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04  juin     17h01
Victory for Ukraine Advanced Russian Fighter Jets shot down and destroyed
   Russia is a country that stands out with its technology and power in the Air Force We can say that Russia has not been able to show this success and power in the airspace since February when it occupied Ukrainian territory On the contrary the Ukrainian army has been a nuisance to
2 MINUTES AGO Red Alert in the Kremlin Ukrainian Army Killed “3270” Russian Soldiers
   We are with you with the latest developments of the Ukraine Russia War In the th day of the Ukrainian Russian War Clashes between the Ukrainian Army and the Russian Army continue strongly Ukrainian Army Strongly defends its territory against Russian Army attacks These failures of the Russian
BIG EXPLOSION A Big Accident Occurred in the City of St. Petersburg, Russia
   While Russia s occupation of Ukrainian territory continues a terrible situation took place on Russian territory A major accident took place in St Petersburg Russia A terrible accident occurred when the driver of a truck on the road lost control of the pole crossed to the opposite lane of the
News Shaking the Kremlin Germany Sends Modern Armored Vehicles to Ukraine
   While the Ukraine Russia war has been going on for a long time Western countries have been providing Ukraine with incredible aid since the beginning of the war Germany will send a new security aid package to Ukraine Germany will send BATT UMG armored vehicles to Ukraine In early June Germany
A great danger for Russia Russian rebels are occupying Russian territory
   Unrest continues in Russia In the Belgorod region the Legion of Freedom of Russia and the Russian Volunteer Corps are carrying out operations against Russian territory The troops which are against the Russian government and composed of Russian citizens are standing against Russia Separatist
4 MINUTES AGO BIG EXPLOSION Ukrainian Army Blows Up 2 Russian Ammunition Depots
   The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to one of Europe s biggest crises Since the beginning of the war thousands have died and millions have been left homeless While the consequences of the war have been felt both regionally and globally Ukraine has received unprecedented support from Western
Kremlin Has Been Shot in the Heart Ukrainian Army Killed Hundreds of Russian Soldiers
   In the last days when the tension in the Ukraine Russia War has increased the Ukrainian Army continues to increase its attacks against the regions occupied by the Russian Army The Ukrainian Army is targeting critical military buildings of the Russian Army The targeted Russian military buildings
Indonesia Has Proposed a Referendum on its Occupied Territory Ukraine Has Responded
   As the war on the territory of Ukraine continues to rage the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia Prabowo Subianto has proposed his own quot peace plan quot for Ukraine calling for an immediate ceasefire the creation of a demilitarized zone along the current line of contact and a
Russians have lost a lot of Attack helicopters and Important Fighter Pilots
   We know the success of the Russian army in the field of air defense and air combat Russia which is in a good position in the world with its successful Russian pilots and advanced fighter jet technologies seems to have failed to transfer this technology and experience to the Ukrainian war because
3 MINUTES AGO Very Important Developments on the World News
   quot We don t need more nuclear weapons to deter Russia and China quot said US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan A fire broke out in an eight story building in the Italian capital Rome yesterday killing person and injuring others More than people were evacuated The number of
03  juin     23h49
2 MINUTES AGO Russia’s Great Loss in the Ukrainian Russian War
   We are on the th day of Russia s occupation of Ukraine Russia has lost Military Personnel since it launched its invasion of Ukraine on Putin s orders The Russian army has lost a large number of military personnel and military equipment on many different fronts in the last hours
3 MINUTES AGO Very Important Developments in the Ukrainian Russian War
   According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine clashes took place between the Ukrainian Defense Forces and the Russian occupation forces in Donetsk and Luhansk regions Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has told the leaders of Latin American countries that he is willing to
Statement from Ukraine Ukrainian President Zelensky Said We Are Ready To Counterattack
   While the Ukraine Russia war does not stop for a moment the incredible struggle between the Russian Army and the Ukrainian Army continues in Eastern Ukraine While the Russian Army continues its attempts to advance in the region the Ukrainian Army repels the Russian Army by inflicting heavy
Ukraine war: Spare Parts of Ukraine’s Allied Countries Were Found on Shahed UAVs
   New and important developments are taking place in the Ukraine Russia war After the Iranian Shahed drones used by the Russian Army in its airstrikes on Ukrainian territory were dismantled by Ukraine a fact that will shock everyone came out Spare parts taken from Ukraine s ally countries were
Putin Was Shocked by This News; Russian Army Lost Hundreds of Soldiers in One Day
   The two armies continue to suffer losses in the war that started with Russia s decision to invade and continues on the territory of Ukraine However the Russian army s losses are worse than those of the Ukrainian army The Russian army is losing a large number of soldiers every day on Ukrainian