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01  décembre     20h08
Remembering Henry Kissinger
Shane Mason    Editor’s note: Legendary diplomat Henry Kissinger passed away on November . Below, five FPRI experts examine the extraordinary legacy of the former national security advisor and secretary of state. Bruce Berkowitz Henry Kissinger’s geopolitical insight was to see beyond ideological labels to...
Henry Kissinger and the American Century
Shane Mason    Author’s note: My Atlantic magazine essay, In Defense of Henry Kissinger, posted here, appeared over a decade ago on Henry Kissinger’s th birthday in May . It was originally meant to be an obituary. Though, it is as relevant now as it was then. A key point that I would emphasize
30  novembre     14h22
Ukraine, Israel-Gaza, Populism, and all the Interlinkages
Natalia Kopytnik    In this month’s episode of the st Draft, Robert Kaplan and Dominic Green discuss the polycrisis afflicting our world.
Russian Military Drones: Past, Present, and Future of the UAV Industry
Natalia Kopytnik    Introduction Since , Russia has invested significant effort into developing unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs , or drones, for military purposes. They have used drones for reconnaissance, targeting, electronic warfare, and direct strikes. Some of these UAVs have been used in Ukraine and Syria...
29  novembre     17h15
Russia Sanctions and Their Impact on South Korea
Christine Datesman    Russia and the West have found themselves enmeshed in an outright economic war as a result of Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch the full scale invasion of Ukraine on February . Western powers have joined with a wide swathe of the international community to support Ukraine’s resistance and...
Zimbabwe’s Elections: What Comes Next?
Christine Datesman    Zimbabwe’s ruling party won in the August national elections. The Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front’s win disappointed many outside the country. Still, it was a surprise to none in an election that foreign observers, including the Southern African Development Community election...
Wagner Group: Where Are They Now?
Natalia Kopytnik    It’s been just over five months since the Wagner Group’s insurrection against the Russian government and three months since the group’s leader was killed in a plane crash, almost certainly orchestrated by the Kremlin. But the Wagner Group has not faded away. Colin Clarke, Christopher Faulkner , and...
28  novembre     14h09
Allen Maggard
Christine Datesman   
Britain Missing in Action on India-Middle East-Europe Corridor
Shane Mason    During the G summit in September , the United States and its closest allies and partners the European Union, France, Germany, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates announced the formation of the India Middle East Europe Corridor IMEC . The corridor is meant to reshape...
27  novembre     16h59
Perfect Storm: Niger’s Uranium Amidst Sahelian Chaos
Shane Mason    After several weeks of tense diplomatic negotiations and saber rattling between Niamey and Paris, President Emmanuel Macron’s government withdrew Ambassador Sylvain Itte and diplomatic staff from Niger in late September. France’s military mission plans to withdraw by the end of . Niger’s junta...