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18  juillet     13h52
The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel: Petals to the Metal Live & Virtual
   Join Clint, Justin, Travis, & Griffin McElroy and Carey Pietsch as they premiere their new Adventure Zone graphic novel: Petals to the Metal, live on July 17 at 8:00 PM ET 5:00 PM PT. Follow the conversation by using #TAZGNLive on Twitter leading up to and during the event on July 17
28  juin     18h30
NYCC Panel QTPOC Art in Revolutionary Times 2020 06 26 at 13 11 GMT 7
   It’s hard to tell how history will look back on the moment we’re living through now, but it feels fair to say that 2020 has already been a year like no other. In the midst of a global pandemic and national conversations on white supremacy & police brutality, the movement for Black...
27  juin     15h00
Cosplay With Pride
   LGBTQ cosplayers from around the country talk feelings on Pride week, Cosplay, and experiences with cosplaying. This amazing group offer fabulous Cosplay tips and heartfelt thoughts on being your unique self through costuming. Cosplayers featured in this video (instagram handles): ...
Scream, Queen My Nightmare on Elm St.
   Some have called it the ’gayest horror movie ever made,’ but for Mark Patton, the star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, it was anything but a dream come true. 35 years after its initial release, Patton sets the record straight about the controversial sequel and the experience...
26  juin     11h26
The Growing Pains of LGBTQ Representation in Games
   Games media is in a transitional phase when it comes to LGBTQ representation. There’s missteps and triumphs, push back for both commercializing representation and not having enough of it. When studio goals meet audience expectations, what qualifies as a success? Join narrative designers Sisi...
Queerators: LGBQT Stories in Comics in the Mainstream
   A panel brought to you by AfterShock Comics about the struggle of appealing to a broader audience without decentering queer narratives and characters. The tension between wanting to reach a broader audience, but still wanting to tell queer stories and the tension that can sometimes create within...
25  juin     10h04
Creator Roundtable featuring Vita Ayala, Tini Howard, & Leah Williams
   A discussion of X-Men and other texts Vita, Tini, and Leah have found formative and how that has influenced their work, contemporary comics, and what changes panel members would like to see in the future of the comics industry. http: Get Vita Ayala’s book Marvel Action: Black Panther...
24  juin     10h20
Queer Voices in Magical Worlds
   From birds of prey to ominous black doors, the magical worlds created by Anna-Marie McLemore (DARK AND DEEPEST RED), A.M. Strickland (BEYOND THE BLACK DOOR), Alex London (THE SKYBOUND SAGA), and Aiden Thomas (CEMETERY BOYS) are both intense and enchanting. Join these four prominent YA authors as...
23  juin     16h00
Pride in Comics: Teaching Graphic Novels with LGBTQ Representation
   Diversity in gender and sexual identity has always been an important socio-political issue. As more and more teachers seek to broaden the representation in their choice of instructional texts as well as those housed in their classroom libraries, guidance is often needed to approach the pedagogy...
LGBTQ Voices in Middle Grade & YA
   Join Jessi Zabarsky (Witchlight), Trung Le Nguyen (The Magic Fish) Terry Blas (Hotel Dare), and Claudia Aguirre (Hotel Dare) as they discuss writing graphic novels for younger audiences, the importance of LGBTQ voices and stories, and creating worlds both magical and real. Moderated by Samantha...
22  juin     21h00
Nerds Know LGBTQ in Japan
   At a glance, it seems like Japan has made a lot of progress in LGBTQ areas. After all, with the popularity of shows like Yuri on Ice how can things not be better? In this panel, Jan Geshem Verle will take us through an extensive look at current affairs in Japan and compares them to what’s...
16  juin     00h00
Duncan Jones & Alex de Campi - Live Q&A
   Tune in live to an exclusive Q&A with acclaimed director Duncan Jones and award-winning comic creator Alex de Campi as they discuss the creation of their new graphic novel Madi: Once Upon a Time in the Future Moderated by comedian and author Mitch Benn. See the kickstarter and download the...
29  mai     10h51
Drawing 101 with Andy Price
   Learn to draw from My Little Pony artist Andy Price Pick up some of Andy’s work on Bookshop & support local bookstores: https: lists andy-price
22  mai     04h03
Drawing 101 with Sara Richard
   Sara Richard, cover artist on My Little Pony, Bob’s Burgers, Jem and the Holograms, Rick & Morty and more will be hosting a Drawing 101 perfect for kids and aspiring artists to follow along with Share your drawings with her sararichard on twitter and sararichardart on instagram Check out...
20  mai     12h13
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Florida Supercon
   Five years ago today CD Projekt Red gave us The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, one of the best role-playing games ever made. Join the Florida Supercon team as they explore the Continent and discover surprises through the footsteps of Geralt of Rivia Buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt here: 36cY1QJ