Zok Pow
10  mai     20h51
Conan the Barbarian #122 (1981)
poliwogg    Conan is caught between two warring magicians, each seeking the other’s half of the Amulet of Astorte. A typical day in the Hyborian Age. Current collection
07  mai     17h36
Dick Tracy Meets Rod Bender (1966)
poliwogg    Ad story and art by Chester Gould
05  mai     15h47
The Brave and the Bold #168 (1980)
poliwogg    This team-up has all the craziness you want in a B & B comic mysterious crimes, Green Arrow’s impossible trick arrows, Batman escaping certain death, hypnotism, plus a bonus Nemesis story. The great cover is by Jim Aparo. Current collection
03  mai     18h41
Walt Disney Comics Digest #46 (1974)
poliwogg    This digest includes Golden Age and Silver Age reprints from Dell Four Color #331, #965, #1053, and #1057, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #191, #232 and #233, Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Fun Book #2, Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge #61, Lassie #37 and a True Life Adventures story from the syndicated...
30  avril     17h32
The Mighty Thor King-Size Special #3 (1971)
poliwogg    Thor reveals his secret identity to Jane Foster, but she doesn’t believe him (reprinted from Journey Into Mystery #113). Also included are several Tales of Asgard from Journey Into Mystery #107-#110, and the origin of the Absorbing Man from Journey Into Mystery #114. Current collection
28  avril     18h03
Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975)
poliwogg    This animated TV show was supposed to be a Saturday morning cartoon spin-off for kids. It turned out to be something very different. This animated cartoon was the final installment of the original Planet of the Apes series which included five movies (Planet of the Apes 1968, Beneath the Planet of...
26  avril     17h04
The Shadow #3 (1974)
poliwogg    The Shadow and his allies must infiltrate a prison where a crime kingpin has taken over. Bernie Wrightson did the inking, and you can see his influence on the artwork. (I suspect he ignored some of Kaluta’s pencil lines.) This story was included in The Private Files of the Shadow. Both are in my...