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02  décembre     17h53
Amid NATO warning, a look at increasing China-EU trade ties
   Economic sanctions on Moscow by the entire West have failed to curb Russian advances in Ukraine and serves as a lesson with regards to China which bases its military might on its economic clout
Japanese man who raped, killed, ate woman, but not jailed, dies in Japan- Read full story
   Sagawa lived out his final years with his brother reportedly in a wheelchair after a series of health problems including a stroke But he displayed no apparent sign of remorse or reform and embraced cannibalism
Indonesia set to ban premarital sex under new criminal code
   The legislative overhaul will also ban insulting the president or state institutions and expressing any views counter to Indonesia s state ideology Cohabitation before marriage is also banned
Crisis in Pakistan Army? Lt Gen Hamid, contenders for Army chief post, to retire soon
   Former ISI chief Gen Munir has replaced Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa who retired on November after serving two consecutive three year terms as Pakistan s Army chief in the coup prone country where the military wields considerable power in matters of security and foreign policy
Ohio: India topples Saudi Arabia, China as the top country for students in Kent State University
   The outbreak of the pandemic and the political standoff between the US and China has led to the decline of students from China to the US Saudi Arabia has also drastically reduced its scholarship schemes so there is a dip in the number of students from there
US, Japan issue new sanctions on North Korea after Ballistic missile test; Biden govt targets three entities
   The United States along with Japan and South Korea have issued new sanctions after the Ballistic missile test in response to growing security threats from Pyongyang reports agencies
What is Vladimir Putin’s greatest worry? US trying to drag India into NATO, claims Russian FM
   Accusing the US led NATO of playing with fire Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has explained why Moscow was forging close military ties with China and conducting joint exercises
Osama Bin Laden’s son claims his father tested chemical weapons on dogs
   The year old who now lives with his wife Zaina in Normandy France recalls Bin Laden telling him that he was the son chosen to carry on his work He however chose to leave Afghanistan in April just months before the September terrorist attacks in New York
Sri Lanka: Jaffna University refuses to sign MoU with China, says Beijing has hidden agenda
   Sri Lanka and China s relationship has become more strained after Sri Lanka s Jaffna University refused to sign a MoU with China s State Agricultural University reports ANI
Donald Trump suffers legal DEFEAT Court halts Mar-a-Lago special master review against former US President
   Donald Trump probe Former US President suffers legal DEFEAT as Appeals Court halts Mar a Lago special master review reports AP