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02  mars     01h08
What Are They Doing The Greatest Moments and Fights on The Ultimate Fighter
   The Ultimate Fighter has been around for almost two decades. Hundreds of now well known athletes were on the show during that time. Many of them would go on to climb to the top of the rankings and even become champions. However, the producers consistently prioritized the entertainment aspect. Today...
15  février     20h07
Knocked’em OUT COLD The Most Intimidating Knockout Beast of the 80s - Thomas Hearns
   In the glorious s, Thomas Hearns’ blood chilling stare struck terror into the hearts of his opponents, and his sniper like right hand was a weapon of mass destruction. Over the span of a decade, the Hitman scored dozens of headshots, solidifying his status as the first ever four division champion...
06  février     19h40
Such an Odd Style... But Works The ’Giants Slayer’ with 300 wins - Saenchai
   For the last three decades, Saenchai has been the number one showman in Thai Boxing. Despite the size discrepancy, he dominates divisions far above his own and gaining recognition as the Giant Slayer. The year old legend is still undefeated against father time and determined to keep his assembly...
15  janvier     22h54
Even Tyson’s KOs are NOT That Scaaary Roberto Duran is Way Bigger Knockout Beast Than You Think
   Even in the barbaric old school era, Roberto Duran was renowned as the most terrifying slayer of people rsquo;s hopes. He forged a path to becoming the greatest lightweight of the th century and headlined the pivotal confrontations in the history of boxing. Today, we delve into the epic story of...
19  décembre     18h45
Knocked Everyone Out Crazy Power and the True Story of Edwin Valero
   Throughout his explosive career, Edwin Valero had a total of bouts, detonating everyone he shared the ring with. Scoring a record breaking consecutive first round knockouts, ’El Inca’ ascended to world champion status, and possessed more than enough talent to grow into a new superstar.
05  décembre     20h06
The God of Submissions Mad Lightweight Breaking UFC Heavyweights - Marcelo Garcia
   A record breaking submission rate, four gold medals at the grappling Olympics and a complete lack of fear in the face of giants. Marcelo Garcia mowed through the opposition in the s, introducing techniques and positions that have become the foundation of modern jiu jitsu. Despite his...
25  novembre     19h49
The Scariest Monster in Sports History - Alexander Karelin
   At the end of the last century, Alexander Karelin petrified heavyweights on the mat. Instilling fear with his sheer presence, he remained undefeated for a whole decade and even ventured into MMA. Dubbed ’The Madman’ by Americans for his ruthless training and ’The Experiment’ for possessing...
17  novembre     19h33
Must-See KO Artist The Brutal Muay Thai and Kickboxing King - Regian Eersel
   Simultaneous Muay Thai and Kickboxing Champion. A record number of title defenses in ONE. The longest winning streak in ONE Championship. Regian Eersel has dominated the world rsquo;s biggest striking arts league for over years, effortlessly steamrolling the best representatives from Thailand,...
11  novembre     21h52
Absolute Machine the Greatest Heavyweight in UFC History? - Cain Velasquez
   At the start of the last decade, Cain Velasquez devastated his opponents on the feet, overwhelmed them on the ground, and never allowed a second of respite inside the cage. Now, the former champion faces a potential year prison sentence. While Cain grapples with the justice system, let’s take a...
04  novembre     13h19
Boom The Deadliest Knockout Machine EVER - Buakaw Banchamek
   In over three decades and through three hundred battles in the ring, Buakaw Banchamek asserted himself as of one of the greatest strikers in martial arts history. Formerly known as Por Pramuk, he forced K to ban prolonged clinching with his dominant infighting, became the organization rsquo;s...
28  octobre     01h15
Unbelievable The Most Spectacular UFC Striker and the Biggest What IF - Zabit Magomedsharipov
   Zabit Magomedsharipov was the ultimate striking maestro on the UFC stage. With his exquisite kicking technique, exotic submissions and unmatched charisma, he not only captured the imagination of fans around the world, but also broke their hearts by calling it quits just one step away from a title...
18  octobre     20h54
One-Eyed Knockout Phenom From Dagestan Debuts in the UFC - Shara Bullet (Sharabutdin Magomedov)
   Over the course of just years, Sharabutdin Magomedov transformed from a relatively unknown kickboxer into one of the most promising prospects in mixed martial arts. Sporting the fitting moniker ’Shara Bullet’ he became a pop MMA sensation thanks to his wild charisma and later reaffirmed his...
14  octobre     01h15
Threat to Everyone The Scariest UFC Fighter Right Now - Khamzat Chimaev
   Khamzat Chimaev fights his heart out in two weight classes, knocking guys out on short notice and consistently turning up the heat on the mic. After a one year hiatus, Khamzat is about to return, and a win would put him on the verge of a title shot. Let rsquo;s recall the MMA journey of the Chechen...
11  octobre     20h18
How is it Possible? Wunderkind Knocks Out with Somersaults - Tenshin Nasukawa
   Knockouts with unique moves and dramatic flair of year old Tenshin Nasukawa made him the chief provider of spectacle in the ring. Leaving kickboxing undefeated as the pound for pound monarch he also built a successful career in MMA and now conquers the world of boxing. Today, we enjoy the feats...
06  octobre     20h22
The Most Terrifying Knockout Beast from the 80’s - Evander Holyfield
   In years at the forefront, Evander Holyfield forever engraved his name among the greatest figures in the history of the ring. This is the journey of a man who battled during the uncompromising era of boxing, from the early steps to the status of a living legend in the realm of fisticuffs.