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22  mai     17h55
Chessable Masters, Day 4: Live
   The Chessable Masters is the fourth of nine tournaments of the current Meltwater Champions Chess Tour In the preliminary players will fight for a place in the knockout phase Magnus Carlsen will be up against a number of promising talents and a number of strong veterans Play starts daily at
Grand Chess Tour Superbet Tournament Warsaw: Live
   The second tournament of the Grand Chess Tour is taking place in Warsaw from May and consists of a rapid and a blitz tournament After six rounds of rapid Vishy Anand is in the sole lead with an score Day starts Sunday May at CEST ET UTC Follow the
19  mai     09h48
Online Player Encyclopedia - Players, profiles, and pictures (with video )
   Users of ChessBase are undoubtedly familiar with the Player Encyclopedia that comes with Mega Database a massive archive of players and photos that allow you to view games with a picture of that player instead of just their name There is an online version with ChessBase Account but offers much
14  mai     10h55
Superbet Chess Classic - Games and standings
   The Superbet Chess Classic is being held in Bucharest Romania at the Sheraton Hotel from May to May It includes all nine full tour players and one wildcard player Romanian grandmaster Bogdan Daniel Deac After tying for first place on Wesley So Levon Aronian and Maxime Vachier
02  mai     08h00
Asa Hoffmann, New York chess hustler
   Can you imagine a chess book written by a master which contains exactly one chess diagram and the notation of a single move game And that you would not be able to put it down That is what happens with this unique work written by chess master Asa Hoffmann with his wife Ginny Asa has spent
13  avril     10h00
Player types - an interview with Karsten Müller
   Who am I Tactician or position player Attacker or defender Should I play d or e Sicilian or French If you know your strengths and weaknesses you will score more points and you will be more successful In their Player Types ChessBase course Karsten Müller and Luis Engel take a close
14  mars     15h00
Can a chess grandmaster save the world?
   Cobicistat is a drug that was originally devised for HIV AIDS therapy Now a new study shows that it can inhibit the replication of SARS CoV which would mean we could have a powerful therapeutical drug against Covid Very encouraging news but why are we reporting this on a chess news page
13  mars     14h55
Belgrade Grand Prix Final - Games and results
   The last two spots in the upcoming Candidates Tournament will be decided in the FIDE Grand Prix Series with the second leg of the series taking place in Belgrade on March The new format consists of four player double round robins and a knockout stage Follow the games live with expert
17  février     14h55
FIDE Grand Prix Final - Games and results
   The last two spots in the upcoming Candidates Tournament will be decided in the FIDE Grand Prix Series with the first leg of the series taking place in Berlin on February to The new format consists of four player double round robins and a knockout stage Follow the games live with expert
03  février     10h55
Battle of the Sexes: Final round - Live
   The Battle of the Sexes in Gibraltar is a ten round Scheveningen match between ten male and ten female players Before the th and final round the men team Sabino are three points ahead and lead by But the women team Pia still have chances to catch up Round starts at local
30  janvier     19h30
A selection of brilliancies: Spassky faces the Sicilian
   When Boris Spassky World Champion from to had to play the Sicilian with the white pieces he seemed to get particularly inspired Today the living legend from Leningrad turns and to celebrate him we share a selection of brilliant games he played with e c during his illustrious
24  janvier     11h00
The Best In Iceland
   In we started a series called The Best In and interviewed some of the strongest male and female players of Aruba The Bahamas Brazil Trinidad Tobago Armenia and Austria The popular series will continue as a YouTube version with a to Zoom interview including an analysis of the
19  janvier     13h00
DGT Centaur - the latest sensor board
   Remember what Sensory board chess computers were like four decades ago Bulky heavy with complicated installation and very expensive to buy Today you get elegant flat boards which run on rechargeable batteries And they are immediately ready to play The one we are looking at today even
23  décembre     18h00
Joe Gallagher plays the King’s Gambit
   The King s Gambit continues to pose puzzles The opening evokes memories of glorious sacrificial games from the romantic era but at the same time it is regarded as somewhat unsound as theoretically incorrect But even today the move f after e e leads again and again to unusual positions
21  décembre     16h59
NFT collection: Moments of Genius
   ChessBase is launching a unique NFT series of the world chess champions united with their iconic games and moves that have made history in their sublime beauty Each NFT is authorized by the player himself A font specially designed for this series allows historical portraits and private
13  décembre     17h00
Women’s chess: It is not biology’
   When Beth Harmon defeated a series of top male grandmasters and then went on to wrest the title from Russian world champion Vasily Borgov it was not real life It happened in the Queen s Gambit a Netflix series that did more for chess than anything else in In reality today there is not a
10  décembre     13h00
Carlsen is (still) the champ - Games and commentary
   Magnus Carlsen picked up a fourth win at the World Championship match in Dubai to secure overall victory with three games to spare Playing black the world champion saw Ian Nepomniachtchi all but self destructing for a third time in the match This was Carlsen s fourth consecutive defence of the
09  décembre     18h00
Thirty years Happy Birthday Fritz (5)
   The adventures we have had with Fritz A unique experience was a match our program played in the Gulf state of Bahrain back in The eight game struggle ended in a hard fought draw In a large pictorial article Frederic Friedel describes the intense battle against the reigning World
01  décembre     12h00
The Endgame Magic Christmas Calendar - Door 1
   Last year you could open calendar doors and guess the Fritztrainer correctly This year it s all about magical endgames Thanks to our endgame expert GM Dr Karsten Müller we have put together a potpourri of endgame riddles for you If you can find the right answer you automatically enter a
29  novembre     21h14
Chess arbiters and the three-fold draw
   The difference between not the best arbiter and a good one IA Tomasz Delega writes in the October issue of the ECU E magazine is that the first one knows the rules and the second one understands also what these rules are for He explains the situation using the example of the three fold draw