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03  mars     07h09
   southernamis bbsing baudday modem
28  février     21h51
   iCY Term with Atari Atascii support is pretty sweet bbsing icyterm atari southernamis
24  février     04h40
   Such a great project The Hayes Smart Modem WiFi Conversion by Tattler Solutions. Check out the project bbsing atari wifimodem retrocomputer vintagecomputer https: forum general discussions tattlersolutions wimodem
17  février     19h13
   It’s huge VCFSocal Event underway in Southern California And call an Atari BBS today Checkout the photos at https: forum general discussions vcf socal
   Move in and Set up complete VCF SoCal is ready to rock vcfsocal southernamis atari vintagecomputer fujinet
16  février     20h02
   VCF SoCal This Weekend Packing up and ready to roll vcfsocal Southetn Amis Projects Atari BBSing
15  février     23h39
   vcfsocal It’s this weekend People The Southern Amis Projects Exhibiting Atari BBS restoration and Preservation and now we have this:
11  février     04h20
   VCF SoCal is heating up as the count down continues until the doors opening in Orange, CA Get your packages now for Feb amp; th vcfsocal and give a visit to the official VCF SoCal BBS port vintagecomputing retrocomputing bbsing southernamis
22  janvier     03h21
   vcfsocal retrocomputing
07  janvier     22h05
   Inverse ATASCII The Antic Files featuring Antic V , N , February March has been released https: atari bit retrocomputing vintagecomputing anticmagazine
25  décembre     03h44
   Something about visiting a bbs during the holidays... Amis XE Atari Message information System running a modified AMIS using basic XE for the most efficient code. How to connect Check out
21  décembre     07h05
   And a very happy holidays from the Atari BBS community and the Southern Amis Projects. bbsing atari bit retrocommunity vintagecomputer
10  décembre     16h37
   Just finished another InverseAtascii Episode of the Antic Files, this now check it out at http: and here is the art work
22  novembre     00h57
   Simply put, I like it... atari atari
19  novembre     14h29
   Nitelite BBS has been an outstanding restoration and preservation project. Let’s see if we can push it to multi node with the author Paul Swanson’s device, The Spyder SP made for Nitelite BBS software. bbsing atarj southernamis retrocomputing retrochristmas Visit Nitelite bbs restored...
05  novembre     01h06
   VCF SoCal tickets are now on sale https: VCFSoCal VCF VCFed VCFederation Atari bit bbsing atari VintageComputing RetroComputers RetroGaming
29  octobre     17h44
   InverseAtascii the Antic FilesIA has another podcast to run concurrently with Inverse ATASCII. The first one has been released featuring Antic , Volume, Number, April :https: the antic files episode supplement Share your thought to keep this special...
21  octobre     21h03
   Simplicity in design, retro nostalgia, and preservation of the AMIS legacy. Atascii example of ’s BBS art work newly built in for Amis XE BBS. Basic XE Cart from OSS that powers Amis XE bbsing atascii atari southernamis retrocomputer retrocomputing
10  octobre     23h27
   BBSing on the tank version of Fujinet FujiNet Pro southernamis Atari bbsing lotharek
   VCF SoCal is Happening Spread the Word Vendors, Attendees, Sponsorship Inquire https: VCFSoCal VCF VCFed VCFederation VintageComputing RetroComputers RetroGaming bbsing