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24  mai     13h33
Stay Tuned for Cristiano Ronaldo’s Newest NFT Journey, Coming Soon to Binance
   Cristiano Ronaldo is back soon with his latest NFT drop giving collectors the chance to experience his legacy like never before.
Binance Web3 Wallet Updates: Simple Yield’, Yield Plus’, and More for May
   Explore the latest updates to the Binance Web Wallet, including enhanced earning options, expanded blockchain integrations, and improved user experience across swaps.
22  mai     13h00
Cynthia: Binance’s Crypto Payments Trailblazer
   Join Cynthia, our humble culture star, on a journey from traditional finance to the freedom of crypto, driving the adoption and utility of borderless payments.
Binance Marks Bitcoin Pizza Day with Global Pizza Parties
   To celebrate the very first recognized bitcoin transaction in Binance is planning pizza parties in various locations. A range of online and IRL events, activations and games will take place worldwide.
21  mai     13h14
Binance Labs Invests In Aevo To Support The Future Of L2 Blockchain Innovations
   Binance Labs has invested in Aevo, a high performance Layer L built on top of the OP Stack that allows perpetual trading, pre launch futures, and options, all on the same platform with a single margin account.
17  mai     04h30
Binance Assists Taiwan Law Enforcement in Cracking Major Virtual Asset-Related Case Involving Nearly NT 200 Million
   Binance’s Financial Crimes Compliance FCC department collaborated with Taiwan’s law enforcement on a major criminal case involving money laundering through virtual assets.
BinanceBuild April 2024: Feedback Roundup
   Discover the latest updates to our products driven by user feedback.
16  mai     12h48
The Binance Antidote: Protecting Users From Address Poisoning Attacks
   Binance’s security team has developed a unique algorithm for detecting address poisoning, which has already helped to flag over million spoofed addresses.
15  mai     12h00
Spot Copy Trading: Unlock Expert Strategies With Just a Click
   Explore how Spot Copy Trading enables users to automatically replicate the strategies of other traders, increasing accessibility to the world of trading and potential earnings.
14  mai     11h00
Beyond Borders: The Power of Crypto in Global Money Transfers
   Discover how blockchain and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing cross border payments with faster, cheaper transfers for a more inclusive monetary future.
13  mai     13h37
Binance Labs Invests in Zest Protocol to Introduce On-Chain Bitcoin Lending on Stacks Blockchain
   Binance Labs has invested in Zest Protocol, an on chain bitcoin lending infrastructure enabling users to lend or borrow native BTC with transparent yields in a permissionless way.
Binance Kazakhstan Attains Global Certifications, Showcasing Platform’s Security and Privacy Robustness
   Binance Kazakhstan has been awarded the ISO and ISO certifications for information security governance and privacy information management.