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14  mai     19h30
History of John Stewart (Green Lantern)
   Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video Head to http: variantcomics to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. Today on Variant, we give you the comic book History of John Stewart Green Lantern Recommended Episode: How Powerful Is Green Lantern? - https:
12  mai     16h45
The New Suicide Squad
   Today on Variant, we give you a look at the New Suicide Squad team introduced in Suicide Squad 1 and 2 Join Arris as he moderates the Creating SKYBOUND X panel with Robert Kirkman for the Skybound Xpo Friday, May 14th 12:45pm PT - https: xpo Recommended Episode: History of...
09  mai     16h45
Alternate Versions Of Professor X
   Today on Variant, we breakdown some of the Alternate Versions of Professor X to appear in Marvel Comics through the years Recommended Episode: How Powerful is Professor X? - https: WcIP-xfx3Fw Alternate Versions of Wolverine - https: pGdlESm-ww Subscribe to the Podcast...
07  mai     17h38
SHADOWMAN: Hell Breaks Loose
   Today on Variant, we return to Valiant’s new SHADOWMAN title by giving you the conclusion of issue #1 AND and Exclusive first look at issue #2 Read The Full Shadowman Issues for Yourself here: SHADOWMAN #1 (Available Now) - https: 3tu51m0 SHADOWMAN #2 (Digital Pre-Order) - https:
04  mai     18h38
Darth Vader’s Revenge
   May the 4th Be With you Today on Variant, we celebrate Star Wars Day with a breakdown of Darth Vader #1, where we find the dark Lord of the Sith seeking revenge on everyone who hid his son Luke from him Recommended Episode: History Of Darth Vader - https: 27gvE5Gg64g Darth Vader VS...
02  mai     16h45
Jim Gordon Is Hired To Kill The Joker
   Today on Variant, we bring you the first two issues of DC’s solo Joker title, where we find Jim Gordon being approached by a mysterious woman who wants him to hunt down and end the Joker once and for all Come hang out with us on Instagram for a live unboxing of Hot Toy’s Punisher War Machine...
30  avril     16h59
History of The Super Saiyan
   Get Crunchyroll Ad Free for 14-days Sign up at http: variantcomics Today on Variant, we dive into one of the most popular Anime series of all time, with the History of The Super Saiyan Recommended Episode: History of Goku - https: 8OJgQhACoL4 History of...
28  avril     23h46
Nightwing Becomes A Billionaire
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25  avril     16h45
Odin Returns To Asgard
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23  avril     23h59
History of Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
   Today on Variant, we give you the History of Scorpion, one of Mortal Kombat’s most most notorious fighters Recommended Episode: Mortal Kombat Fatality Effect - https: 7LY-5Vhj29c Maestro Hulk Is Defeated? - https: AGfky5Gmk5w Subscribe to the Podcast YouTube Channel: http...
22  avril     00h23
The New Green Ranger’s Identity Revealed
   Today on Variant, we break down issues 1-5 of the current Mighty Morphin title from BOOM Studios, where the New Green Ranger finally reveals his identity to the world Recommended Episode: Rise Of The New Green Ranger - https: 46Rf7 hoZPQ Subscribe to the Podcast YouTube Channel: http...
18  avril     16h45
Maestro Hulk Is Defeated?
   Install Raid for Free ✠IOS: https: teHpDC ✠ANDROID: https: 817T3U ✠PC: https: sQq8uE and get a special starter pack ’ Available only for the next 30 days Today on Variant, we return to the Maestro: War & Pax mini-series with issues 3 and 4, where...
16  avril     16h45
Batman: Scarecrow Reveals New Powers
   Today on Variant, we return to DC’s Batman title with issues 106 and 107, where we see Batman working with new sidekicks, and Scarecrow revealing frightening new abilities Recommended Episode: Batman Reveals Ghost-Maker’s Origin - https: cnYeJ0XSKkc DC Reveals The Infinite Frontier -...
14  avril     20h06
The Toxin Symbiote Finds A New Host
   Go to https: variant for 15% off your order Brought to you by Raycon. Today on Variant, we wrap up our coverage of the King in Black tie-in mini-series, "Planet of the Symbiotes", with issue #3 where we see Toxin return and find a new host Recommended Episode: Knull...
11  avril     16h45
Venom Becomes The Most Powerful Marvel Hero
   Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video Head to http: variantcomics to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. Today on Variant, we conclude Marvel’s epic King in Black event with Venom #34 and King in Black #5, where we get several big reveals and we see Venom become...