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19  avril     14h31
Middle East Crisis: Live Updates: Israel Strikes Iran, but Scope of Attack Appears Limited
The New York Times    Iranian officials reported blasts overnight at a military base near the city of Isfahan. Israel had vowed retaliation for Iran’s attack last weekend, but muted initial reaction in both countries suggested they wanted to ease tensions.
Worried About Trump’s Support for Ukraine, Eastern Europe Tries Outreach
Andrew Higgins and Tomas Dapkus    A gathering of officials from Lithuania and Ukraine and supporters of Donald J. Trump highlights growing efforts to get on the good side of the former U.S. president in case he is elected again.
Turkey Earthquake Trial Opens Amid Anger and Tears
Safak Timur and Ben Hubbard    More than people were killed when temblors toppled an upscale residential complex. Survivors hope a court will punish the men who built it.
Forbidden to Watch Films as a Child, He Now Directs Somalia’s Top Shows
Abdi Latif Dahir    Abshir Rageh had to sneak out from home to see bootleg Indian films and Rambo at a makeshift cinema. Now, he’s creating dramas that draw millions of online views in a country inching toward stability.
Why India’s Opposition Can’t Get It Together
Sameer Yasir    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party got less than of the vote in the last election. But his fractured and dysfunctional rivals have struggled to capitalize on that.
Modi’s Power Keeps Growing, and India Looks Sure to Give Him More
Mujib Mashal    Few doubt the popular prime minister will win a third term in voting that starts Friday. His strong hand is just what many Indians seem to want.
Miscalculation Led to Escalation in Clash Between Israel and Iran
Ronen Bergman, Farnaz Fassihi, Eric Schmitt, Adam Entous and Richard Pérez-Peña    Israeli officials say they didn’t see a strike on a high level Iranian target in Syria as a provocation, and did not give Washington a heads up about it until right before it happened.
18  avril     19h50
U.S. Restarts Deportation Flights to Haiti
Hamed Aleaziz    The Biden administration had paused deportations of Haitian migrants in recent months as their home country was wracked by violence.
19  avril     03h35
Rainstorms Kill More Than 130 in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Zia ur-Rehman and Christina Goldbaum    Pakistani officials warned of more flooding and heavy rainfall next week, stoking fears of a particularly brutal monsoon season to come.
18  avril     16h16
Germany Arrests 2 Men Suspected of Spying for Russia
Christopher F. Schuetze    The two men, dual citizens of both countries, were accused of being part of a plot to undermine aid to Ukraine by trying to blow up military infrastructure.
Dubai’s Extraordinary Flooding: Here’s What to Know
Raymond Zhong    Images of a saturated desert metropolis startled the world, prompting talk of cloud seeding, climate change and designing cities for intensified weather.
3 Reasons This Country Is a Top ISIS Recruiting Ground
Neil MacFarquhar    Hundreds of Tajik men have joined an Islamic State affiliate, analysts say.
Takeaways From a Trove of ByteDance Records
Mara Hvistendahl    The records briefly surfaced in a lawsuit involving the Republican megadonor Jeff Yass’s firm.
South Africa’s 2024 National Election: What to Know
John Eligon    The ruling African National Congress party could lose its parliamentary majority for the first time since the fall of apartheid years ago.
19  avril     14h25
Drones Believed to Have Been Used in Iran Attack Are a Common Israeli Weapon
Cassandra Vinograd    Iranian officials said that an attack Friday used small drones possibly launched from inside Iran, and that radar systems had not detected unidentified aircraft entering Iranian airspace.
Israel’s Strike Was Smaller Than Expected, and So Was Iran’s Reaction
Patrick Kingsley    The relatively limited scope of the attack, as well as a muted response from Iranian officials, may have lowered the chances of an immediate escalation, analysts said.
What We Know About Israel’s Strike in Iran
Liam Stack    Israel struck Iran early Friday, according to officials from both countries, in what appeared to be its first military response to the Iranian attack on Israel last weekend.
Isfahan Is Home to Iranian Missile and Nuclear Facilities
Cassandra Vinograd    Missiles are produced near the city, which also has nuclear research centers.
The Dusty Magnets of the Milky Way
Dennis Overbye    A new map of the center of the Milky Way galaxy reveals details of its magnetic fields
Reaction to Israel’s Strike in Iran Plays Down Significance
Liam Stack, Farnaz Fassihi and Sheera Frenkel    In Israel, officials described the strike as a limited response and reports from both sides suggested it did not appear to cause significant damage to military sites.
What I Learned From an Act of Violence in Sydney That Hit Too Close to Home
Damien Cave    Amid early tidbits of misinformation came lessons about dodging falsities and allowing facts to build a story.
Friday Briefing
Daniel E. Slotnik and Amelia Nierenberg    Israel strikes Iran.
Apple Says It Was Ordered to Pull WhatsApp From China App Store
Tripp Mickle and Mike Isaac    Apple said it removed WhatsApp and Threads from its China app offerings Friday on Beijing’s orders, amid technological tensions between the U.S. and China.
U.S. and Allies Penalize Iran for Striking Israel, and Try to Avert War
Michael D. Shear and Michael Levenson    While imposing sanctions on Iran, U.S. and European governments are urging restraint amid fears of a cycle of escalation as Israel weighs retaliation for an Iranian attack.
