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09  mai     10h00
Sending Money as Simple as Texting: Fintopio CEO Steve Milton on Transforming Crypto Payments
   Join BIC Crypto amp; Trading Community on Telegram right now: rdquo; Ask questions quot; traders answer: daily technical analysis price movements and price predictions and daily discussions with traders moderators. rdquo; LIVE Streams,...
08  avril     17h06
Etherscan Ads Linked to Phishing Scams
   Recently, a user on X formerly known as Twitter raised a red flag about the presence of potentially malicious phishing scam ads. These ads were found on Etherscan, a widely used blockchain explorer.
22  mars     16h44
MacBook M-Series Vulnerability: A New Risk for Crypto Owners
   Discover how your MacBook could be putting your crypto assets at risk. A newly uncovered vulnerability in Apple rsquo;s M Series chips exposes cryptographic keys to potential theft. Learn more about the implications for your digital security and the measures you can take.
15  mars     19h28
Craig Wright is not Satoshi #bitcoin #satoshi
   UK court verdict confirms Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, safeguarding the identity of Bitcoin’s anonymous creator. This pivotal decision by Judge James Mellor ends the longstanding dispute, reinforcing the crypto community’s values of openness and innovation.
13  mars     14h56
What is Kaspa (KAS) ? #crypto #kaspa
   Dive into the world of Kaspa quot; the future of blockchain with unparalleled speed and scalability. Explore how Kaspa is setting new benchmarks in transaction efficiency.
12  mars     13h30
Trump Embraces Crypto?
   Donald Trump’s presidential campaign takes an unexpected turn towards supporting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, hinting at a future where digital currencies could play a more prominent role in our economy. Discover the full implications of this shift and what it could mean for the future of finance.
09  mars     09h45
Understanding Bitcoin’s Halving #bitcoin #halving
   Explore the genius of Bitcoin’s Halving and its role in ensuring the cryptocurrency’s scarcity and value. Dive into the world where miners secure the future of finance, and scarcity drives value.
08  mars     14h44
That friend you discussed Bitcoin with in 2020 but said it was a scam
06  mars     13h10
Biden Beneficial for Bitcoin? #joebiden #donaltrump #bitcoin
   Anthony Scaramucci believes Joe Biden’s presidency and regulatory approach could shape Bitcoin’s trajectory amidst election uncertainties. Read our full article to discover more.
01  mars     20h37
Elon Musk files a lawsuit against OpenAI and Sam Altman #openai #samaltman #elonmusl #ai
   Elon Musk files a lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging a shift away from their joint mission of prioritizing quot;benefit humanity quot; over financial gain. This legal confrontation highlights a pivotal discussion on the future trajectory of AI advancement.
29  février     13h23
El Salvador’s Bitcoin Profits Hit 60M #nayibbukele #elsalvador #bitcoin
   Under President Nayib Bukele’s leadership, El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy yields significant gains as the market surges. This bold financial move highlights the country’s innovative approach to cryptocurrency and its impact on the national economy. Learn more about their journey and President...
26  février     16h44
MicroStrategy’s X Account Hacked: 440K Lost #microstrategy #michaelsaylor
   MicroStrategy’s X account falls prey to hackers, leading to a significant scam with a fake MSTR token. Discover the full story behind this major security breach and the impact on followers. Stay informed, stay secure.
25  février     10h15
UK’s Legal Leap: Crypto as Property
   The UK sets a new legal precedent by proposing crypto assets as property. This landmark decision could redefine the future of digital assets, offering them greater protection and legitimacy.
24  février     08h00
Reddit’s Bold Crypto Move
   Reddit Leaps into Crypto, Backing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. Discover how this strategic investment marks a significant milestone for digital assets in the corporate world. Learn more about the implications for the future of blockchain technology and digital currencies in our comprehensive...
23  février     17h02
Trump’s Turning Tide: Embracing Bitcoin’s Potential #donaldtrump #trump #bitcoin
   Discover how Donald Trump’s changing views on Bitcoin signal a potential shift in the digital currency landscape. Explore the full story and its implications in our latest article. Trump’s evolving perspective hints at a broader acceptance of crypto within influential circles, potentially shaping...