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29  janvier     20h21
   devnull provided an update on his ActivityPub development for nodebb. Lots of exciting progress, but we ;ve only just begun ’ https: topic january update on activitypub development
02  janvier     15h07
   s NodeBB v . . was launched a couple weeks back, containing some often asked for features tl;dr Ability to watch categories and receive notifications Reaction notifications Ability to sort rewards in the ACP New social share buttons Better rich search results Upgrade...
05  décembre     14h52
   There ;s something comforting in hearing about a NodeBB upgrade from v . . to v . . , running with no problems whatsoever.A lot of breaking changes and DB schema updates happened between those versions
01  décembre     16h20
   It is wonderful that Google has taken steps to support the DiscussionForumPosting type. They used to classify forum topics posts by their own proprietary metrics and formulas, and it was always a gamble as to what Google would consider indexable. With these latest changes, site owners...
23  novembre     18h13
   Back in late July, we took a chance and applied for the NGIZero NGI Core August call for projects. Our application dealt almost entirely with bringing ActivityPub to NodeBB, and we ;re happy to announce that we ;ve been officially greenlit Looking forward to working in tandem with...
03  octobre     20h33
   The impetus for this feature was initially from a one off blog post I read over two years ago perhaps by ravelin... It still rings true today.https: fa is missing a key feature c c db
   The Two Factor Authentication plugin that comes bundled with NodeBB was just updated to v . . . It now notifies you if your account was accessed, but the second factor challenge was not passed. If you see this notification, and it wasn ;t you, you just might want to change your now compromised...
19  septembre     14h30
   UX question for the mastodon hivemind.When using a forum, and you quote a post, do you expect to be able to edit the post i.e. to add emphasis, truncate unnecessary parts, etc. It ;s possible to structure quoted posts like quot;references quot;, so a reference to a deleted post is also...
18  septembre     20h20
   Special shout out to binwiederhier for his part in making the push notification and email portions happen via ntfy Happy to become a supporter just for the reserved topic and to support the project of course
   How do you publicly disclose your security vulnerabilities We used to post them on our forum... sometimes on GitHub, sometimes via changelog, sometimes not at all. It was pretty haphazard, involved a lot of manual steps, and we needed to do better.So we decided to throw some code and some...
06  septembre     14h01
   NodeBB . . is out More updates to the chat UX pinning, public room notifications, real time typing notifications , improved user moderation tooling, post queue updates, and as usual, lots of bug fixes https: topic nodebb
21  août     21h08
   Initiating domain transfers from Google Domains to porkbun Nobody steal our domains in transit, okay
18  août     17h40
   NodeBB v . . a new patch release has dropped, offering fixes for an upgrade script bug for psql users, and a minor font fix.https: NodeBB NodeBB releases tag v . .
17  août     20h15
   Something funny came across our desk this morning... Apparently cloudron ;s MatterMost subcategory is ranking so well it ;s attracting general questions about the software itself, and even outranks the MatterMost subreddit We ;ll take the win Baris has been spending some time...
16  août     14h51
   NodeBB v . . has landed s Public group chats , FontAwesome Pro support, better dark mode, among much much more We ;re really happy with the latest changes to the chats system. Who needs Discord anymore when you can have a kickass forum system with chats subsystem that is on par with...
08  août     14h54
   Coming soon to nodebb, rel quot;me quot; support so you can link to your NodeBB profile from Mastodon and have it turn green verified â Part : https: NodeBB nodebb theme harmony pull We ;re not quite there yet, but opliko is working on it
17  juillet     18h25
   Did you know that NodeBB now supports public chat rooms tl;dr The upcoming . . release will add support for public group chats and allow bigger rooms. We ;ve put in a whole bunch of effort to refactor the chat system to support this, bringing us just that little bit closer to...
13  juillet     17h19
   User tracking is so prevalent that we often have clients in the EU ask us to provide a list of cookies served by NodeBB on behalf of third parties.Sometimes they don ;t understand that there ;s nothing to send over. quot;Please send us a list of third party cookies quot; quot;There is no...
07  juillet     20h10
   A tad delayed, given we ;re already half a year in, but here ;s a sneak peek of what came out of our roadmap meeting tl;dr revamped ACP, activitypub refactored chats and more https: topic roadmap update nodebb nodebbactivitypub
06  juillet     16h30
   s NodeBB v . . has landed, bringing with it completely redesigned admin pages , and of course oodles and oodles of bug fixes.https: post