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07  décembre     16h03
Ukraine ’Can Lose’ if US Does Not Approve Aid: Will It Come?
   Despite increasingly dire warnings from the White House, the Senate yesterday voted on December against a Billion aid package for Ukraine, the recoil of which can be felt in increasingly tense Kyiv. As the Congress approaches its last week before beginning Christmas recess, there are concerns...
06  décembre     17h03
Trump’s Giuliani ” Knowingly Worked With Russian Agents’
   Lev Parnas, an American businessman originally from Ukraine, was Rudolph Giuliani’s go to guy for quot;collecting dirt in Ukraine, quot; on Donald Trump’s political rivals. However, after Parnas was arrested and jailed by the FBI, he has had a re awakening and has dedicated himself to preventing...
05  décembre     17h34
EXPLAINED: Why #Putin Is So Scared of this Group of Women. Watch the full video on our channel.
EXPLAINED: Why Putin Is So Scared of this Group of Women
   Russian women are protesting. There are demonstrations, a petition and a Telegram group with , members. In this video we rsquo;ll examine who they are, what they want and why Moscow is using propagandists and rival groups of women in a campaign to discredit them. And as the Russian...
01  décembre     16h01
EXPLAINED: Russia’s Historic November Losses and Putin’s ” Moral’ Solution
EXPLAINED: Russia’s Historic November Losses and Putin’s ” Moral’ Solution
   In November, Russia rsquo;s casualty rates were so high they rsquo;re comparable to those of Imperial Russia during World War I. In this video we look at the numbers and Putin rsquo;s proposed solutions to Russia rsquo;s demographic crisis. For an in depth analysis, read Kyiv Post senior defence...
29  novembre     16h13
EXPLAINED: Ukraine Spy Chief Wife Poisoned
EXPLAINED: Ukraine Spy Chief Wife Poisoned - Everything We Know So Far
   On Tuesday it was announced that Marianna Budanova, the wife of Ukraine rsquo;s military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov is recovering in a hospital after being poisoned. In this video we look at what rsquo;s known so far, the possibility of Russia rsquo;s involvement and the response from the...
25  novembre     13h37
Holodomor Museum Director Speaks About How Unpunished Crimes of The Past Led to War Today
   For the th anniversary of the Holodomor, Lesia Hasydzhak, director of the National Holodomor Museum, in an interview for Kyiv Post, talks about the history of the man made famine and genocide of the Ukrainian people under Stalin. She discusses how not punishing the Soviet regime, which inflicted...
22  novembre     16h11
quot;Torture is a Part of Russia’s Policy" - Clooney Foundation Project Coordinator in Ukraine
   Back in , shortly after the onset of the Russian full scale invasion, lawyers from across the globe formed a group to assist Ukraine in tracking down Russian war criminals. The Clooney Foundation for Justice, established six years ago by Hollywood actor George Clooney and his wife Amal, played...
Tech Horizons: Unveiling Ukraine’s Innovation at Web Summit 2023
   At the recent Web Summit in Lisbon, the foremost gathering of tech, media, and political and social leaders, which took place from Nov. to Nov. , Kyiv Post’s Chief Editor, Bohdan Nahaylo, immersed himself in a week filled with cutting edge technologies, valuable insights, and meaningful...
21  novembre     15h50
EXPLAINED: What’s Next for Ukraine’s Dnipro Bridgehead?
   Kyiv has finally officially acknowledged that Ukrainian marines have established a bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnipro River occupied by the Russian army. In this video we look at the progress of Ukraine rsquo;s operation, its key objectives and challenges. For an in depth analysis, read...
20  novembre     14h53
rdquo; I Worked With Putin: Here’s What You Don’t Know About Him’
   Vladimir Putin is waging war against Ukraine and he will next attack Europe, says Andrei Illarionov, formerly a Senior Policy Adviser during Putin’s early period as President. Illarionov recollects how it was to work with Putin and explains what the West must do, now, if it wishes for peace in the...
18  novembre     10h26
Web Summit 2023 Panel Discussion: Reporting From The Warzone - Challenges and Implications
   In this panel discussion on Nov. at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Chief Editor of Kyiv Post, Bohdan Nahaylo, along with Ricardo Costa Sociedade Independente de Comunicaçà o, Portugal and Vera Bergengruen TIME Senior Correspondent, Washington , explored the challenges faced by journalists in...
17  novembre     18h14
EXPLAINED: How Big is Russia’s Army in Ukraine? Bigger, But Definitely Not Better