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12  juillet     19h14
PyPy: Finding Simple Rewrite Rules for the JIT with Z3
   In June I was at the PLDI conference in Copenhagen to present a paper I co authored with Max Bernstein. I also finally met John Regehr, who I’d been talking on social media for ages but had never met. John has been working on compiler correctness and better techniques for building compilers and...
Python Morsels: What are lists in Python?
   Lists are used to store and manipulate an ordered collection of things. Table of contents Lists are ordered collections Containment checking Length Modifying the contents of a list Indexing: looking up items by their position Lists are the first...
Peter Bengtsson: Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit with Python
   Starting at C, add to the Celcius and mirror the number to get the Fahrenheit number.
Python Software Foundation: Announcing Our New PyPI Support Specialist
   We are thrilled to announce that our first ever search for a dedicated PyPI Support Specialist has concluded with the hire of Maria Ashna, the newest member of the Python Software Foundation PSF staff. Reporting to Ee Durbin, Director of Infrastructure, Maria joins us from a background in...
Real Python: The Real Python Podcast - Episode #212: Digging Into Graph Theory in Python With David Amos
   Have you wondered about graph theory and how to start exploring it in Python What resources and Python libraries can you use to experiment and learn more This week on the show, former co host David Amos returns to talk about what he’s been up to and share his knowledge about graph theory in...
Talk Python to Me: #470: Python in Medicine and Patient Care
   Python is special. It’s used by the big tech companies but also by those you would rarely classify as developers. On this episode, we get a look inside how Python is being used at a Children’s Hospital to speed and improve patient care. We have Dr. Somak Roy here to share how he’s using Python in...
Matt Layman: Trial Banner Inclusion Tag - Building SaaS #195
   In this episode, we worked on a trial banner that could persist across all pages on the site. Because the banner needed data that was only available on the index page, we had to refactor the banner into an inclusion template tag to make the tag work consistently.
Quansight Labs Blog: Free-threaded CPython is ready to experiment with
   An overview of the ongoing efforts to improve and roll out support for free threaded CPython throughout the Python open source ecosystem
11  juillet     14h34
Python Software Foundation: Announcing Our New Infrastructure Engineer
   We are excited to announce that Jacob Coffee has joined the Python Software Foundation staff as an Infrastructure Engineer bringing his experience as an Open Source maintainer, dedicated homelab maintainer, and professional systems administrator to the team. Jacob will be the second member of our...
Nicola Iarocci: Microsoft MVP
   Last night, I was at an outdoor theatre with Serena, watching Anatomy of a Fall an excellent film . Outdoor theatres are becoming rare, which is a pity, and Arena del Sole is lovely with its strong vintage, s vibe. There’s little as pleasant as watching a film under the stars with your loved one...
Real Python: Quiz: Build a Blog Using Django, GraphQL, and Vue
   In this quiz, you’ll test your understanding of building a Django blog back end and a Vue front end, using GraphQL to communicate between them. You’ll revisit how to run the Django server and a Vue application on your computer at the same time. Improve Your Python With ...
Robin Wilson: Searching an aerial photo with text queries - a demo and how it works
   Summary: I ;ve created a demo web app where you can search an aerial photo of Southampton, UK using text queries such as quot;roundabout quot;, quot;tennis court quot; or quot;ship quot;. It uses vector embeddings to do this ; which I explain in this blog post. In this post I ;m...
10  juillet     14h00
Real Python: How Do You Choose Python Function Names?
   One of the hardest decisions in programming is choosing names. Programmers often use this phrase to highight the challenges of selecting Python function names. It may be an exaggeration, but there’s still a lot of truth in it. There are some hard rules you can’t break when naming Python functions...
Real Python: Quiz: Choosing the Best Font for Programming
   In this quiz, you’ll test your understanding of how to choose the best font for your daily programming. You’ll get questions about the technicalities and features to consider when choosing a programming font and refresh your knowledge about how to spot a high quality coding font. ...
09  juillet     19h30
PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #637 (July 9, 2024)
   JULY, View in Browser Python Grapples With Apple App Store Rejections A string that is part of the urllib parser module in Python references a scheme for apps that use the iTunes feature to install other apps, which is disallowed. Auto scanning by Apple is rejecting any app that...
Python Engineering at Microsoft: Python in Visual Studio Code - July 2024 Release
   We’re excited to announce the July release of the Python and Jupyter extensions for Visual Studio Code This release includes the following announcements: Enhanced environment discovery with python environment tools Improved support for reStructuredText docstrings with Pylance Community...
Real Python: Customize VS Code Settings
   Visual Studio Code, is an open source code editor available on all platforms. It’s also a great platform for Python development. The default settings in VS Code present a somewhat cluttered environment. This Code Conversation with instructor Philipp Acsany is about learning how to customize the...
Django Weblog: Django security releases issued: 5.0.7 and 4.2.14
   In accordance with our security release policy, the Django team is issuing releases for Django . . and Django . . . These releases address the security issues detailed below. We encourage all users of Django to upgrade as soon as possible. CVE : Potential denial of service in django...
Real Python: Quiz: Split Your Dataset With scikit-learn’s train test split()
   In this quiz, you’ll test your understanding of how to use train test split from the sklearn library. By working through this quiz, you’ll revisit why you need to split your dataset in supervised machine learning, which subsets of the dataset you need for an unbiased evaluation of your model, how...
Python Bytes: #391 A weak episode
   lt;strong gt;Topics covered in this episode: lt; strong gt; lt;br gt; lt;ul gt; lt;li gt; lt;a href https: mwilliamson python vendorize gt; lt;strong gt;Vendorize packages from PyPI lt; strong gt; lt; a gt; lt; li gt; lt;li gt; lt;a href https: blog ...
08  juillet     14h00
Real Python: Python News Roundup: July 2024
   Summer isn’t all holidays and lazy days at the beach. Over the last month, two important players in the data science ecosystem released new major versions. NumPy published version . , which comes with several improvements but also some breaking changes. At the same time, Polars reached its version...
Anwesha Das: Euro Python 2024
   It is July, and it is time for Euro Python, and is my first Euro Python. Some busy days are on the way. Like every other conference, I have my diary, and the conference days are full of various activities. Day of the main conference After a long time, I will give a legal talk. We are going...
Talk Python to Me: #469: PuePy: Reactive frontend framework in Python
   Python is one of the most popular languages of the current era. It dominates data science, it an incredible choice for web development, and its many people’s first language. But it’s not super great on front end programing, is it Frameworks like React, Vue and other JavaScript frameworks rule the...
Zato Blog: Integrating with WordPress and Elementor API webhooks
   Integrating with WordPress and Elementor API webhooks , by Dariusz Suchojad Overview Consider this scenario: You have a WordPress instance, possibly installed in your own internal network With WordPress, you use Elementor, a popular website builder A user fills out a form that you...
Wingware: Wing Python IDE Version 10.0.5 - July 8, 2024
   Wing . . adds support for running the IDE on arm Linux, updates the German language UI localization, changes the default OpenAI model to lower cost and better performing gpt o, and fixes several bugs. See the change log for details. Download Wing Now: Wing Pro Wing Personal Wing ...