U.S. Vetoes Palestinian Bid to Be Full U.N. Member State
Yonette Joseph    The move blocked a resolution to support a status that Palestinians had long sought at the United Nations, where it is considered a nonmember observer state.
18  avril     21h07
Friday Briefing: India’s Election Begins
Amelia Nierenberg    Also, new Western sanctions on Iran, and China’s sinking cities.
C.I.A. Director Blames Hamas for Stalled Cease-Fire Talks
Julian E. Barnes and Aaron Boxerman    The group’s rejection of a recent proposal is standing in the way of innocent civilians in Gaza getting humanitarian relief, the director said.
Nicola Sturgeon’s Husband Charged in Embezzlement Case in Scotland
Stephen Castle    Peter Murrell was charged in connection with embezzlement of funds from the Scottish National Party, which his wife once led and where he held a senior role.
Satellite Data Reveals Sinking Risk for China’s Cities
Delger Erdenesanaa    Development and groundwater pumping are causing land subsidence and heightening the risks of sea level rise.
Land Under B.L.M. Management to Get New Protections
Catrin Einhorn    The measure elevates conservation in a number of ways, including by creating new leases for the restoration of degraded areas.
Scotland Pauses Gender Medications for Minors
Azeen Ghorayshi    The change followed a sweeping review by England’s National Health Service that found remarkably weak evidence for youth gender treatments.
19  avril     03h40
Amsterdam’s Latest Effort to Fight Excessive Tourism: No New Hotels
Claire Moses    The city wants no more than million hotel stays annually. The measure is one of multiple efforts to control the flow of visitors.
18  avril     22h26
Chinese Exports Are Threatening Biden’s Industrial Agenda
Jim Tankersley and Alan Rappeport    The president is increasingly hitting back with tariffs and other measures meant to restrict imports, raising tensions with Beijing.
How Israel’s Conflicts Could Escalate
Matthew Mpoke Bigg    Israel’s military is dealing with clashes with Hezbollah in Lebanon and with Iran, as well as the continuing war in Gaza.
Prince Harry Now Officially Resident in U.S., Documents Show
Megan Specia    For years, Harry and his wife, Meghan, have considered California home. This week, he updated his residency in a corporate filing.
Qatar Says It Is Reviewing Its Mediator Role as Israel-Hamas Talks Stall
Aaron Boxerman    U.S. and Israeli officials have urged the Gulf state to exert more pressure on the Palestinian armed group to reach a deal.
Millions of Girls in Africa Will Miss HPV Shots After Merck Production Problem
Stephanie Nolen    The company has told countries that it can supply only . million of the . million doses it was contracted to deliver this year.
Croatia’s Election Result Makes a Far-Right Party a Possible Kingmaker
Joe Orovic and Andrew Higgins    The Homeland Movement came third in parliamentary elections, setting itself up as a possible partner for the ruling conservatives, who failed to achieve a majority.
After Months of Cocaine Washing Ashore, Australian Police Make an Arrest
Yan Zhuang    Drug parcels kept showing up on beaches along Australia’s shoreline. Now, the police say they found the man behind the botched shipment.
W.H.O. Broadens Definition of Airborne Diseases
Carl Zimmer    After a drawn out global controversy over the coronavirus, the W.H.O. has updated its classification of how pathogens spread through the air.
Drought Pushes Millions Into Acute Hunger’ in Southern Africa
Somini Sengupta and Manuela Andreoni    The disaster, intensified by El Ni o, is devastating communities across several countries, killing crops and livestock and sending food prices soaring.
A Japanese Village Wants Tourists to Come for Heat, Soot and Steel
Craig Mod    To lure visitors, residents of Yoshida, famed for its high quality steel, are inviting tourists to help produce it.
An ISIS Terror Group Draws Half Its Recruits From Tiny Tajikistan
Neil MacFarquhar and Eric Schmitt    Young migrants from the former Soviet republic were accused of an attack on a concert hall in Moscow that killed people.
The E.U. says it will impose new sanctions on Iran’s drone and missile programs.
Lara Jakes   
Thursday Briefing
Daniel E. Slotnik    Europe asks Israel for restraint on Iran.
Björn Höcke of the AfD Goes on Trial in Germany
Erika Solomon    Björn Höcke, one of the most prominent far right figures in Germany, has called the trial an attempt to suppress patriotism.
How A.I. Tools Could Change India’s Elections
Suhasini Raj    Avatars are addressing voters by name, in whichever of India’s many languages they speak. Experts see potential for misuse in a country already rife with disinformation.
Dubai Flooding Photos and Video: Heavy Rains in UAE and Oman Kill at Least 19
Livia Albeck-Ripka    The heavy rains also flooded parts of Dubai International Airport, causing scores of flight delays and cancellations, and brought other cities in the U.A.E. to a standstill.
17  avril     21h07
Thursday Briefing: Israel Seems Poised to Retaliate
Amelia Nierenberg    Also, a deadly Russian missile strike in Ukraine and green Islam in Indonesia.
18  avril     04h06
Netanyahu Says Israel Will Make Its Own Decisions in Response to Iran’s Attack
Matthew Mpoke Bigg and Michael Levenson    We will make our own decisions, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rebuffing European diplomats’ requests to stand down.