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Le Monde : EN : War in Ukraine
07  décembre     19h00
Putin and Netanyahu are betting on the Trump horse’
   World affairs must be watched keeping in mind that Donal Trump could return to the White House, writes Le Monde columnist Alain Frachon.
Macron to meet Orban seeking breakthrough on EU’s Ukraine aid impasse
   The French president hosts his Hungarian counterpart to encourage him not to delay key Ukraine decisions about EU membership and financial aid.
Senate Republicans block Ukraine and Israel aid from advancing as they demand border policy changes
   The vote, a tally that fell short of the Senate’s vote threshold for moving ahead, came just hours after Biden said it was ’stunning’ that Congress has not yet approved tens of billions of dollars in military and economic assistance for Ukraine.
Rivalry grows between Zelensky and Ukraine’s top general
   Ukraine’s commander in chief Valeriy Zaluzhny has been irritating the Ukrainian president, who has been closely involved in military affairs to the point of ’creating parallel channels of communication’ with commanders.
06  décembre     19h50
Biden urges Congress to pass Ukraine aid: ’This cannot wait’
   Joe Biden was speaking after a video summit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the leaders of G nations to discuss how to shore up Western aid for Kyiv.
How to ’prove genocide’? Ukrainian criminal investigators find new ways to try and expose Russian war crimes
   Road Map’ is a software program developed by a Ukrainian official that shows a detailed database listing , Russian soldiers, their chain of command, and their suspected crimes.
Car bomb kills pro-Russian politician in east Ukraine
   Oleg Popov, who served as a deputy in the pro Moscow Luhansk regional parliament, was killed after an ’unidentified device’ detonated in a car. Ukraine did not immediately comment on his death.
US charges four pro-Russian troops in Ukraine with war crimes
   The four ’Russian affiliated military personnel’ have been charged with three war crimes unlawful confinement, torture, and inhuman treatment and one count of conspiracy to commit war crimes.
05  décembre     22h42
White House warns Republicans that Ukraine faces diminishing funds
   Negotiations on a new aid package have stalled in Congress, with Republicans linking it to domestic policy matters such as cuts to tax services and restrictive immigration legislation.
US senators clash during Ukraine briefing after Zelensky cancels planned video meeting
   A Senate briefing on Ukraine reportedly descended into chaos as senators walked out amidst tensions over Republican demands that sweeping changes to US border policy be tied to funding for Ukraine.
Ukraine opens arms procurement corruption investigation
   Oleksandr Klymenko, anti corruption prosecution head, spoke of ’from million’ in contracts under investigation, but Kyiv has sworn that there was no ’misuse’ of Western arms sent to fight the war against Russia.
War in Ukraine: The complicated evacuation of the wounded from the frontline
   While the number of wounded soldiers, like that of the deceased, is kept secret by the Ukrainian government, it amounts to tens of thousands of men, increasingly subjected to Russia’s firepower. Society cares what happens to them.
White House warns that a lack of aid might tilt the Ukraine conflict in Putin’s favor
   The Biden administration on Monday urged Congress to approve billions in aid for Ukraine, stating that without it, Kyiv’s defense against Russia’s invasion could falter.
02  décembre     01h58
In Ukraine, the dark daily lives of the residents in territories liberated a year ago
   Whether bombings, mines or unemployment, the challenges are countless, observes the Ukrainian NGO East SOS, just back from a mission to the Kherson, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Donetsk regions.
01  décembre     19h24
Russian decree expands troop numbers by 15%
   This latest decree from President Vladimir Putin would increase active servicemen by some , soldiers, yet the Russian army has stated that it did not plan on another unpopular mobilization drive.
Russian activists form resistance networks against Putin and the war in Ukraine
   Russian civilians are organizing in order to help army deserters, political prisoners and Ukrainians. They met in Brussels for an ’Anti War Initiatives Congress.’
30  novembre     11h52
The fate of the war in Ukraine rests with the Europeans, but they are less determined than Russia’
   Columnist Sylvie Kauffmann observes that while the fighting continues, neither army is making headway. Faced with the prospect of a protracted war, the Russians are rearming and the West is questioning its next step.
29  novembre     15h15
For those left in one Ukrainian frontline town, ’no one dares to claim that we will survive’
   From , before the war, the number of inhabitants of Avdiivka, a frontline town in the east of the country, fell to, after the Russian invasion in February . Today, only a few hundred remain. Food and medical supplies are running out.
Intense battle for frontline ’fortress’ Avdiivka playing out in Ukraine
   Over the last few weeks, Russian forces have concentrated their attacks on this industrial city in the Donbas region, sustaining heavy losses to do so. The scene is reminiscent of the capture of Bakhmut in the spring.
28  novembre     18h01
Paris 2024: ’Neutral status for Russian athletes is irresponsible,’ says Ukrainian sports minister
   Matvii Bidnyi, the new Ukrainian sports minister in office since November, hopes that the IOC will show responsibility when deciding on the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the Paris Olympic Games, he says in an interview with Le Monde.