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02  octobre     20h39
Sebastian Pölsterl: scikit-survival 0.22.0 released
   I am pleased to announce the release of scikit survival . . . The highlights for this release include Compatibility with scikit learn . . Missing value support for SurvivalTree. A reduced memory mode for RandomSurvivalForest, ExtraSurvivalTrees, and SurvivalTree. Support for predict cumulative...
Brian Okken: Python 3.12 AttributeError: module ’pkgutil’ has no attribute ’ImpImporter’. Did you mean: ’zipimporter’?
   Are you seeing AttributeError: ...ImpImporter ... when trying to test with tox and Python . If so, try: Creating your develompent venv with Python . Adding download true to your tox.ini run configurations, at least for the . one. Longer story but still not long I ran into this today...
Daniel Roy Greenfeld: TIL: Rich.console.status for slow processes
   For building CLI, there’s so much that rich provides that I can’t imagine not using it. Here’s adding a moving bar that updates: from time import sleep from rich.console import Console console Console with console.status bold red Starting... bold red, spinner bouncingBar as...
Stack Abuse: Python-Specific Design Patterns
   Introduction Up until now, we’ve covered Creational, Structural, and Behavioral design patterns. These foundational pillars have offered insights into crafting elegant, maintainable, and scalable Python applications. Yet, as we delve deeper into the nuances of Python, there emerge some design...
Real Python: Python 3.12: Cool New Features for You to Try
   Python . was published on October, . As usual, the new version comes out in October after lots of effort by volunteers worldwide. The new version comes with several new features and improvements that you’ll explore in this tutorial. You can also dive into the documentation to see a...
Python Insider: Python 3.11.6 is now available
   nbsp; This is the sixth maintenance release of Python . Python . . is the newest major release of the Python programming language, and it contains many new features and optimizations. Get it here:https: downloads release python Major new features of the . series,...
Mike Driscoll: PyDev of the Week: Sarah Boyce
   Can you tell us a little about yourself hobbies, education, etc : Hello, I ;m Sarah I am a British software developer based in Germany. I have enjoyed drawing portraits since I was little and nearly decided to study Art, but with some encouragement from my Dad, in the end I chose to study...
Python Insider: Python 3.12.0 (final) now available
   nbsp;Finally, it’s final The final release of Python . . final is here https: downloads release python This is the stable release of Python . . Python . . is the newest major release of the Python programming language, and it contains many new features and...
01  octobre     10h00
Zero to Mastery: Python Monthly Newsletter ’
   th issue of Andrei Neagoie’s must read monthly Python Newsletter: why did Python win, hidden Python features, and much more. Read the full newsletter to get up to date with everything you need to know from last month.
Tryton News: Newsletter October 2023
   Photo: Pexels, Charles Parker Very soon, in just one month time, at the very beginning of November we’ll be publishing our next Long Term Supported LTS release of Tryton, version . . So please test the current release, version . , or the actual developments from our repositories. In the last...
30  septembre     05h59
Kay Hayen: Nuitka Release 1.8
   This is to inform you about the new stable release of Nuitka. It is the extremely compatible Python compiler, download now . Bug Fixes Standalone: Added support for opentelemetry package. Added in . . already. Reports: Fix, do not report plugin influence when there are not no auto follow in...
29  septembre     16h41
Stack Abuse: Behavioral Design Patterns in Python
   Introduction We’ve previously delved into Structural and Creational design patterns, and this section focuses on another vital category Behavioral Design Patterns. ...
Real Python: The Real Python Podcast - Episode #174: Considering ChatGPT’s Technical Review of a Programming Book
   What can you learn from feeding an entire book on Python programming into ChatGPT and asking it to provide a technical review What are the potential pitfalls of using an LLM as a learning tool This week on the show, author Al Sweigart talks about his recent experiments using ChatGPT and Python....
Talk Python to Me: #431: Visualizing CPython Release Process
   Every year Python has a new major release. This year it’s Python . and it’ll come out on October, . That’s days from when this episode was published. There is quite process involved to test, build, and ship Python across many platforms and channels. We have Seth Michael Larson here to...
PyPy: PyPy v7.3.13 release
   PyPy v . . : release of python . , . , and . The PyPy team is proud to release version . . of PyPy. This is primarily a security bug fix release. CPython released security patches, and this release also improves the ability to use type specifications via PyType FromSpec and friends. There...
28  septembre     16h40
Sumana Harihareswara - Cogito, Ergo Sumana: A Celebration of My Friend, Dr. Mel Chua
   A Celebration of My Friend, Dr. Mel Chua
PyCharm: Building APIs With Django REST Framework
   In this Django REST framework tutorial, you will create a rental platform API. The tutorial demonstrates how to use Python and Django REST framework in PyCharm to develop APIs. By the time you complete the tutorial, you will be able to answer the following questions: What are Django REST...
TechBeamers Python: Floating Point Numbers in Python
   Floating point numbers are a fundamental data type in Python used to represent real numbers. They represent a wide range of values, from very small numbers to very large numbers. For example, the number . is a floating point number. Floating point numbers in Python are available as the...
Stack Abuse: Fix Error xlrd.biffh.XLRDError: Excel xlsx file; not supported
   Introduction Python has a rich ecosystem of libraries that make it an ideal language for data analysis. One of those libraries is pandas, which simplifies the process of reading and writing data between in memory data structures and different file formats. However, while working with Excel files...
Wingware: Wing Python IDE Version 9.1.2 - September 28, 2023
   Wing . . improves auto import, fixes debugger support for mingw Windows Python builds, correctly creates projects when multiple Wing windows have been opened, fixes auto editing inside f strings, optimizes updating the Testing tool, and makes about other improvements. See the change log for...
Matt Layman: Deploy to Heroku - Building SaaS with Python and Django #171
   In this episode, we did the work to deploy the site to Heroku to make the site live. We configured the production site, fixed some missing settings, and connected to the relevant DNS configuration.
27  septembre     14h00
Real Python: Python 3.12 Preview: Static Typing Improvements
   Python’s support for static typing gradually improves with each new release of Python. The core features were in place in Python . . Since then, there’ve been many tweaks and improvements to the type hinting system. This evolution continues in Python ., which, in particular, simplifies the...
Python Software Foundation: Python Developers Survey Numbers for 2022
   We are excited to announce the results of the sixth official annual Python Developers Survey. This work is done each year as a collaborative effort between the Python Software Foundation and JetBrains. Late last year, more than , Python developers and enthusiasts from almost countries...
PyCharm: PyCharm 2023.3 Early Access Program Is Open
   UI UX Enhancements, Support for PEP , and More The Early Access Program for PyCharm . kicks off today, offering you a sneak peek of the exciting new features and improvements we expect to include in the next major release. If you’re not familiar with how the EAP works, please read...
Anarcat: How big is Debian?
   Now this was quite a tease For those who haven’t seen it, I encourage you to check it out, it has a nice photo of a Debian t shirt I did not know about, to quote the Fine Article: Today, when going through a box of old T shirts, I found the shirt I was looking for to bring to the occasion: ... ...