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26  décembre     18h53
   Gaza map update: The IDF made large advances in northern Gaza over the past week. The IDF initiated an operation into Bureij expected to take weeks. Last week they issued an evacuation warning for this area.Israel has also made some advances in the Khan Yunis area.Take a look at a high...
11  décembre     22h58
   Gaza map update: The IDF has continued progressing into the centre of Khan Yunis, linking up their two advances. Israel has also made a new crossing along the edge of the Egyptian border. In the north, Israel continues to gradually push deeper into Gaza City and Jabalia.
   Russian Forces Advance: A week of strategic gains for Russia around Avdiivka, recapture of territories west of Bakhmut, and a northwest push from Kreminna.Read the weekly summary: https: updates week
06  décembre     23h40
   Gaza map update:The IDF has advanced into the centre of Khan Yunis. Their advance has followed main routes, one from the northeast and one from the east.Israel has also made further gains in the south of Gaza city and also advanced into the Jabalia camp.
17  novembre     21h01
   Gaza map update: The IDF continues to clear block by block as they push deeper into Gaza City. They have also made progress in the vicinity of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya.Amid reports of a possible operation in the Southern Gaza Strip, the IDF has expanded positions in areas along the border.
15  novembre     01h54
   Gaza map update:The IDF commenced an operation within part of the Shifa hospital after completing an encirclement of the building complex. Israel has also secured the Al Shati camp, therefore linking their northern and southern advances.
11  novembre     17h35
   Gaza situation update: The IDF has advanced around the extremely high density buildings of Al Shati camp towards the east of the Shifa hospital. Further advances from the South bring the hospital within meters of being surrounded if it hasn ;t been already.Other adjustments to the map were...
   Gaza map update.After increasingly intense clashes over the past hours, the IDF has continued to push into Gaza City from the North and South.Fighting is currently ongoing less than metres West of the Al Shifa Hospital after Israel advanced beyond the port.
10  novembre     01h17
   Ukraine update for the past week: Ukraine has retained previously captured positions on the Southern bank of the Dnipro and expanded its control within Krynky.South of Bakhmut, Ukraine has made advances around the rail line. West of Bakhmut, Russia has attacked along the edge of the Bohdanivka...
   Gaza map update:The IDF continues to advance into Gaza City from both the North, as well as advancing from the south along the coast.The evacuation corridor remains active. Usually for a hour period each day.
06  novembre     22h36
   Gaza map update:Israel has now begun to make gradual advances into Gaza City from the coast.Palestinian citizens have started to use the humanitarian evacuation corridor established by the IDF. The route is only available for limited pre announced hours.
   Gaza map update: The IDF has continued to progress along the Mediterranean coast from their positions north of Gaza City. Although the City is cut off from the South of Gaza, Israel has said that civilians will be able to evacuate.
02  novembre     20h15
   Gaza map update.Israel has reached the coast south of Gaza City, severing the last route connecting it and the southern Gaza Strip. With this, the IDF has effectively encircled the city.
   Over the month of October, Ukraine has successfully reclaimed approximately km from Russian forces. This means that Russia currently occupies a total of . of Ukraine.Before the invasion, Russia held roughly . of Ukraine.To provide context for all of these control changes, the final...
   Gaza map update:Israel has continued to advance towards the coast, south of Gaza City. They are less than metres away from cutting Gaza in two.They have also made progress along the coast to the north, as well as advancing within Beit Hanoun.The IDF has also expanded in some areas in the south...
   Ukraine map update for the past week.Around the city of Avdiivka, has made small advances both on the Northern edge at the Spoil tip, as well as to the Southwest.West of Robotyne, has partially expanded its control. has been carrying out offensive operations south of...
31  octobre     21h49
   Gaza map update. Israel ;s advances in Gaza continue along three main routes of attack, now pushing through built up areas along the coast north of Gaza City. They ;ve also entered Beit Hanoun from the northeast following intense clashes.The most notable movement is south of the city of Gaza...
30  octobre     09h54
   Gaza map update: The IDF have expanded their area of operation km into the Gaza Strip, this time from the south of Gaza city. This advance has cut one of only two main roads out of the area marked for evacuation. The other being along the coast.
28  octobre     23h58
   Preliminary Gaza map update: Following preparatory raids, the IDF ground operation in Gaza is underway. Israel ;s confirmed progress reveals an advance of about km along the northern coastline into Gaza. Elsewhere along the front, Israel has been carrying out raids. It ;s important to note...
   A situation update for Mali. As it ;s a little longer than the usual posts and over the character limit it ;s on my website instead. The map is below if you just want to see that part.https: updates mali