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European Free Alliance
05  mai     14h00
EFA welcomes Més per Menorca, Siciliani Liberi and Union Valdôtaine as full members
staff    The General Assembly also decided to approve Estau Aragonés membership as a candidate member The General Assembly of the European Free Alliance held online on May decided to accept Més per Menorca Siciliani Liberi and Union Valdôtaine as full members of the European Political Party One year
13  avril     13h42
EFA defends the recognition of a special status for EU islands at the Commission
staff    Our President Lorena L pez de Lacalle and our member party Més per Menorca met with Cohesion and Reforms Commissioner Elisa Ferreira s team to raise awareness on the islands special needs The European Free Alliance brought the demand to recognize a special status for EU Islands this week to the
12  avril     14h28
EFA expects further pressure from the EU to protect the Do ana National Park in Andalucà a
staff    This story reveals that the EU s powers to enforce its own laws are slow and insufficient and that the Commission should have the competence to negotiate directly with the regional government EFA expresses its grave concern at the repeated attempts by the PP and Vox in the Andalucian Parliament to
11  avril     13h37
The Good Friday Agreement 25 years on: Brexit has brought back the border
staff    EFA believes that the changed circumstances since Brexit make it more important than ever that the people have their say on the future of Northern Ireland This Easter marks the th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement The Agreement was a milestone in the promotion of peace on the island of
06  avril     08h53
The European Free Alliance will stand with a tandem of Spitzenkandidaten in the European Elections
staff    The Bureau decided to have two candidates of two different genders to promote gender equality in the European institutions The European Free Alliance will run for the European elections with a Spitzenkandidat tandem Last Monday the Bureau of the party decided to elect two candidates of two
05  avril     16h34
You represent so much of what EFA works for across Europe : EFA visits the Turkish minority in Western Thrace
staff    The European political party visited Xanthi and Komotini for a series of meetings with their member party DEB Partisi and local organisations in the region representing the Turkish minority in Western Thrace EFA heard of their struggles and the repression the community faces from the Greek
13  mars     13h59
EFA stands with the HDP
staff    In an international show of solidarity the European Free Alliance has joined partners across Europe and further afield in expressing our support and solidarity with the People s Democratic Party HDP who face being banned by the government of Turkey The HDP advocates a democratic and pluralist
02  mars     09h55
Stop abusing EU Petitions Committee for your party’s benefit and resign’ Diana Riba MEP to EPP chairwoman
staff    On Tuesday during a public hearing of the European Parliament Petitions Committee PETI MEPs and staff from the Left The Socialists the Greens and the European Free Alliance left the room in disgust following yet another abuse of the committee by the chairwoman Dolors Montserrat of the
24  février     10h10
One year of war in Ukraine: the EU should keep acting for democracy, peace and the defence of human rights
staff    On the anniversary of Russia s invasion of Ukraine EFA regrets that the conflict persists and calls for further humanitarian support for Ukrainian people and those fleeing from the war On February the Russian Federation escalated its conflict in Ukraine into a full fledged invasion
21  février     10h40
EFA MEP denied entry to Palestine by Israeli authorities
staff    In the early hours of the st of February EFA MEP Ana Miranda was denied entry to Palestine by the Israeli authorities and sent back to the Spanish state The Galizan MEP was due to spend a few days in Palestine as a member of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Palestine DPAL