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22  février     11h30
The Biggest Console Flops in Gaming History
   Not every video game console sees the immense success that Sony had with the PlayStation or Nintendo with the DS. For every significant gaming hit ...
20  février     16h00
3 New Atari 2600 Games Have Been Found & Dumped
   The three games were developed by UA Ltd in the early ’ s.Three previously unreleased Atari prototypes have been discovered and dumped online ...
19  février     01h05
How the 1983 video game crash offers a warning for today’s world
   Gaming Short Stories looks at how a booming games industry suddenly dropped from . billion in revenue to million in two years in the US. It ...
22  février     10h43
New ways to play retro games
   The best game remakes and remasters, including Star Wars: Dark Forces.
13  février     18h58
Atari’s Mike Jang
   Some sad news to report on the blog this week. I got word that long time Industrial Designer at Atari coin operated division, Mike Jang, has passed ...
15  février     12h55
2023 hidden gem is coming to PSVR 2 and PS5 in March
   From the mind of legendary developer Jeff Minter, psychedelic arcade game Akka Arrh is coming to PS and PlayStation VR . With games like Baldur’s ...
09  février     17h59
Here’s the Most Popular Toy the Year You Were Born, Plus the Date and Circumstances of Your Death
   Our pop culture landscape is ever growing, and the older we get the more muddled it all seems to become. That’s what makes these clickbait lists ...
18  février     17h13
10 Video Game Franchises With The MOST Reboots
   If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we’re looking at video game franchises that have been rebooted the most, which is to say more than once.
16  février     18h08
The TDE Podcast Ep 32: Eugene Jarvis
   Episode of the Ted Dabney Experience podcast is available now for your listening pleasure If you enjoy reading, you’ll love the ...
08  février     08h23
We’ll die because the sun will burn out, or there will be no drinking water, and we’ll ask AI to help... it will only be another tool : In Mariusz Duda’s own Marvel Universe, his album AFR AI D is about taming nightmares
   For his solo career, Riverside’s Mariusz Duda wanted to create something as distinct from his day job as possible. He spoke to Prog about returning to ...
14  février     11h44
atari 2600
   Already have some of the parts Use the Build this MOC page to only show the parts you are missing.
19  février     14h00
This Pong spiritual successor will break your brain and spirit
   Pong is so simple that it feels like there’s no possible way to deconstruct it. The Atari classic is already the most fundamental multiplayer game ...
09  février     13h00
My Ranking of All 11 Wes Anderson Films
   Wes Anderson is known for his astounding cinematography, stylistic visuals and quirky sense of dry humor. His insane attention to detail has made him ...
08  février     13h00
Best Vintage Tech Super Bowl Commercials, Ranked
   Tech’s Super Bowl commercials in the ’ s and ’ s were filled with drama, futuristic ideals, and even some great products. Before the year , ...
A 25 year old easter egg has just been discovered in an AMD CPU
   It’s not every day that a piece of tech history comes to light, but someone has waited years for their easter egg to be discovered, and that time ...
16  février     15h58
What’s your favourite gaming console of all time? Have your say and take our poll
   The great gaming console wars have been raging for decades now fuelling the industry’s evolution to greater and greater heights. Bitter rivalries ...
10  février     15h00
The first great game of 2024 is already on sale at Target
   Target is offering an excellent promotion that allows you to save on a massive selection of games, movies, and other awesome stuff when you purchase another participating item of equal or greater value through Feb. . We’ve highlighted some of our favorite items below, but just in case Target ...
Nintendo Switch digital game prices are bananas - but beat Ubisoft’s dream future for console gaming
   My daughter is nine. Not a data point you’d expect to open a Stuff column, but it will be important shortly. Anyway, after two long years of fighting ...
01  février     23h42
Jason Kelce Reveals He’s Secretly Been Looking Into Reviving Backyard Sports Franchise
   Anyone growing up in the late ’ s and early ’ s loving video games and sports knows the Backyard Sports series. It’s no surprise then, that some of ...
19  février     11h00
Fans Disappointed With Broken Atari Presents Reissues
   Seven games have been released as part of Atari Presents so far.Last week, without warning, Atari launched a brand new label on Steam and GOG called ...
01  février     22h00
NFL’s Kelce Brothers Want To Bring Back Your Fave Childhood Game
   Omnipresent brothers, Travis and Jason Kelce who are NFL players, commercial stars, SNL hosts, podcasters, and members of Taylor Swift’s inner ...
04  février     17h12
40 Brands That Start With A
   We all love brands. It is part of our culture and something that we have grown accustomed to over our lifetime. We shop these brands and enjoy what ...
11  février     16h57
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - any good?
   Our review is in, and it’s mixed.
3 times PlayStation controllers were better than Xbox controllers
   The gaming landscape has changed considerably since Sony released the PlayStation in December . Sega, Atari, Commodore, and several other ...
09  février     18h30
You Can Get This Atari Game Station With Over 200 Games for 70 Right Now
   You can get this Atari Game Station Pro on sale for . right now reg. . . It’s an an open box model, so it has the chance for minor ...
31  janvier     02h49
White rhinoceros makes ’aliyah’ to Israel from France
   Two wide lipped rhinoceros arrived in Israel from the zoo in the city of Lille, in France, and were integrated into the biblical zoo in Jerusalem, ...
02  février     18h30
Legendary Industry Veterans Get Candid On Ageism In Gaming
   Video game publisher Activision Blizzard has been embroiled in controversy within the last few years, from allegations that a culture of sexual ...
14  février     13h15
The Most Underrated Retro Consoles
   Everybody knows and loves the classic retro consoles that defined different eras of their history with entertainment. For the most part, the consoles ...
12  février     23h00
Club Drive for Atari Jaguar just isn’t anything
   Unfortunately, it isn’t about golf. I don’t think it’s really possible to quantify the worst game of all time or even compare kusoge that well. ...
30  janvier     19h17
10 Games To Play Before Indiana Jones And The Great Circle
   Machine Games and Xbox finally gave us a look at their new Indiana Jones Game, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. It’s been a few years since ...