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23  septembre     01h15
Next BIG Thing in the UFC The Knockout Machine From Siberia - Roman Kopylov
   Roman Kopylov is steadily climbing up the UFC rankings, disposing of opposition both with his hands and his devastating legs. The Siberian knockout artist guarantees a spectacle every time he steps into the Octagon and soon can join the title race. It rsquo;s time to witness this curly haired...
21  septembre     16h18
True Power The Hardest Punch in History - Mark Hunt in Kickboxing
   In the short list of K champions, Mark Hunt is the rare one to jump into the ring straight out of a night club and conquer the World Grand Prix. Today, we recall Hunt’s triumphant K journey, one that made him that very Super Samoan: the king of walk off knockouts.
11  septembre     19h58
Beat Everyone The Most Underrated Champion in History - Joe Calzaghe
   Forty six victories without a single loss, a record breaking twenty one consecutive title defenses and a decade long reign at the top At the turn of the centuries, Joe Calzaghe ruled the super middleweight division with an iron fist, even making Roy Jones Jr. look awkward. And yet, despite being...
02  septembre     17h20
Breaks Women’s Hearts... and Smashes Heads in the UFC - Shavkat Rakhmonov
   Shavkat Rakhmonov is blazing towards the UFC welterweight title, leaving behind a trail of highlight reel finishes for anyone rsquo;s liking. As he gears up to pull ahead in the contender rsquo;s race, it rsquo;s time to revisit Nomad rsquo;s spectacular knockouts and perfectly executed submissions.
27  août     16h55
Broke the Record for First-Round Knockouts - Shannon ’The Cannon’ Briggs
   Even among the contrasting group of boxing legends, Shannon Briggs is just something else. The last gangster of that glorious era had been altering jawlines since the early nineties, scored a record number of first round finishes and donned the championship belt in the s. He rsquo;s still...
24  août     16h05
Can He Really Beat Tyson Fury? Usyk - the Most Skilful Fighter Right Now
   Oleksandr Usyk is just one belt short of claiming the ultimate crown in the royal division . It’s time to recall the pivotal moments of the boxing game of thrones that brought the Ukrainian Joker to the pinnacle of fisticuffs.
17  août     17h26
The Ruthless Limb Collector - Mikey Musumeci
   Mikey Musumeci outplays smaller weight technicians and gives truck sized heavyweights a run for their money. Let rsquo;s take a closer look at the combat journey of the ultimate nerd in combat sports.
12  août     01h15
Weird... Skinny Boy with One-Punch KO Power - Sean O’Malley
   Sean O’Malley draws increasing attention with each showing. ’Sugar’ appreciates women of high quantity, dope in high quality and the high of walk off knockouts. He is soon to challenge for the UFC Bantamweight title. It’s time to recall O’Malley’s venomous KO rsquo;s, which have earned him the...
06  août     19h32
That Man is Throwing Booombs Artem Vakhitov... is moving to MMA
   For over five years, Artem Vakhitov ruled the light heavyweight division in Glory, decimating elite opposition. Having broken the record for the most title defenses and reclaiming the belt from Alex Pereira, the Siberian hitman is now set to transition into MMA. What better time to look back at the...
02  août     21h57
You’ve Never Seen Such Submissions Top-10 Rarest Finishing Moves
   MMA have introduced us to dozens of rare submissions, but it is in grappling that finishing holds are elevated to the rank of art. Today, we will examine the most unexpected, exceptional, and even majestic ways of forcing surrender on the mats.
29  juillet     15h37
Merciless Giant Even Tyson Didn’t Want the Smoke... For a Good Reason - Riddick Bowe
   Riddick Bowe defeated every single man he encountered, handed the first beating to Holyfield himself and became the undisputed world champion at the age of . Today we recall the comedy, the drama, the legendary old school battles and the ruthless aggression embodied in Riddick Bowe.
22  juillet     19h38
The Most Terrifying Knockout Beast from the 80’s - Evander Holyfield
   The only undisputed world champion in two weight classes. The one and only time world champion in the royal division. The only one who beat Mike Tyson twice and defeated Riddick Bowe. In years at the forefront, Evander Holyfield forever engraved his name among the greatest figures in the...
15  juillet     17h42
Only the Karate Maestro Knocks Out in SUCH a Style - Stephen Thompson
   This is the story of Wonderboy, one of the most technical and spectacular strikers in the history of the sport.
13  juillet     17h50
The Best Striker on the Planet Right Now - Chingiz Allazov
   Chingiz Allazov has amassed an impressive collection of titles over the years. While he spent a considerable amount of time in the shadows, he is now starting to receive the recognition he truly deserves, thanks to his explosive performances against Thailand’s finest fighters in ONE Championship....
01  juillet     16h25
It Works Taekwondo Master Smokes the UFC with Crazy Knockouts - Yair Rodriguez
   Yair Rodriguez is about to enter the unification clash against Alex Volkanovski. It rsquo;s the perfect time to recall how masterfully Rodriguez toyed with the lives of his opponents throughout his arduous career.