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28  mai     18h44
Carlo J.V. Caro
Shane Mason    Carlo J V CaCarlo J V Caro is a political and military analyst He holds a graduate degree from Columbia University
26  mai     10h00
The G7 Meeting: New Roles for a Venerable Organization
Shane Mason    The annual meeting of the world s seven most economically prosperous democratic countries plus the European Union that comprise the G always generates a good deal of anticipation That was especially the case this year given Russia s aggression against Ukraine Originally founded in to
25  mai     10h00
Stress-Testing Chinese-Russian Relations
Shane Mason    The statements could not have been more different As Chinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up his visit to Russia in March the two governments released a joint statement that described their relations as having reached their highest level in history The same day White House spokesperson John
24  mai     10h00
America and the Philippines Update Defense Guidelines
Shane Mason    If a Chinese ship was to open fire on a Philippine coast guard vessel in the disputed South China Sea what would the United States do Clearly given that the Philippines and the United States share a long standing mutual defense treaty American forces would be obligated to come to the
23  mai     18h35
Turkey’s Elections and Foreign Policy Implications
Kayla Wendt    On May th Turkey will be holding its second round of Presidential Elections which carry enormous significance for the future of the country as Turks decide whether to continue the leadership of Recep Tayyip ErdoÄ an into a third decade or change course towards his challenger Kemal KÄ lÄ çdaroÄ
A Secret Coronation, Malthusian Fears, and a Ukrainian Fork in the Road
Natalia Kopytnik    This month s discussion ranges from the part of King Charles coronation that the public did not see to a discussion of environmental limits and to the prospect of a Ukrainian military victory We also squeeze in Orwell and a legendary Manhattan editorial team
The Breakdown of the US-South African Strategic Partnership
Shane Mason    Editor s Note This article was first published in Asia Times under the title US South Africa ties explode on Russia arms claim The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put tremendous strain on the strategic partnership between South Africa and the United States Since the invasion the South
22  mai     16h11
Who Will be the Next President of Latvia?
Natalia Kopytnik    On May the parliament of Latvia will attempt to elect Latvia s next president The presidential race that has just started has already had some rather dramatic twists and turns First there were two candidates The right wing nationalist party National Alliance NacionÄ lÄ apvienÄ ba
19  mai     14h50
FPRI Appoints Michael Beckley as Director of the Asia Program and Jacques deLisle as Chair of the Asia Program
Leah Pedro    The Foreign Policy Research Institute FPRI is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr Michael Beckley as the Director of the Asia Program and Jacques deLisle as Chair of the Asia Program and Member of the Board of Advisors We are very excited to have Michael Beckley leading FPRI s Asia
The Shah’s Son and the Future of Iranian Opposition
Shane Mason    On January Iran s Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family left the country for the last time After a short period of wandering in Egypt Morocco the Bahamas and Mexico during which the last shah passed away losing his battle with cancer the Pahlavis settled in the United