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03  juin     08h25
John Sweeney about his documentary “Eastern Front” on Russian aggression in Ukraine
   What war crimes Russia commits in Ukraine How to document them under Russian shelling How Russian atrocities in Bucha and Mariupol are related to the Russian massacre of Chechen people What should be done to stop Russia being a deadly threat to its neighbors and the whole world Award winning
02  juin     11h27
John Bolton on Ukraine Winning
   John Bolton served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations under Pres George W Bush He later was National Security Adviser for Pres Donald Trump Now a harsh critic of Trump Bolton lays out how the US got Russia wrong what is needed to stop a nuclear Iran and how to help Ukraine win
01  juin     14h20
Maciek Hamela: “In the Rearview”
   A powerful intimate documentary that takes you on a ride with families fleeing the war and entering the unknown Polish director Maciek Hamela takes us on an unforgettable journey in his intense account of the war in Ukraine Chapters Intro How the film was made Difficulties in
31  mai     11h58
Russian Partisans Will Rise - Ukrainian Military Intelligence
   In an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post Andriy Yusov a representative of Ukraine s military intelligence comments on what is the most frightening Ukrainian counterattack scenario for Russia the rising of Russian partisans movements and the possibility of a military uprising against Lukashenko
30  mai     13h39
We know Prigozhin’s whereabouts and how he is guarded - Ukrainian Military Intelligence
   In an exclusive interview with Kyiv Post Andriy Yusov a representative of Ukraine s military intelligence comments on speculation that they would eliminate the quot priority targets quot of Putin and Prigozhin how events in Belgorod will affect Russian politics its defense posture and why
Exclusive Interview with Leading Ukrainian Security Issues Specialist Anton Gerashchenko, Part 2
   Part covers relations with Belarus the accident in which Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky and his team died and the battle against corruption
29  mai     13h29
Exclusive Interview with Leading Ukrainian Security Issues Specialist Anton Gerashchenko, Part 1
   Anton Gerashchenko on the current state of Russia rsquo s war against Ukraine the prospects and implications Chapters Intro The situation in Russia Prigozhin and the revolution in Russia The Ukrainian counteroffensive and the future of Russia
26  mai     14h09
Russia’s Dramatic Failures
   Russia is being pushed back in Eastern Ukraine it is failing on the information war front and its intelligence services have become a mockery How did the once superpower come crashing down on the international stage Alex Plitsas explains what key military eyes will be look for across the globe
23  mai     18h12
We Are Stunned at How Well Ukraine’s Armed Forces Have Been Doing - MG David Baldwin
   Major General David Baldwin of the California National Guard speaks with Kyiv Post rsquo s Senior Defense Correspondent Stefan Korshak on May Baldwin recently met with Ukraine army top commander Valery Zaluzhny and has some thirty years rsquo experience working with the Ukrainian
18  mai     07h10
Poland Knows How to Combat Russia
   Poland has been at the forefront of combatting Russia rsquo s benign influence for centuries by protecting Europe from the east and today by preventing the Kremlin rsquo s nefarious influence to spread to the West and to the southern hemisphere As the balance of power in Europe shifts east
12  mai     15h49
Kyiv Post Chief Editor Discusses US Move on Sending Frozen Russian Assets to Ukraine on TVP World
   The U S Attorney General has made what in retrospect may be considered a breakthrough decision by greenlighting the transfer of frozen Russian funds to Ukraine Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev will not be happy about millions of dollars making their way to the war torn country and few are
Russian Desperation: The Counteroffensive is Coming
   The counteroffensive has been talked about for months However do you really know what to look for when Ukraine renews its fight to liberate to liberate the occupied territories Hint You probably are not looking for the signs that really matter Alex Plitsas explains what key military eyes
11  mai     13h16
Opposition Lawmaker Honcharenko Complains about Political Pressure from the Office of the President
   Oleksiy Honcharenko a Ukrainian MP from the opposition ldquo European Solidarity rdquo party has accused Ukrainian authorities of exercising personal pressure on him and attempting to close his Goncharenko volunteer Centre in Odesa In exclusive comments to KyivPost Honcharenko said
The Hard Truth: What NATO Had Really Promised Moscow About Expansion After the USSR Collapsed
   Russia has cited NATO expansion as being one of the key reasons that invading Ukraine was ldquo necessary rdquo to preserve Russia rsquo s national security interests Gary Tabach garyyuritabach who was NATO rsquo s man in Moscow lays out why Russia is repeating a lie There was never
10  mai     10h09
The Russian Army’s Morale is Collapsing: US Navy SEAL Squadron Leader Explains What to Expect
   Chuck Pfarrer a former SEAL Team Squadron Leader goes on record as to why the Russian military rsquo s morale is collapsing and what the impending implosion of the military structure will look like Pfarrer a Kyiv Post special correspondent has advised ldquo the entire alphabet soup