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02  octobre     23h58
Russia-Ukraine War: E.U. Foreign Ministers Meet in Kyiv for Summit
The New York Times    The top diplomats of E.U. member nations are gathering as the organization pledges to increase military support for Ukraine. Its most senior officials back Ukraine’s entry into the group.
Ethnic Serbs in Northern Kosovo Feel Trapped’ by Politics
Constant Méheut and Armend Nimani    A deadly gunfight in a Kosovar village raised worries that the troubled Balkan region would be plunged into another conflict, with confusion and fear running high among residents. I’d like to know who runs this place, a mechanic said.
Mexico Church Collapse Leaves at Least 11 Dead
Emiliano Rodrà­guez Mega and Simon Romero    A church roof fell in a city on Mexico’s Gulf Coast as dozens of parishioners were at Sunday Mass. Rescuers said at least three children were among the dead.
Spanish Nightclub Fire Investigators Work to Identify Victims
Rachel Chaundler    With only four of the bodies pulled from the charred remains of a nightclub complex near the Mediterranean Coast identified, the authorities are asking families for DNA samples.
Kenyan-Led Security Mission in Haiti: What to Know
Alan Yuhas    With hundreds killed, abducted and injured in a worsening cycle of gang violence in Haiti, a Kenyan plan to lead a mission to help stabilize the country won U.N. approval on Monday.
Iraq Investigators Call for Officials to Be Fired After Wedding Hall Blaze
Alissa J. Rubin    The fire that killed almost people had been accidental, a report said, but occurred after a series of decisions that proved deadly.
Nobel Prize Awarded to Covid Vaccine Pioneers
Benjamin Mueller and Gina Kolata    The physiology or medicine prize for Katalin Karik and Drew Weissman recognized work that led to the development of vaccines that were administered to billions around the world.
Slovakia Appears Set to Join the Putin Sympathizers After Election
Roger Cohen    The front runner in the parliamentary vote has pledged not to send a single cartridge to neighboring Ukraine, a sign of the flagging European support for a victim of Russian aggression.
Vatican Synod Puts Catholic Church’s Most Sensitive Issues on the Table
Jason Horowitz    Pope Francis’ calls for open minded discussion will be tested this week as bishops meet with lay people, including women, to debate topics such as married priests and the blessing of gay couples.
He Announces Baseball Games in Spanish. It Is Not His First Language.
James Wagner    Bill Kulik, a Spanish language radio broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies, mixes in English and Spanglish to the delight of some listeners, but the irritation of others.
What Is a Synod in the Catholic Church? And Why Does This One Matter?
Jason Horowitz and Elisabetta Povoledo    A seemingly obscure meeting could be the culmination of Francis’ papacy and lay the groundwork for lasting change on issues like married priests and the blessing of gay unions.
01  octobre     20h46
They Ran for a Better Life, Straight Into a Wildfire
Matina Stevis-Gridneff    Greek authorities assumed the victims were asylum seekers because no one was looking for missing people locally. And for more than a month, their identities, and the circumstances of their deaths, remained a mystery.
Antakya, Turkey, Struggles to Recover From Earthquake
Ben Hubbard, Nimet Kirac and Nicole Tung    Seven months after powerful earthquakes battered the historic city of Antakya in southern Turkey, life feels temporary as residents await reconstruction.
At Least 13 Killed in Nightclub Fire in Spain
Aaron Boxerman    Spanish authorities are investigating the origins of the blaze, in the southeastern city of Murcia, which also left at least four people wounded from smoke inhalation.
02  octobre     20h40
Tuesday Briefing: Trump’s New York Fraud Trial Begins
Justin Porter    Plus a new release of India’s electronic music from the ’ s.
UN Approves Kenya’s Mission to Stabilize Haiti
Frances Robles and Farnaz Fassihi    Kenyan security forces are expected to head to Haiti for a year to combat gang violence that has killed thousands and forced many more people to flee widespread murders, kidnappings and extortion.
