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07  décembre     03h11
Read’s Reads Amazing Spider-man #39 933
ryan3178    I review the next part of the Gang War storyline in Amazing Spider Man . After reading the book, I have to say I am very impressed, I really enjoyed the issue. The only thing that
Alford Notes: ASM #39 Gang War
Mark Alford    It’s Gang War Time Finally this issue has more street level fighting than you can shake a stick at There’s no sense in us dilly dallying here roll the opening credits Credit Where Credit
06  décembre     08h00
Collectors 12-6-23: Eddie the Hutt
Eddie deAngelini    Collectors New Comic Wednesday Don’t mind me, I like to bulk up around the holidays. Get the NEW Collectors Annual now at
04  décembre     18h35
Spider-Variants of the Week 12 6 23
Mohammed    What Variant Will You Be Picking Up This Week CRAWLSPACE PREVIEWS EXTRA SPIDER VARIANTS OF THE WEEK Thunderbolts by Derrick Chew :
MARCO SPEAKS SPIDEY: Spider-Woman (2023) #1
Marco Manalac    It feels like forever since I was able to read another good series starring Spider Woman. And it is the perfect way to end the year with a bang, and start a new one ahead. This
03  décembre     06h08
Spider-Previews 12-06-23
Brad Douglas    Marvel sent over previews of Spidey books hitting the stands on , what will you be picking up
01  décembre     15h39
Mary Jane Jackpot & Black Cat Team-Up Once Again in New 4-Issue Mini
Mohammed    Source: Marvel This March, Celeste Bronfman and Emilio Laiso spin a twisty tale of mystery, drama, and revenge for Marvel’s luckiest heroes in Jackpot and Black Cat.’ Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane Watson have always had more in
Tom DeFalco & Pat Olliffe Discuss Secret Wars at 40 Saturday at 7pm Cenral
Brad Douglas    I hope you all can join us Saturday at pm central. DeFalco and Olliffe live talking about Secret Wars at and their new mini series.
Podcast #808-Spider-Satellites Patreon Exclusive
Brad Douglas    This episode is available exclusively on our patreon page. Sign up and receive this and many more perks by supporting our show.https: crawlspaceWe review the following books in this episode. You also get some thoughts on
30  novembre     21h20
Craig’s Critique: Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War First Strike #1: Gang War, Huh, Yeah, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Everything or First Strike, Second Ball
Hornacek    Hey, it’s Gang War time Stop, come back, no more teasing about how Gang War is coming it’s finally here And did somebody say I want some one shots in my comicbook events No Well,