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Atari Archive : youtube
24  janvier     13h39
Yars’ Revenge & Cosmic Swarm: Atari Archive Episode 69
   May saw the release of two space insect themed games: Atari’s classic Yars’ Revenge, written by Howard Scott Warshaw, and CommaVid’s first mass market release, Cosmic Swarm. One of these seems to have reviewed very well at the time, and it’s likely not the one you’d expect Nevertheless, they...
21  décembre     14h16
Word Fun, NASL Soccer, Horse Racing: Intellivision Archive Episode 4
   It’s fall , and Mattel has just released three more Intellivision games as part of its national rollout campaign. Today we’ve got The Electric Company Word Fun, an educational game that is, dare I say it, very good; NASL Soccer, a real notable step forward in the evolution of soccer video...
08  novembre     12h42
Demon Attack, Star Voyager, Trick Shot - Atari Archive Episode 68
   We’ve reached April , and that means the debut of one of the most celebrated third party publishers of the early s: Imagic. Founded by former Atari and Mattel staff, Imagic quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its video game output, a sight easily seen with its initial three...
04  octobre     13h44
Barnstorming & Grand Prix - Atari Archive Episode 67
   Pac Man wasn’t alone in debuting in March , as Activision published both Grand Prix and Barnstorming that month for the VCS. A pair of time trial quot;racing quot; games, the pair exemplify why Activision had a reputation for gorgeous games and unusual premises. Barnstorming also represents...
27  août     13h39
Pac-Man: Atari Archive Episode 66
   The best selling VCS game by a wide margin finally makes its debut in the Atari Archive chronology, as March is when Atari published its highly anticipated home conversion of Pac Man to its best selling platform. Riding the wave of Pac Mania in the west and using its legal muscle to minimize...
26  juin     13h06
Auto Racing NHL Hockey Sea Battle Space Battle: Intellivision Archive 3
   This third edition of the Intellivision Archive series wraps up the last two games published in the platform’s test market phase and introduces the first two games released after the console went national. A combination of realistic sports games and more strategic action titles it doesn’t get...
17  mai     13h19
Haunted House: Atari Archive Episode 65
   It’s been nearly two years since Adventure’s March release, but Atari has finally released a game following in the footsteps of both Warren Robinett’s classic and its sister game, John Dunn’s Superman. James Andreasen’s Haunted House takes the concepts of those two games and marries it with a...
12  avril     11h38
Spacechase & Space Jockey: Atari Archive Episode 64
   We begin with a pair of third party games that appear to have gotten small releases in January before scaling up in subsequent months: Apollo’s Spacechase and US Games’ Space Jockey. This pair of space shooters show a degree of graphical sophistication and really set the tone for the many,...
11  mars     13h25
The History of the Bally & Astrocade Professional Arcade: Archive Annex Episode 4
   In January , Bally and Dave Nutting Associates debuted the Professional Arcade, a considerably powerful home video game system designed for computer expandability. For a myriad of reasons the system struggled to find an audience in the marketplace, with Bally licensing it out to Astrovision ...
17  janvier     14h00
Stampede: Atari Archive Episode 63
   At last we come to the end of , as we look at Activision’s Stampede This unusually themed quot;shooter quot; comes to us from Bob Whitehead, earning a great deal of praise for its challenging gameplay and excellent visuals, as well as its western theme. This video also includes a roundup of...
10  décembre     14h46
Ice Hockey: Atari Archive Episode 62
   Alan Miller brings us the sole VCS outing for hockey, but fortunately it’s a strong showing. Ice Hockey dispenses with minor things such as referees and goalies in favor of a two on two roughhouse ready take on the sport, resulting in a game that appears to have been well received at the time.
13  novembre     14h37
Major League Baseball, Checkers, NBA Basketball, NFL Football: Intellivision Archive 2
   In this second installment of Intellivision Archive, we explore the second tranche of test market releases that appear to have been released around February . This includes another board game conversion and three of the first titles in Mattel’s much lauded Intellivision sports lineup. All of...
02  octobre     21h14
Skeet Shoot: Atari Archive Episode 61
   A new third party developer makes their debut, with the release of Games by Apollo’s Skeet Shoot While this game did not set the world on fire with its technical qualities, its release before Christmas allowed the upstart Apollo to get their foot in the retail door before the holiday season had...
20  septembre     10h01
Super Breakout: Atari Archive Episode 60
   The VCS sees a new brick breaker thanks to Sears, as the retail giant debuted a timed exclusive release of Super Breakout. While the arcade version of Super Breakout wasn’t the earthquake its predecessor was, it introduced some fascinated twists on the Breakout formula, and those are faithfully...
11  août     13h37
Asteroids: Atari Archive Episode 59
   Note: This game features flickering graphics, which only display correctly if viewed at fps. Atari’s final first party release of was a hotly anticipated home conversion of Asteroids, its massively successful arcade title. While this final version has some obvious differences from its...