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BBC : Europe
22  mai     19h29
Ukraine peace deal: Kyiv rules out ceding land to Russia
   Zelensky adviser says Kyiv will not agree a peace deal with Russia that involves giving up territory
Monkeypox: Israel, Switzerland and Austria confirm cases
   Scientists are still unsure what is causing the outbreak which has now spread to countries
21  mai     21h43
Turkey: Huge rally for opposition’s Canan Kaftancioglu
   Canan Kaftancioglu has been convicted for insulting President Erdogan and the Turkish state
Moldova should be ’equipped to Nato standard’ - UK
   The foreign secretary says smaller nations should be helped to counter Russian aggression
Spain heatwave brings record May temperatures
   Temperatures in southern Spain reach C up to degrees higher than average for this time of year
Russia halts gas supplies to Finland
   Finland has refused to pay for gas in roubles but also angered Moscow by applying to join Nato
Tornado in Germany injures 43 people, police say
   Officials said the tornado cut a path of destruction during violent storms in the west of the country
22  mai     05h10
Ukraine war: Against the thud of artillery, miners struggle on
   Miners in eastern Ukraine on how a difficult job has become even more dangerous
19  mai     17h38
Ukrainian widow confronts Russian soldier accused of killing her husband
   The year old serviceman has pled guilty to killing her husband in a village in Ukraine s north east
21  mai     17h16
Nobody takes my husband away from me, not even the war’
   Ukraine s First Lady Olena Zelenska in rare interview with husband
20  mai     13h19
Ukraine says giant Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant can’t supply Russia
   Russia occupies Europe s biggest nuclear plant and now wants to sell power from it back to Ukraine
19  mai     23h40
Ukraine war: One Russian’s anti-war protest on the side of his shopping centre
   Dmitry Skurikhin has listed the Ukrainian towns attacked by Russia on the side of his shopping centre
20  mai     23h46
Ukraine war: The volunteer drivers risking their lives to save others
   Drivers describe evacuating people from Russian held areas under threat of mines and military attack
Rwanda deal: Migrants in Calais say they’ll still try to cross to UK
   Many in the camp say they are still determined to reach the UK citing family ties and jobs
What is monkeypox and how do you catch it?
   Cases of monkeypox are being investigated in several countries including the UK
It happened again’: Wheelchair-users left on planes
   As the BBC s Frank Gardner is left on a plane waiting for his wheelchair why does it keep happening
17  mai     16h18
The Northern Ireland Protocol: What does each side want?
   Can the UK the EU and parties in Northern Ireland find a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol
Ukraine: The police officer who lost his family in one Russian strike
   Ivan Simoroz s home was hit by Russian bombs killing six members of his family days later he returned to work
20  mai     22h30
Cannes: Topless woman protests against sexual violence in Ukraine
   The woman stripped on the Cannes red carpet to show the words stop raping us and the Ukrainian flag
Ukraine conflict: Missile strike on cultural centre ’evil’ - Zelensky
   The Ukrainian president accuses Russian forces of carrying out a missile strike against a cultural centre
18  mai     23h02
Meet Gleb and Ukraine’s youth orchestra in exile in Slovenia
   A large group of talented young musicians and their families have been evacuated out of Ukraine into Slovenia
Sweden and Finland formally submit Nato applications
   The alliance s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg says it is a historic moment which we must seize
16  mai     23h32
Ukraine: Fighters evacuated from Mariupol steelworks arrive in Russian-held town
   Ukraine s defence ministry says heavily injured fighters were taken to the town of Novoazovsk