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21  février     22h26
PyCharm: PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 6: In-editor Code Review
   Our new EAP build for PyCharm . is now available for you to download This new build is packed with a bunch of updates to the integration with version control systems. You can download the new version from our website, update directly from the IDE or via the free Toolbox App, or use...
Real Python: How to Read User Input From the Keyboard in Python
   You may often want to make your Python programs more interactive by responding dynamically to input from the user. Learning how to read user input from the keyboard unlocks exciting possibilities and can make your code far more useful. The ability to gather input from the keyboard with Python...
Robin Wilson: How to fix GeoPandas drop duplicates on geometry column not getting rid of all duplicates?
   I use GeoPandas for a lot of my vector GIS data manipulation in Python. I had a situation the other day where I ended up with duplicates of some geometries in my GeoDataFrame, and I wanted to remove them. The simple way to do this is to use the underlying pandas method drop duplicates on the...
20  février     20h09
TechBeamers Python: 10 Python Tricky Coding Exercises
   Hello dear Python coding buddies. It ;s time to get your brain in action and solve some challenging problems. We have worked out Python tricky coding exercises to be done using loops. These would require you to brainstorm, think at multiple levels, and test your coding grit to solve....
PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #617 (Feb. 20, 2024)
   FEBRUARY , View in Browser uv: Python Packaging in Rust uv is an extremely fast Python package installer and resolver, designed as a drop in alternative to pip and pip tools. This post introduces you to uv and shows some of its performance numbers. Associated HN discussion....
Mike Driscoll: NEW COURSE: Automating Excel with Python on Udemy
   In Automating Excel with Python: Processing Spreadsheets with OpenPyXL, you will learn how to use Python to create, edit, or read Microsoft Excel documents using OpenPyXL. This course is based on the book, Automating Excel with Python by Michael Driscoll. Python is a versatile programming language....
Real Python: Unleashing the Power of the Console With Rich
   Python’s Rich package is a versatile tool kit that enables you to generate beautifully formatted and highlighted text in the console. It extends beyond this to help you build captivating text based user interfaces TUIs . But why opt for a TUI instead of a graphical user interface GUI There are...
Python Bytes: #372 uv - an impressive pip alternative
   lt;strong gt;Topics covered in this episode: lt; strong gt; lt;br gt; lt;ul gt; lt;li gt; lt;a href https: blog uv gt;uv: Python packaging in Rust lt; a gt; lt; li gt; lt;li gt; lt;a href https: davidbrochart ...
Zato Blog: Airport integrations in Python
   Airport integrations in Python , by Dariusz Suchojad Did you know you can use Python as an integration platform for your airport systems It’s Open Source too. From AODB, transportation, business operations and partner networks, to IoT, cloud and hybrid deployments, you can now use...
19  février     14h00
Real Python: Dependency Management With Python Poetry
   When your Python project relies on external packages, you need to make sure you’re using the right version of each package. After an update, a package might not work as it did before. A dependency manager like Python Poetry helps you specify, install, and resolve external packages in your projects....
Python GUIs: Plotting With PyQtGraph Create Custom Plots in PyQt6 With PyQtGraph
   One of the major fields where Python shines is in data science. For data exploration and cleaning, Python has many powerful tools, such as pandas and polar. For visualization, Python has Matplotlib. When you’re building GUI applications with PyQt, you can have access to all those tools directly...
ListenData: Pointwise mutual information (PMI) in NLP
   In this tutorial, we will explore Pointwise Mutual Information PMI , a valuable metric for identifying words that co occur. You will also learn how to implement PMI in Python and R. Table of Contents What is Pointwise mutual information PMI helps us to find related words. In other words, it...
Seth Michael Larson: Websites without servers or networking
   Websites without servers or networking About Blog Newsletter Links Websites without servers or networking Published...
18  février     12h54
Robin Wilson: How to create an x64 (Intel) conda environment on your Apple Silicon Mac (ARM) conda install
   I came across some conda packages that didn ;t work properly on my M Mac Apple Silicon ; ARM processor the other day. They installed fine, but gave segmentation faults when run. So, I wanted to run the x Intel versions of these packages instead. I haven ;t actually needed to...
17  février     15h07
TechBeamers Python: Difference Between 3 Python SQL Libraries
   Check out this short tutorial to check the difference between the Python SQL libraries that are used in Python to connect to SQL databases. There are mostly such libraries or call them adaptors namely sqlite , pymysql, and mysql connector python. Introduction About Python SQL Libraries In the...
16  février     19h06
TechBeamers Python: Python SQL Database Connection Guide
   Connecting Python with an SQL database is easy. First, you need to choose a database library like mysql connector python or sqlite . Next, import the library into your Python code and make a connection to your database by passing details like host, user, and password. Once the connection is...
Sumana Harihareswara - Cogito, Ergo Sumana: Celebrate Beautiful Soup's 20th Anniversary
   Celebrate Beautiful Soup’s th Anniversary
Real Python: The Real Python Podcast - Episode #192: Practical Python Decorator Uses & Avoiding datetime Pitfalls
   What are real life examples of using Python decorators How can you harness their power in your code Christopher Trudeau is back on the show this week, bringing another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects. Improve Your Python With Python Tricks ’ Get a short...
Programiz: Python List
   In this tutorial, we will learn about Python lists creating lists, changing list items, removing items, and other list operations with the help of examples.
15  février     20h27
PyCharm: PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 5: Model Cards for Hugging Face Models, Updates for the HTTP Client, and More
   Our new EAP build for PyCharm . is now available for you to download Packed with numerous new features and enhancements, PyCharm . EAP brings model cards for Hugging Face models and datasets, extended support for GitHub Actions, updates to the HTTP Client, and much more. We invite...
Python Insider: Python 3.13.0 alpha 4 is now available
   nbsp;Python . . alpha is now available: https: downloads release python a This is an early developer preview of Python . Major new features of the . series, compared to . Python . is still in development. This release, . . a , is the...
ListenData: How to use variable in a query in pandas
   Suppose you want to reference a variable in a query in pandas package in Python. This seems to be a straightforward task but it becomes daunting sometimes. Let’s discuss it with examples in the article below. Let’s create a sample dataframe having columns and rows. This dataframe is used for...
PyCon: Support PyLadies: Donate to the PyLadies Charity Auction at PyCon US 2024
   PyCon US is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to see all of you there This year, we are reaching out to our community to help support one of our favorite events: the PyLadies Charity Auction. We know our wonderful community is bursting with creative, artsy, and generous folks. That’s why...
Armin Ronacher: Rye Grows With UV
   Two weeks ago I asked the question again about What Rye should be. There has been one thing that I have not publicly shared before and that is that ever since Rye exists I have also been talking to Charlie Marsh about Python packaging and Python tooling. It turns out that we had some shared ideas...
Matt Layman: Algorithmic Art with Python
   In this talk, we’re going to start from nothing and build out our own tools for making art in Python, no AI needed We’ll show how Python’s expressiveness allows us to describe graphics elegantly and use that to make some unique art programmatically.