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01  mars     09h00
Panel of the Day #1537
Adam Schingle    It would be a simpler, more humble life for sure. Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider Man Vol. Published: c. September, Cover Date: December, By the Light of the Silvery Moonstone Plot: Roger
Podcast #818-Spider-History The Death of Jean Dewolff
Brad Douglas    JR takes us back to and looks at the classic Death of Jean DeWolff. It took place in Spectacular Spider Man . If you’d like to see the video recording of this episode, here is
MARCO SPEAKS SPIDEY: Women of Marvel (2024) #1 REVIEW
Marco Manalac    Happy Women’s Month to all It’s a great way to start March, since we’ve got so many titles to look forward to this month. Coming from the Madame Web movie last Valentine’s Day, centering on
Read’s Reads Amazing Spider-Man #44 Gang War Conclusion
ryan3178    I review the final Gang War stories for Amazing Spider Man and it’s tie ins. While there is some great art work, the story itself falls apart from lack of actually plot. Really not much happens
28  février     08h00
Collectors For 2-28-24
Eddie deAngelini    Collectors New Comic Wednesday Get the NEW Collectors Annual now at
Podcast #817- Spider-Satellites Patreon Exclusive
Brad Douglas    This episode is a patreon exclusive episode. If you would like to listen to it, sign up here.https: crawlspaceWe review the following books:
26  février     18h30
Spider-Variants of the Week 2 28 24
Mohammed    What Variant Will You Be Picking Up This Week CRAWLSPACE PREVIEWS
Panel(s) of the Day #1536 (Mary Jane Monday )
Adam Schingle    That Gwen kiss That Mary Jane comment Amazing Spider Man Vol. Published: c. February, Cover Date: April, The Schemer Writer: Stan Lee Artist: John Romita Inker: Mike Esposito Letterer: Sam Rosen
24  février     05h46
Spider-Previews 02-28-24
Brad Douglas    Marvel sent over previews for Spidey books coming out on . What will you be picking up
22  février     16h44
The Chi✠Town Breakdown: USM #2 (2024)
Chi-Town Spidey    So Peter WILLINGLY got bit by a radioactive spider and gained spider powers. Are these powers different or similar to the spider powers we know of Will Peter start dawning his traditional red and blues soon Has