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15  juin     19h54
Gervonta Davis Uses Height Disadvantage to Knock ’Em Out
   Gervonta Davis’ modest stature causes headaches only for his antagonists. This compact KO artist sits on his punches to deliver maximum force and crushes the opposition in his pursuit of shiny belts. Dubbed Tank he will soon roll back into the ring, so it’s time to review the master of heavy...
12  juin     17h37
New Submission Genius... is Moving to MMA - Tye Ruotolo
   In the murky waters of submission grappling, teeming with bone crushing monsters, Tye Ruotolo occupies the top of the food chain. The twenty one year old prodigy dominates in ONE Championship, having his way with the best Dagestani grapplers. Like his brother Kade, he plans to transition to MMA,...
02  juin     14h02
Never Lost a Single Round The Most Unique Fighter in Boxing - Dmitry Bivol
   Marching on a winning streak of without a single blunder, Dmitry Bivol has defended his world championship title times, establishing himself among the pound for pound elite. It’s the perfect time to recall the best performances delivered by grandmasters of modern boxing.
20  mai     21h21
The Scariest Puncher Since Tyson - Artur Beterbiev
   The only current world champion who has finished all his fights by knockout, Artur Beterbiev, stands out not only for his evident punching power but also for his cold blooded poise, diamond hard chin, and humility. Moreover, the thirty nine year old light heavyweight continues to improve and is...
10  mai     20h08
MMA vs Muay Thai Demetrious Johnson Against All Fighting Styles in ONE
   Demetrious Johnson cleared out the UFC flyweight division, nearly causing it to be terminated for good. However, even his record breaking eleven title defenses were not enough for the legend of Mighty Mouse. And after finding a new home in Asia, he continues to make history. It’s time to recall...
30  avril     19h53
Power-Speed-Accuracy The Most Complete Puncher EVER - Naoya Inoue ä å°så
   It has been years since the unstoppable Naoya Inoue embarked on his soul snatching campaign in the Napoleon sized weight classes. With a dynamic blend of crisp technique and cataclysmic power, the modern day samurai has conquered four divisions by the age of , setting a record for knockouts in...
20  avril     13h07
Charmed Women and Slammed the S Out of Men - Quinton Rampage Jackson
   Professionally crushing chins for two decades, Quinton Rampage Jackson made a name for himself in the storied Pride era with his OG style and after switching organizations, ascended to the UFC light heavyweight throne. He hasn’t lost his edge to this day, captivating Hollywood with his radiant...
12  avril     19h57
How 16-year-old Knockout Prodigy Smoking Grown Men - Johan ’JoJo’ Ghazali
   While your average schoolkid anxiously awaits the next exam, Johan Ghazali demolishes professional fighters in the ONE Championship ring. Since breaking into the world rsquo;s premiere striking promotion at years of age, the teenager crushes everyone on his path to the title. It’s time to get to...
06  avril     01h15
Record-Breaking Punch... and Terrifying Knockouts of Alex Pereira
   Alex Pereira ruled two divisions in Glory Kickboxing with an iron fist. Since turning his gaze to MMA, Poatan has left behind a heap of stiff bodies and repeated his historic achievement in the UFC. The double champion is set to defend the crown, which is the perfect opportunity to recall his stone...
30  mars     20h43
Next Level S t... No One Survived Even a Round Against Him - Bo Nickal
   Even in the talent rich world of MMA, Bo Nickal is a real standout. A long time folkstyle wrestler of the highest caliber, he discovered devastating power in his hands upon transitioning to MMA, dusting off every single opponent inside a round. It rsquo;s time to follow the footsteps of this...
28  mars     01h23
The Greatest EVER... Combo Knockout Machine - Ray Leonard
   Nicknamed Sugar for his sublime skill and blinding speed Ray Leonard was the savior of the sweet science, filling the void in the fans’ hearts left by Muhammad Ali’s retirement. He made great champions melt in the heat of mythical battles and became synonymous with non stop action. Today we present...
17  mars     21h00
Finally Proper Puncher with 1-Hit KO Power in Modern Boxing - Tim Tszyu
   Children often remain in the shadow of their famous parents, but Tim Tszyu is an exception. Inheriting the power that runs in his family, the Australian boxer with Russian roots tears through everyone in his way and glides towards the undisputed championship. As he gears up for a crucial title bout...
09  mars     17h58
Lethal Elbows Brilliant Muay Thai KO Master... Moves to MMA - Jonathan Haggerty
   In the menacing Muay Thai lands teeming with dark skinned tyrants, Jonathan Haggerty is an odd one out. Fighting in the world rsquo;s premier striking promotion this audacious farang demolishes Thailand rsquo;s best talent and keeps collecting championship belts. As ’The General’ plans to...
02  mars     01h08
Madness Top Unforgettable Moments on The Ultimate Fighter
   The Ultimate Fighter has been around for almost two decades. Hundreds of now well known athletes were on the show during that time. Many of them would go on to climb to the top of the rankings and even become champions. However, the producers consistently prioritized the entertainment aspect. Today...
15  février     20h07
Knocked’em OUT COLD The Most Intimidating Knockout Beast of the 80s - Thomas Hearns
   In the glorious s, Thomas Hearns’ blood chilling stare struck terror into the hearts of his opponents, and his sniper like right hand was a weapon of mass destruction. Over the span of a decade, the Hitman scored dozens of headshots, solidifying his status as the first ever four division champion...