Diversions Of The Groovy Kind
19  février     05h02
Still Truckin’ Sad Sack in The Grudge
   p Greetings, Groove-ophiles Ol’ Groove is just checking in to reassure everyone that he (and DotGK) are alive and well--just buuuuuussssaaayy p p Writing lettering promoting your own comics it pretty time-consuming, but I love it It’s a great escape from work, Covid, and all the...
01  janvier     05h02
Rocking in the New Year With the Partridge Family (Or, Welcome, 2021 What Took You So Long?)
   p Happy New Year, Groove-ophiles I know the messes of 2020 didn’t disappear like Cinderella’s ballgown when the clock struck twelve, but at least we have a clean slate starting today Let’s enjoy--and make the most of--it p p We’re gonna celebrate here in Groove City with the comic...
18  décembre     05h02
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, 2020
   p Like the title says, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Groove-ophiles 2020 has been some year, but we’ve made it to the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, so let’s celebrate And how better to celebrate here in Groove City than to look back at the wonderfulness of yesteryear? Remember...