Marvel noise podcast
08  mai     18h05
Marvel Noise Episode 366
Steve Raker    Steve, Andrew & Kevin delve into some Recent Reads, including the Morbius: Bond of Blood one-shot, the 1st four issue of Marvel Chillers, Non-Stop Spider-Man #1, Daredevil #28, X-Men: Legends #1, and out of the Bronze-Age, Marvel Team-Up #129-130 (featuring Spidey with The Vision and Scarlet Witch ...
24  avril     13h28
Marvel Noise Episode 365
Steve Raker    We’ve got a Bronze Age Binge of Fantastic Four #94 (1st appearance of Agatha Harkness) and Marvel Premiere #28 (1st Legion of Monsters), then Andrew, Kevin and Steve present our 10th installment covering the New Warriors, this time diving deep on issues #26-28, featuring fallout from the Infinity...
02  avril     19h29
Marvel Noise Episode 364
Steve Raker    Steve, Andrew and Kevin cover Amazing Spider-Man #123-125, give an update on the good’ King in Black event books, revisit some issues of What If from both the ’80s and ’90s, and Kevin sells us all on the current Phoenix arc occurring in Jason Aaron’s Avengers title #MN364 marvelnoise
19  mars     20h39
Marvel Noise Episode 363
Steve Raker    This episode features a lengthy Recent Reads Roundtable where Kevin, Andrew and Steve share the Guardians of the Galaxy, King in Black event, Black Cat, What If: Conan?, Eternals, Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, and thoughts on the first 5 episodes of WandaVision before exploring the Spring 1967...
20  février     20h26
Marvel Noise Episode 362
Steve Raker    We’re back with a Recent Reads-O’-Rama including some King In Black-related titles, X-Force 16, Guardians of the Galaxy 9, and first thoughts on WandaVision Then The Flash makes a rare appearance in the Marvel Universe during the great race in Quasar 17, and Captain Marvel 50 changes Marv and Rick...
05  février     18h45
Marvel Noise Episode 361
Steve Raker    Steve brings forth the Ghost Rider’s appearances alongside Spider-Man in Marvel Team-Up, then Andrew leads Kevin & Steve through a 9th installment revisiting the New Warriors series, this time with the 1992 Annuals crossover with the Spider-Man Titles&.it’s an all Team-Up episode of Marvel Noise ...
15  janvier     20h48
Marvel Noise Episode 360
Steve Raker    It’s the very first Marvel Noise Cool-O-Meter, followed by a Recent Reads Roundtable that includes King-Size Conan, S.W.O.R.D., Runaways, Marvel, and Stan Lee: A Life in Comics before Steve, Andrew and Kevin finish up the back nine with a Bronze Age Binge on Ghost Rider 35, Amazing Spider-Man 141...
31  décembre     00h27
Marvel Noise Episode 359
Steve Raker    For our last episode of 2020, Steve, Andrew & Kevin’s Bronze-Age Binge features Moon Knight alongside The Defenders in issues #46-51 (which includes the first appearances of The Zodiac and The Ringer) and the Happy Iron Man of Iron Man #82-83 John Byrne’s X-Men Elsewhen, final thoughts on the X...
19  décembre     22h58
Marvel Noise Episode 358
Steve Raker    It’s our 8th foray into New Warriors history, this time with issues #22-25 Then Kevin & Steve wrap up with some recent reads, including Conan, Web of Venom Wraith, Web of Venom Empyre’s End, the Marvel Monograph art books&and Steve dives into the X of Swords’ X-Men event #MN358 marvelnoise
10  décembre     16h39
Marvel Noise Episode 357
Steve Raker    After an unintended sabbatical since Halloween, Steve, Kevin & Andrew are back with the first of 3 weekly episodes to finish out 2020. It’s a Bronze Age Binge with Marvel Two-In-One #50, 100, & 52, followed by a Recent Reads Roundtable of current comics that includes first thoughts on the X of...