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20  mars     07h18
French government faces make-or-break vote after pension reform uproar
NEWS WIRES    French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Monday faces two motions of no confidence in the National Assembly lower house after forcing through an unpopular pension reform last week without a vote
19  mars     12h06
Pension protests pile pressure on Macron ahead of crucial vote for France
FRANCE 24    French President Emmanuel Macron faces a critical test on Monday when the National Assembly is due to examine no confidence motions filed after his government bypassed parliament on Thursday to push through a deeply unpopular pension reform sparking days of unrest
18  mars     17h48
After Macron’s use of nuclear option’ on unpopular pension reform, what’s next?
Romain HOUEIX    Several consequences could follow the French government s use of Article of the constitution to pass President Emmanuel Macron s pension reform without a vote in the National Assembly on Thursday They include a no confidence motion against the government the dissolution of the Assembly and
France resoundingly beat Wales, but lose Six Nations title to Ireland
NEWS WIRES    Defending champion France completed its Six Nations campaign by scoring five tries in an entertaining win against Wales but it wasn t enough to retain the title as Ireland beat England later Saturday to clinch a Grand Slam
17  mars     10h21
French MPs file no-confidence motion, clashes erupt over pension reform
FRANCE 24    Protesters on Friday clashed with police in Paris and other cities for a second night in a row after French President Emmanuel Macron rammed a pension reform through parliament without a vote Opposition lawmakers earlier Friday tabled a no confidence motion against the government amid mounting
16  mars     15h28
Livret A: Exploring France’s favourite nest egg
Florence VILLEMINOT    In this week s show we take a closer look at money in France a country where talking about financial matters can be quite taboo The French have traditionally been big savers So where does this tendency to stow away cash come from We put the spotlight on one of the most popular savings options
French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi to cut US insulin price
NEWS WIRES    French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced on Thursday it would cut the US price of its most prescribed insulin by percent falling in line with two other major drug makers
15  mars     16h48
Discovering France’s most beautiful gardens
FRANCE 24    The most beautiful gardens in France are the fruit of monumental work by men and women in partnership with Mother Nature In the north of Corsica the magnificent floral paradise of Parc de Saleccia was born from the ashes of a terrible fire in Much further north near Mont Saint Michel in
16  mars     21h23
A dog day afternoon in French politics as Macron uses ’nuclear option’ to raise retirement age
Leela JACINTO    France entered a period of political uncertainty on Thursday as French President Emmanuel Macron rammed a controversial pension reform through parliament without a vote by invoking a special executive measure With the opposition braced for a no confidence vote and the unions threatening more
18  mars     08h35
Protests resume across France after Macron forced through contested pension reform
NEWS WIRES    People took to the streets across France on Saturday after President Emmanuel Macron imposed an unpopular pension overhaul without a parliament vote
17  mars     19h20
Bitter pension battle turns to democratic crisis as Macron bypasses French parliament
Benjamin DODMAN    Widespread rejection of French President Emmanuel Macron s planned pension overhaul was a key factor in his failure to win a parliamentary majority following his re election last year His decision to ram through his deeply unpopular reform without a vote turns an already festering dispute into a
Paris stinks as uncollected trash mounts to 10,000 tonnes due to strikes
NEWS WIRES    The amount of trash uncollected on Paris streets due to a waste workers strike has surged to tonnes despite efforts to force them back to duty authorities said Friday
16  mars     19h07
Macron goes for nuclear option: French government overrides parliament over pensions
François PICARD    French President Emmanuel Macron has got his pension reform out of the way early in his second term but at what cost His prime minister has triggered a vote of no confidence rather than holding a straight up and down vote on the bill itself How will the railroading through parliament of a plan
Protests in Paris as Macron forces through controversial pension reform
FRANCE 24    French President Emmanuel Macron shunned parliament on Thursday and invoked a special constitutional power to force through a controversial pension reform that raises the retirement age by two years to The risky move sparked protests outside the National Assembly and is expected to trigger
French Senate adopts contested pension reform, final vote set for lower house
NEWS WIRES    A proposed reform of France s pension system which has sparked massive protests and strikes since the start of the year is poised for a final vote in parliament on Thursday in a decisive moment for President Emmanuel Macron