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RUSI : Ukraine Russia
11  juillet     23h00
The 2024 NATO Washington Summit: A Pre-Storm Gathering?
Ed Arnold,[object Object]    Political challenges among NATO members, the spectre of a second Trump presidency, and a bleaker military situation in Ukraine compared to the expectations at the Vilnius Summit for the Ukrainian counteroffensive made Washington feel like a pre storm summit’.
The China Factor in Modi’s Mission to Moscow
Brahma Chellaney,[object Object]    The alliance of convenience between Russia and China threatens not only to accelerate an increasingly overstretched US’s relative decline, but also to erode Indian security. India now must take advantage of its relationship with Russia to mediate an end to the Ukraine war and drive a wedge between...
09  juillet     23h00
Ukraine in NATO is in Russia’s Interests
Nathaniel B Davis,[object Object]    With this week’s NATO summit, the perennial question of Ukraine’s future membership will again be raised and left unresolved. However, Ukraine joining NATO at the conclusion of the Russo Ukrainian War is also in Russia’s interests, although it may not yet realise or acknowledge this reality.
07  juillet     23h00
What Can the New Government’s Proposed UK-EU Security Pact Achieve?
Ed Arnold and Richard G Whitman,[object Object],[object Object]    Post Brexit UK EU security cooperation has grown since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Practical cooperation on sanctions and support for Ukraine has opened other possible avenues for collaboration. The new Labour government wants an ambitious structural alignment with the EU, but it is...
02  juillet     23h00
Shaping Tomorrow: A Roadmap for Ukraine’s Reconstruction using Virtual Assets
Oksana Ihnatenko,[object Object]    This Policy Brief examines whether virtual assets can be used to facilitate donations to Ukraine’s urgent reconstruction efforts.