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24  février     10h06
   EU marks Ukraine invasion anniversary with fresh pledge of supportBloc’s assistance is critical for Kyiv’s war effort given the uncertainty over US aid presshttps: content f fd cf f ad f d fd e c utm source
   Former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz found guilty of perjury Conditional jail sentence for politician once seen as the European right’s wunderkind presshttps: content dbfbc ee b cbede c utm source
   Can a friendship app cure loneliness As health systems raise the alarm over social isolation, a wave of start ups is holding out the promise of authentic real world connection presshttps: content a b b d b ec fea f e a utm source
   Will retail investors back Japan’s stock market breakthrough After the Nikkei index finally surpasses bubble era peak, a psychological hurdle has been crossed presshttps: content f b b e f b b e eea utm source
   How the year old snackmaker behind Biscoff captivated Gen ZBelgian company Lotus Bakeries has profited as social media fuels appetite for its spreads and biscuits presshttps: content b f afc e e d cb c utm source
   Investors buy European luxury stocks as safer’ play on China’s economyFund managers and analysts argue gloom over economy is overdone but remain wary of beaten down Chinese shares presshttps: content aaf c cc b fa e aab utm source
23  février     23h31
   US Republicans call for McKinsey to be banned from federal contractsSenators says think tank led by consultancy undermined national security by advising China’s government presshttps: content fde bb d f e b a b b utm source
   Stephen Schwarzman’s income at Blackstone falls to below bnProfits at world’s largest private equity group drop as fees from asset sales more than halved presshttps: content f afd c f cf bfa d a utm source
   We should all seek meaning in the mundaneRituals and commonplace daily activities can help to sustain a sense of peace in an otherwise chaotic world presshttps: content e f cc df f c e c bbaed utm source
   When classical music is a foreign language’It can be scary to move out of your cultural comfort zone presshttps: content fd d c a fc ba f e f utm source
   Vietnam and the art of not choosingLessons from the nation most poised between the US and China presshttps: content aa d b fe d cbeea cc c utm source
   What is the point of proxy fights They are wildly expensive, extremely divisive and go on for too long. And even if you win, you lose presshttps: content ab d ee ca c c f fb utm source
   Yulia Navalnaya, Russia’s new opposition leaderFollowing the death of Alexei Navalny, she has assumed her husband’s mantle at considerable personal risk presshttps: content c c b c ae d eeeeb bb utm source
   IVF ruling puts reproductive rights back at heart of US politicsAlabama judgment that frozen embryos are children’ follows Supreme Court’s overturning of abortion rights presshttps: content d f f c ba a fe aca utm source
   Unrest at Goldman Sachs challenges David Solomon’s fragile peacePay, appointments and exits revive tensions over chief who seemed to have strengthened his position presshttps: content ec c c d a d a f aa e utm source
   Europe’s Granolas’ fuel record stock market surgeGroup of pharma, tech and luxury shares echoes US dominance of Magnificent Seven’ presshttps: content b e bd b be ca bf a a a utm source
   Abu Dhabi steps in to ease Egypt’s currency crisis with bn investment Cash for Mediterranean development could unlock IMF deal for most populous Arab country, say analysts presshttps: content bee abf c c fe f utm source
   How the AI boom catapulted Nvidia into tech’s big leagueThe chip designer’s bumper earnings have made it one of the world’s most valuable companies. How long can it last presshttps: content f b d fcce f b e e ec utm source
   How an unflashy’ Swede made Relx a shareholder starErik Engstrom has presided over unmatched performance at the data and analytics group presshttps: content a d cb a cf fac cf utm source
   UAE removed from money laundering grey list’Gulf state no longer subject to additional scrutiny by Paris based Financial Action Task Force presshttps: content b b d e f f c utm source