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25  novembre     02h06
Voices From the Eyrie 26 City of Stone Part Two
GregXB    Available on Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Amazon Audible Spotify and your podcatcher of choice Follow us on Twitter at FromEyrieVisit Jennifer L Anderson s online stores at Angel Wings and Demon TailsVisit Greg Weisman at Ask GregEverything you ever wanted to know about Gargoyles at
24  novembre     16h08
Sal Buscema Era Podcast Episode 11: Spectacular Spider-Man #146 and Web of Spider-Man #47
Chris Denmead    WELCOME to the INFERNO In the Marvel Universe Mr Sinister Goblin Queen Human Sacrifice Baby Sacrifice Clone Nonsense Under Boob Costumes S ym and N astirh Baby Cable Hobgoblins and more BUT we cover the Spider part of inferno and joining me for this episode is The Mayday Cosplayer form
11  novembre     01h14
Voices From the Eyrie 25 City of Stone Part One
GregXB    Greg Weisman discusses this monumental four parter with us its origins as a direct to video pitch Marina Sirtis tremendous performance who and what the Weird Sisters are discovering the true history of Macbeth and so much more And it s only Part One We also discuss the latest developments
04  novembre     04h03
Sal Buscema Era Podcast Ep 10: Spectacular # 145
Chris Denmead    On this weeks episode of Spectacular Sal we talk about Peter on tour for his book and running into his future roommate The Boomerange in the second part of this two part adventure Yes these two eventually become roommates in Nick Spencor run on Spider Man weird stuff The Boomerang Return
28  octobre     01h00
Voices From the Eyrie 24 Vows
GregXB    Dynamite Entertainment editor Nate Cosby joins us to discuss the upcoming Gargoyles comic book Nate and Greg tease the first arc discuss their hopes for the comic as well as how it came about in the first place Their process in how they cooperate is explained as we await the Continue reading
15  octobre     19h42
Make Mine Mayday Episode 37: Spider-Girl 9-12 Audio Edition
Zach Joiner    Zach and Kelly are back to talk about what is many people s first foray into the Amazing Spider Girl issue arc starring everyone s favorite homicidal manic CARNAGE This time will the Symbiote cause the chaos that it s known for What lasting effects will we see out of this arc What
Spideydude Experience Episode 49 Audio Edition: Amazing Spider-Man 903
Zach Joiner    Zach and the crew return to discuss the latest news of the day including MCU Announcements New Marvel Legends the D Panel And the Gang Reviews ASM Continue reading
14  octobre     11h43
Make Mine Mayday Episode 36: Fantastic Five (2007) 1-5 Audio Edition
Zach Joiner    THE FINAL DOOM What will the team of the Fantastic Five do when Doom Returns Is Johnny leaving What happened to Franklin Just how did Ben Grimm get those Shiny armored plates Let s dive right into it with Kelly McDaniel and Zach Joiner Join them as they talk about this Continue reading
Spideydude Experience Episode 48: Amazing Spider-Man 901 & 902
Zach Joiner    Zach Neil Paul and Adam are back together to talk about this new arc Norman is helping Peter What about this new suit What s going on A Marvel Legends Update with a new pack What else is coming Join the team on this new episode Join the Discord https discord gg AwCMTyuJkj Facebook
Voices From the Eyrie 23 Eye Of the Beholder
GregXB    Writer Steve Perry joins us to discuss his career writing this episode and his involvement with a little Lucasfilm project titled Shadows of the Empire He and Greg Weisman than discuss developing Xanatos and Fox s relationship while further developing Goliath and Elisa s The gorgeous