Arcade USA : video
17  octobre     18h36
War of the Bugs (Arcade)
   A pretty interesting game I came across on Mame. Very fast paced Its like Centipede set in space :P
16  octobre     17h21
Crystal Castles (Atari 2600)
   An arcade game I have not played to often but do enjoy it. The translation to the Atari 2600 is not to bad considering the limitations of the hardware. Very fun to play
Split Second (NES - Homebrew
   A really neat simulation of the Parker Brother handheld game Split Second for the Nintendo NES Give the rom a try here: https: juegos-homebrew split-second
10  octobre     13h52
Split Second (Parker Brothers - Electronic Game)
   Another one of my favorite electronic handheld games from the early 80’s Parker Brothers Split Second 5 games to test your reactionary skills
09  octobre     17h33
Teeter Torture (Exidy - Arcade)
   A rather fun prototype game from the early 80’s by Exidy
03  octobre     12h51
Burgertime (Apple II)
   A rather nice translation of the arcade game to the Apple II
02  octobre     13h15
SubRoc (Colecovision)
   While not 3-D like the arcade game, its still a nice translation of it to the Colecovision .
Monaco GP (Sega - Arcade)
   One of my favorite racing games from the late 70’s by Sega Monaco GP Although this is not in Mame (due to the arcade game not having a CPU), instead I found this cool simulator that was done back in 2013 Plays really well and has extra game modes Download Here - http: forum.arcadecontrols...
28  septembre     01h02
Lunar Rescue (Colecovsion)
   A awesome work in progress translation of the Arcade game to the Colecovision This is being done by Electric Adventures and so far I am really enjoying it . Looking forward to a final version on cart Electric Adventures Youtube - https: user electricadventures
26  septembre     15h22
Thunder Blaster (Irem - Arcade)
   A cool vertical shoot em up arcade game I came across in Mame a few weeks ago. Really enjoy this one although it is killer on your firing finger :P.
25  septembre     18h18
Phoenix (Pico-8)
   A rather nice version of the arcade game on the Pico-8 virtual console https: bbs ?pid 97695#p
Le Boom (Lakeside toys)
   A really fun and challenging electronic game where you have to diffuse the bomb Features 4 game play modes I always wanted one of these back in the day :)
19  septembre     11h10
Quick Round of Atari’s Touch Me Handheld
   Just playing a quick short round on my Color LED modded Atari Touch Me Handheld :)
18  septembre     13h09
Vanguard (Atari 2600)
   A rather good translation of the arcade game to the 2600, one of my favorites for the system Missing quite a few features of the arcade, but the game play is there and is fun
17  septembre     23h51
Steeplechase (Arcade - Atari)
   A interesting horse racing arcade game from Atari back in the 70’s. Have not seen this game since I used to play it back in the pizza parlor back then. Its lots of fun when played with a group of friends, can have up to 6 players racing against a 7th computer player