.4%, Dragged by Energy, Auto Stocks
   Japanese stocks were lower in morning trade, dragged down by falls in energy and auto stocks, as concerns persist about higher costs of borrowing.
Gaetz Begins Process to Oust McCarthy as Speaker
   The Florida lawmaker and the House speaker have fought over the direction of the Republican party.
Pentagon Sees Months Left in Weapons Supply for Ukraine
   The Pentagon has . billion in aid for Ukraine remaining after Congress passed a short term spending bill that omitted more funding for the war effort, Pentagon officials said.
Prison Contractor YesCare in 37 Million Deal to End Texas Two-Step Bankruptcy
   Prison healthcare provider YesCare and its backers reached a million settlement of legal and financial liability it moved into bankruptcy court through an emerging corporate restructuring tactic.
02  octobre     23h42
Taylor Swift Credited With Helping Boost TV Ratings of Jets-Chiefs Game
   The Sunday night NFL game was the second most watched matchup of the season.
Trump Goes to Court for Opening of Civil Fraud Trial
   The former president is face to face with a judge he has repeatedly criticized.
TikTok Parent ByteDance Turns Operating Profit, Sees Revenue Slow
   The Chinese social media company reported an operating profit of more than billion as its valuation fell by about .
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U.N. Agrees to Deploy Kenyan-Led Force to Bring Control to Haiti
   The U.N. Security Council approved the deployment of an armed multinational force led by Kenya to help Haiti’s beleaguered police.
Biden Would Be Wrong to Abandon the Kurds
   He has signaled a willingness to distance himself from a trusted and beleaguered ally to Iran’s advantage.
Donald Trump’s Fraud Trial in New York
   Is this a case about inflated asset values or partisan politics Yes.
A Nobel for Advancing mRNA
   Two scientists in the U.S. win the medicine prize for enabling the technology behind Covid vaccines.
What Happens on Fishers Island, Stays on Fishers Island
   With sought after golf courses, this New York enclave is exceedingly private as residents shun development and tourism.
The ADA Lawsuit Mill Reaches the Supreme Court
   Deborah Laufer filed accessibility’ cases against hotels she never planned to visit. Now she wants to drop her tester’ lawsuit.
Los Angeles Attacks Charter Schools
   The union wants to limit co location’ in buildings with empty space.
A ’Trumpier’ Second-Term Foreign Policy
   This time he’d hire people who agree with him, not seasoned establishment figures.
Tim Scott and the ’Great Society’
   A black Republican speaks the truth, and he is quickly told to shut up and sit down.
Ether ETF Debut Leaves Small Investors Underwhelmed
   Most of the futures based funds ended their first trading day in the red.
AOC Redefines the Term ’Rich’
   Forget about the . She wants to raise taxes on households earning , .
Pax’ Review: A Real-Life Game of Thrones
   Gibbon called the high Roman Empire the world’s most happy and prosperous era.’ It was also a period of brutal conquest and constant rivalry.