Alice Shalvi, Hailed as a Mother of Feminism in Israel, Dies at 96
Jane Eisner    She was an often defiant, galvanizing force in pressing for equal treatment for women in marriage, employment, education and more.
Putin’s Next Target: U.S. Support for Ukraine, Officials Say
Julian E. Barnes    Russian spy agencies and new technologies could be used to push conspiracy theories, U.S. officials say.
A New Satellite Outshines Some of the Brightest Stars in the Sky
Becky Ferreira    Astronomers warn that BlueWalker, a test spacecraft with a large array of antennas, could be the first of many larger satellites in low Earth orbit that interfere with astronomical observations.
India’s Early Electronic Music From the ’70s Is Finally Being Released
Hugh Morris    A trove of tapes discovered in a cupboard at the country’s National Institute of Design showcases artists composing early synth recordings on their own terms.
Tesla’s Sales Slip as It Readies Factories for New Models
Jack Ewing    Analysts expected a decline in sales for the quarter. Still, the dip may raise concerns about flagging demand.
As Biden Urges Aid, Both Russia and Ukraine Expect U.S. Role to Continue
Cassandra Vinograd, Valeriya Safronova, Michael Crowley and Michael D. Shear    Officials in Moscow and Kyiv played down the significance of a U.S. government spending bill that lacked new funding for Ukraine.
Russia May Be Planning to Test a Nuclear-Powered Missile
Riley Mellen    Visual evidence from a remote base in the Arctic shows launch preparations mirroring those that preceded earlier tests.
Typhoon Koinu Moves Toward Taiwan
Jin Yu Young and Amy Chang Chien    Forecasters in Taiwan expected Koinu, which formed over the weekend, to get stronger in the coming days.
E.U. Foreign Ministers Hold Surprise Summit in Wartime Kyiv
Monika Pronczuk    Nearly all of the European Union’s top diplomats met in the Ukrainian capital, convening to reassert the bloc’s commitment against Russia’s invasion.
Monday Briefing
Natasha Frost    An averted government shutdown.
Lise Meitner, the Atomic Pioneer’ Who Never Won a Nobel Prize
Katrina Miller    Lise Meitner developed the theory of nuclear fission, the process that enabled the atomic bomb. But her identity Jewish and a woman barred her from sharing credit for the discovery, newly translated letters show.
Grizzly Bear Kills 2 People at Banff National Park in Canada
Livia Albeck-Ripka    Park officials found the victims early Saturday morning, after receiving an alert from a satellite device hours earlier. A grizzly near the site displayed aggressive behavior, they said.
01  octobre     20h38
Monday Briefing: U.S. Aid to Ukraine Is Uncertain
Justin Porter    Plus NASA’s plan to build houses on the moon.
Polish Opposition Supporters March in Warsaw Ahead of Key Election
Andrew Higgins    The fate of democracy and aid for Ukraine undergird the October vote, which will decide whether the governing Law and Justice party secures an unprecedented third term in a row.
Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic Rejects Kosovo Troop Buildup Claims
Constant Méheut    Aleksandar Vucic called Washington’s assertions of a destabilizing military presence along the border a campaign of lies after an attack in Kosovo renewed attention to a territorial conflict.
Turkey Strikes Kurdish Rebels After Suicide Attack in Ankara
Ben Hubbard and Safak Timur    Many terrorists were neutralized, Turkey said of the airstrikes, which it ordered after the P.K.K. took responsibility for a bomb attack.
02  octobre     12h51
Ukraine Downplays Uncertainty Over U.S. Support After Funding Bill Passes With No Aid
Matthew Mpoke Bigg    Kyiv expressed confidence that Washington would continue to support its war against Russia, even after Congress passed a stopgap funding bill that did not include money for Ukraine.
01  octobre     22h18
Trailing in Polls, U.K.’s Conservatives Look to Unleash the Real Rishi’ Sunak
Stephen Castle    The British prime minister is trying to redefine himself as a conviction politician, leaning into the newly potent issue of meeting climate goals without raising costs for hard pressed Britons.
