Adventures in poor taste
11  mai     16h44
Image Comics signals The Department of Truth’ is on the hunt for Bigfoot
David Brooke    The Department of Truth’ #10 and #11 track cryptids
DC First Look: Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1
AIPT    The Clownhunter one-shot is set to debut on August 17th.
Exclusive Humanoids Preview: The Mask of Fudo Vol. 3: Fire: Book 2
AIPT    Set in the same feudal Japanese world of ’Legend of the Scarlet Blades’ and ’Izuna.’
Chris Roberson talks murder and mystery in A Sarah Jewell Mystery’
Ronnie Gorham    A whodunit murder mystery with an unexpected twist.
Sleeping Beauties’ Vol. 1 HC review
Colin Moon    Despite some narrative stumbling and confusion, Sleeping Beauties Vol 1 manages to outlast its own novelty.
Wonder Woman’ #772 reveals the series’ first flaws and best surprises
Ryan Perry    Wonder Woman: Afterworlds’ is the most exciting Diana story in a decade.
Superman’ #31 continues Jon Kent’s rehabilitation tour in Infinite Frontier
Ryan Perry    Johnson, Godlewski and Rapmund deliver a side-adventure integral to the re-development of Jon Kent as a prominent character.
Olivia Cuartero-Briggs on building the world of Silver City’
Chris Coplan    The new gritty fantasy series involves the afterlife, a kidnapping, and superpowers.
AfterShock First Look: God of Tremors
David Brooke    God of Tremors’ is a 19th Century gothic horror of exorcism, demonic worship and epilepsy.
Karmen’ #3 is special in its lovely, immaculate vibrancy
Colin Moon    Karmen #3 continues its delectable tale, but finally comes to a violent head.