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21  juin     16h00
Latvians celebrate the summer solstice
   Latvians mark the summer solstice by celebrating the longest day of the year. Also, a new discovery of a rare genetic mutation of one family in Colombia may present an opportunity to learn how the body could naturally resist Alzheimer’s. And, new mothers in different parts of the world find that...
Lethal Dissent 4 - The Fall
   In the city where the dissident Mohammad Shabani died, Fariba Nawa finds evidence that points towards his cause of death.
20  juin     16h00
Russia and North Korea agree to a new partnership
   Russia and North Korea have sign onto a new partnership, vowing mutual aid if either country is attacked, while South Korea responds by saying it will consider sending weapons to Ukraine. Also, French President Emmanuel Macron joins several African leaders to kick off a planned billion project...
19  juin     16h00
Juneteenth marks a celebratory milestone but the legacy of slavery persists
   Juneteenth marks a celebratory milestone in the history of emancipation in the US, but the legacy of slavery persists, not just in the US but across the globe. Also, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was just sworn in for his second term in office, despite his party losing a decadeslong...
18  juin     16h00
Travelers making Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina brave dangerous heat
   The annual Muslim pilgrimage known as the Hajj isn’t just a spiritual journey; it’s physically strenuous, too. Travelers to Mecca and Medina this year have braved dangerous heat. Host Marco Werman speaks with a Muslim American who’s there right now, participating in the ritual. Plus, Polish...
17  juin     16h00
A proposed pause in fighting in Gaza
   A UNICEF representative based in Gaza joins us from inside the territory with insights on what a proposed pause in fighting would and wouldn’t accomplish on the ground. Plus, in a diplomatic shakeup, China is recalling two of its diplomats to Australia. Not the highest ranking ones, but...
14  juin     16h00
Pope Francis meets with comedians at G7
   Pope Francis convened a meeting with an unexpected audience while at the G : more than comedians from different countries. Also, we air Part of the series Lethal Dissent, which looks at the death of an Iranian poet living in Turkey. And, Qatar tries to beat the heat by air conditioning...
Lethal Dissent 3 - Losing Touch
   The death of poet Mohammad Shabani, an Iranian dissident living in Turkey, catches his friends, family, and supporters by surprise. Fariba finds one of Mohammad Shabani’s confidantes and learns new details about his life in exile before he died.
13  juin     16h00
G7 nations to give Ukraine 50 billion loan
   G nations agree to give Ukraine a loan of billion for weapons and rebuilding. Also, a growing number of governments in Latin America are aligning themselves with Palestinians and distancing themselves from Israel. But there’s a price to pay for cutting ties with Israel. And, Haiti’s new...
12  juin     16h00
Ceasefire talks deteriorate again
   Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas deteriorate once again. Also, Denmark has ordered a recall of three types of Buldak, which translates as fire chicken, manufactured in South Korea. The packaged noodles were deemed so hot they could pose a physical danger to Danish consumers. And, in a...
11  juin     16h00
UN Security Council vote pushes for ceasefire in Gaza
   Momentum may be building to end the war in Gaza after a UN Security Council vote for a ceasefire. Also, Mexico deals with around , tons of trash generated by last week’s elections. Now, environmentalists are concerned that improper disposal of plastic waste could cause serious pollution. And,...
10  juin     16h00
Benny Gantz resigns as Israeli hostages released, Palestinians killed in bombardments
   A daylight raid on Gaza over the weekend secured the release of four more Israeli hostages, using intense bombardments that killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians. Meanwhile, Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel’s war cabinet, has resigned. Also, an exclusive interview with Lebanon’s foreign...
07  juin     16h00
India deals with acute stress amid record-breaking temperatures
   Daytime temperatures are breaking records in the central and northern regions of India. Now, hospitals are setting up special units to deal with acute heat stress. Also, a look at soaring home rental prices in Spain. And, Palestinian families evacuated to Qatar help their children process trauma...
Lethal Dissent 2 - The Poet
   When two close friends who work for the Iranian government follow their conscience, it puts them at odds with the regime. Now one of them is dead. To figure out what might have happened, reporter Fariba Nawa goes back to the beginning.
06  juin     16h00
Lebanese prepare for the worst as Hezbollah and Israel trade fire
   For months, the Israeli military and Hezbollah in Lebanon have been trading drone, missile and rocket attacks across the border. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened a very intense military response. The World’s Shirin Jaafari is in Beirut. Also, Thursday is the start of...
05  juin     16h00
Once again, top UN diplomat sounds alarm about climate change
   The top diplomat at the United Nations is once again sounding an alarm about the dangers of climate change. Also, in coastal communities around the globe places such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Italy, Brazil and the southern United States rising sea water levels threaten to infiltrate...
04  juin     16h00
US pushes for a three-phase ceasefire deal
   The US is strongly pushing a three phase ceasefire deal in the Mideast that would bring back Israeli hostages and lead to a permanent ceasefire with Hamas. But members of the Israeli prime minister’s cabinet have threatened to quit if any ceasefire is discussed. And, US Army Major Harrison Mann...
03  juin     16h00
Mexico elects its 1st-ever woman president
   For the first time, Mexico will have a woman president. Claudia Sheinbaum is a year old scientist, left wing politician and a former mayor of Mexico City. Also, this week, we’ll meet a child survivor of the war in Gaza who was able to travel to Qatar for medical treatment. And welcome to the...
31  mai     16h00
Mexicans vote in massive election
   Mexico heads to the polls this weekend for its largest ever election, with more than , positions up for grabs including local, state and congressional offices, as well as the office of the president. Also, a range of reactions from European leaders to the news of former President Donald...
Lethal Dissent 1 - Prologue
   Reporter Fariba Nawa introduces her investigation into Iranian plots against exiles in Turkey. She tells the story of Iran’s history of violence against its citizens at home, and how that violence has grown to cross international borders today. The fate of a dissident in France becomes a blueprint...