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08  décembre     17h22
What’s at Stake in Upcoming Taiwan Election
Shane Mason    On Saturday, January , , Taiwan will go to the polls to choose itsa next president and seats in the country’s unicameral Legislative Yuan LY . Current president Tsai Ing wen is term limited and at first four, now three, contenders are seeking to succeed her, making this the most...
Why Do Autocrats Make Mistakes?
Natalia Kopytnik    Almost two years after Russia’s full scale invasion, Bear Market Brief investigates how we got here in the first place. What does theory say about Vladimir Putin’s decision making Seva Gunitsky joins to discuss. Explore more from the Bear Market Brief Podcast here
Seva Gunitsky
Natalia Kopytnik   
07  décembre     21h00
Attack in Western Sahara Complicates US Regional Strategy
Shane Mason    Over the last few months, a new discourse has emerged on Western Sahara. Following the Polisario attack on Smara, novel concerns have been raised that the Polisario Front and its state supporters e.g., Algeria and South Africa are undermining US interests. Some analysts have argued that recent...
06  décembre     21h43
The Great Himalayan Chessboard: China, India, and the Geopolitical Gambit in Nepal
Shane Mason    Nepal’s geographical and topographical attributes have endowed it with a newfound significance in the foreign policy realm, where nations strategically pursue power and influence. This significance is particularly pronounced in hydropower development, where the confluence of ambitions between China...
Sarah Wozniak
Shane Mason   
Kritika Jothishankar
Shane Mason   
Managing Tensions in the Sahel
Shane Mason    Editor’s Note: The original version of this article was published in l’Opinion France on October . Without being overly paranoid or pessimistic, we are witnessing a major upheaval in the Sahel. This upheaval is political, with six coups d’état in West Africa since , the latest of which...
Didier Castres
Shane Mason   
Maria Nicoletta Gaida
Shane Mason