Hunting Contest Reveals Rifts Over Invasive Species in New Zealand
Yan Zhuang and Tatsiana Chypsanava    A hunting contest has exposed tensions over which animals deserve protection, who gets to define humaneness and how children should be taught about conservation.
Four Seconds to Impact: On the Front Line With Ukraine’s Snipers
Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Natalia Yermak and David Guttenfelder    In a war built around artillery, tanks, drones and cruise missiles, the role of the sniper, unseen and lethal, occupies an often overlooked but essential part of the battlefield.
The Hottest New Accessory in Niger? A Russian Flag.
Elian Peltier    Russia has quietly been distributing its own flags throughout West Africa, where they are now considered so cool.
Russia-Leaning Populist Party Ekes Out Win in Slovakia Vote
Andrew Higgins    In much of Europe, the election in Slovakia was seen as a bellwether of mainstream support for Ukraine in its war with Russia. But voters seemed most concerned with pocketbook issues.
Senate Democrat Threatens to Block a Chunk of Military Aid to Egypt
Karoun Demirjian    The new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could force the Biden administration to reverse its decision to send Egypt million in military assistance.
30  septembre     20h24
Iraq Wedding Fire’s Death Toll Rises, as Investigators Point to Safety Violations
Alissa J. Rubin    The wedding hall lacked emergency exits and a sprinkler system, and was made of materials that seemed similar to those used in Grenfell Tower in London, where a fire in killed people.
01  octobre     03h50
Modi’s Hindu Nationalism Stokes Tension in Indian Diaspora
Norimitsu Onishi and Vjosa Isai    The killing of a Canadian Sikh leader, carried out by what Canada described as Indian government agents, occurred amid widening divisions in the diaspora.
30  septembre     10h41
Why Is the U.S. Telling Serbia to Move Troops From the Kosovo Border?
Emma Bubola, Katie Rogers and Cora Engelbrecht    Washington called for the troops’ rollback days after an attack at a monastery in northern Kosovo. Here’s what to know.
A New Speaker for Canada After a Misstep That Deeply Embarrassed Parliament’
Vjosa Isai    The House of Commons will elect a new speaker on Tuesday, following the resignation of its current speaker under historic circumstances.
On Anniversary of Illegal Annexation, Russia Strikes Ukrainian Region It Claims as Its Own
Matthew Mpoke Bigg    As little territory changes hands on the battlefield, President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine both signal that they are prepared to keep fighting.
02  octobre     14h29
Ukraine’s War of Drones Runs Into an Obstacle: China
Paul Mozur and Valerie Hopkins    As the war with Russia stretches on, so too does a contest to make more and deadlier flying machines. That means a fight over global electronics supply chains that run through China.
01  octobre     03h46
In an Israeli Oasis, a Model for Peace, if Messy and Imperfect
Hiba Yazbek    In a small village, Jews and Arabs have chosen to live side by side, share power and imagine a more hopeful future. But even here, the agonies of the conflict can’t be escaped entirely.
30  septembre     09h00
Where German Cars Falter, E-Bikes Gain in Power
Melissa Eddy    E bikes sales in Germany have jumped, as drivers, suppliers and even automakers embrace their role in the future of transportation.
In Maldives Election, Mohamed Muizzu Defeats President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
Maahil Mohamed and Mujib Mashal    Mohamed Muizzu, the mayor of the capital city pushing for closer ties with China, won a runoff against the pro India incumbent, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
Slovakia’s Election Could Echo in Ukraine. Here’s What to Expect.
Emma Bubola    A leader who has railed against NATO and sanctions on Russia appears poised for a strong showing. That could threaten Europe’s unity on support for Ukraine.
29  septembre     17h23
What I’m Reading: Apples, Private Actors and Marina Abramovic
Amanda Taub    A retrospective of the performance artist’s work at the Royal Academy of Arts in London captures boundaries being violently tested and redrawn.