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03  décembre     14h39
Debt: France more closely watched than ever
   S P Global’s decision to maintain France’s ’AA’ rating was by no means a foregone conclusion. As long as there’s no in depth reflection on the efficient use of public spending, France will not be able to break out of the vicious circle of debt.
01  décembre     22h31
S&P maintains France’s AA credit rating with cautious outlook
   The credit agency attributed its negative outlook to France’s high budget deficits and government debt, identifying them as risks to its fiscal flexibility.
26  novembre     15h30
The French catering world is in free fall: ’Remote working is a curse for us’
   The challenges for caterers are on the rise, whether from rising inflation, absent or lower spending customers, difficulties repaying loans taken out during the Covid period or rising energy bills. The number of bankruptcies has skyrocketed.
24  novembre     14h25
How much will the French spend on Christmas?
   Estimates of a typical Christmas budget for a French household depend on who’s asking. For this year, surveys have shown a range of answers, from less than to as much as over the holiday period.
23  novembre     04h00
French energy minister: Necessary transition ’is on a scale comparable to the first industrial revolution’
   French Energy Transition Minister Agnès Pannier Runacher outlines in an interview the government’s vision of the trajectory that would enable France to gradually reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.
22  novembre     20h02
French MEPs claim victory as European Parliament votes not to ban Camembert box
   A European proposal on packaging waste management led to a sudden flurry of activity by French MEPs, with lawmakers ranging from liberals to the far right voting to save the traditional wooden camembert box.
Basildon, a journey into the heart of the UK’s stagnating economy
   As Rishi Sunak’s government presents its budget on Wednesday, November , it faces a stagnant economy and an cost of living crisis.
15  novembre     18h28
Something smells off: French panic at Camembert box ban is unfounded
   EU regulations on more sustainable food packaging will bring an end to wooden boxes for cheese’ unless they’re protected cheeses; like most Camemberts are.
10  novembre     17h00
J.P. Morgan continues its large-scale philanthropy in France’s Seine-Saint-Denis
   Since , the United States’ largest bank has made the northeast suburbs of Paris the largest beneficiary of its philanthropic initiatives abroad. CEO Jamie Dimon announced a new five year commitment on Wednesday, bringing the bank’s total support to million.
07  novembre     17h00
Quantum computers: French start-up Quandela raises 50 million
   This funding, which comes less than a year after the million raised by its competitor Pasqal, illustrates the advances made by this technology.
In search of new markets, France is working to establish itself in Uzbekistan
   Following the French president’s November visit, major French groups have made the trip to help exploit the natural resources that Uzbekistan is rich in, as the nation seeks to modernize.
Made in France’ products hit hard by inflation
   Households facing budget restraints are now opting for cheaper products that may be imported. In response to this, French brands are trying to fight back.
05  novembre     18h44
To finance the energy transition, companies will have to reduce their shareholder remuneration’
   France’s environmental goals can only be financed by transferring income from the wealthiest individuals to the government, to domestic savings, and to companies who invest in the environmental transition.
02  novembre     23h02
The sale of Rafales to Saudi Arabia would be a success by default for French aircraft in the ruthless arms business’
   Saudi Arabia is considering purchasing aircraft from Dassault Aviation after a German veto blocked its purchase of Typhoon jets due to human rights concerns.
01  novembre     20h27
French telecom group Altice is on a precipice
   Patrick Drahi may be playing down Altice’s colossal debt, but inflation and rising interest rates are forcing him to take on more debt. The company is teetering on the brink. His business partner’s arrest in July, SFR’s stagnation and this financial risk may push it over the edge.
Macron to visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to bolster France’s influence in the region
   The French president heads to Central Asia on Wednesday in hopes of strengthening economic ties and discussing energy projects in a region contested by global powers.
23  octobre     15h57
France announces sale of weapons to Armenia
   Yerevan has agreed to purchase radar systems from the French group Thales amid fears that Azerbaijan might seek to target southern Armenia, after having seized Nagorno Karabakh.
14  octobre     23h00
From the 1983 March for Equality and Against Racism to the 2023 riots in France: ’Even when outbursts of anger recur, they fail to translate into political action’
   While one focused on the banlieues in the s, during a peaceful movement of young residents from immigrant backgrounds, the other looked at the following generations, marked by the riots of and . In a conversation with Le Monde, François Dubet and Fabien Truong analyze years of...
08  octobre     03h00
Jean Pisani-Ferry: ’Emmanuel Macron has missed the opportunity to set out a motivating narrative’ on the matter of environmental planning
   The French government is moving into the thick of ecological planning. This requires action and a motivating narrative notes the economist in his column.
France vetoes American takeover of two ’sensitive’ nuclear suppliers
   Segault supplies components for nuclear propelled submarines and makes industrial valves used on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier; Velan SAS manufactures pieces for French nuclear power plants. Both were blocked from being acquired by a Texan company.