BBC : Europe
27  novembre     20h41
Covid: Dozens test positive on SA-Netherlands flights
   The Dutch health authority says the new Omicron variant was probably found in a number of people .
Covid: Swiss vote on ending restrictions while cases surge
   Sunday’s referendum is held in a country with one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe.
26  novembre     16h27
Channel migrants: Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson clash over crisis
   The French president accuses the UK prime minister of not being serious as diplomatic row escalates.
Ukraine-Russia conflict: Zelensky alleges coup plan involving Russians
   He says an alleged plan to overthrow his government comes amid threats of a Russian invasion.
Russian coal mine: Dozens killed in Siberia accident
   Fifty-one deaths have been confirmed in Russia’s worst mining disaster in a decade.
27  novembre     04h19
EU states urged to halt flights over Covid variant
   Flights from eight African nations to be blocked as new variant is classified as being of concern .
26  novembre     08h08
Clashes as protesters demand end to violence against women
   Three are shot dead in Mexico and police fire tear gas in Turkey in rallies over gender-based violence.
28  novembre     00h01
The migrants returned to Iraqi camps from Belarus
   Three specially chartered planes have now returned 1,000 migrants from Belarus to Iraq.
27  novembre     00h29
Ros Atkins on... Migrants crossing English Channel to UK
   This week at least 27 migrants died while trying to make the journey, the deadliest crossing on record.
Russia-Ukraine border: Why Moscow is stoking tensions
   The Kremlin is sending the West a message, but how big a risk is there of conflict?
Covid: Conspiracy and untruths drive Europe’s Covid protests
   Amid some legitimate concerns, misinformation and extreme views are radicalising people to violent protest.
26  novembre     10h25
Channel migrants: What happens to people crossing to the UK?
   Record numbers of migrants have been crossing the English Channel in boats in recent months.
Why Iraqi Kurds risk their lives to reach the West
   What drives people to make the perilous journey, which for many has ended in death?
The cocaine collectors’ retrieving smuggled drugs in Rotterdam
   Young criminals are risking their lives to retrieve drugs smuggled into the Netherlands amongst freight arriving from Latin America.
Channel migrants: Why politics is dominating the debate on migrants
   UK-French rivalry is making a common solution difficult, says the BBC’s Europe Editor Katya Adler.
25  novembre     01h52
Kavala: The case that set Turkey on collision course with the West
   Osman Kavala has not been convicted but his detention has set Turkey’s leader on a collision course.
Channel tragedy: Scramble to identify dead off Calais
   At least 27 people died trying to reach the UK by boat. Officials are trying to find their identities.
27  novembre     07h58
The gangs enticing migrants to cross the English Channel
   The BBC has uncovered evidence showing that smugglers are still telling migrants it is safe to cross.
25  novembre     23h46
Dramatic rescue of 300 from migrant boat in Italy
   Some people were already in the water when the Italian coastguard reached them off Lampedusa Island.
Russian troop build-up: View from Ukraine front line
   BBC correspondent Abdujalil Abdurasulov visits eastern Ukraine as soldiers watch Russia’s nearby movements.
24  novembre     21h28
Inside Dunkirk’s new migrant camp
   Last week French police officers evicted up to 1,500 people from a camp in Dunkirk.
LGBT in Poland: I still can’t be myself
   Provinces recently started to backtrack on LGBT-free zones after the EU threatened to freeze funds.