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01  décembre     16h00
Ready Player Two Review
Tom Jorgensen    While not without some effective elements, Ready Player Two is a huge disappointment for fans of the original novel.
24  août     15h45
Dungeons & Dragons Announces New Book and Fall Event
Jon Ryan    The D&D team reveals an online community event in September and a new sourcebook soon to follow.
22  août     17h35
Cheetah Explained: Who Is the Wonder Woman 1984 Villain?
Jesse Schedeen    We break down everything you need to know about the Cheetah, who is appearing in Wonder Woman 1984 as played by Kristen Wiig.
18  août     18h20
Batman: The Court of Owls Explained
Kelly Knox    The next Batman game revealed this weekend at FanDome might feature the Court of Owls, and we’ve got an explainer of who they are for you.
26  juin     14h05
Read a Free Excerpt of Dwarf Story, by W. W. Marplot
IGN Entertainment Staff    The new book Dwarf Story brings a Lord of the Rings vibe to... the suburbs. Check out this free excerpt from the story by W. W. Marplot, exclusively on IGN.
08  mai     11h50
Concept Artist Discusses Those Cancelled Zelda and Mario Spin-Offs
Joe Skrebels    Retro was in pre-production on Sheik and Boo games, but it’s unlikely Nintendo saw much of them before they were canned.
07  avril     15h00
Tom King’s 12 Comics to Read While You’re Sheltered in Place
Tom King    Tom King, the writer of Batman, Vision and Mister Miracle shares his list of comics worth reading while sheltered in place.
01  avril     15h00
Best Batman Comics on ComiXology Unlimited
Joshua Yehl    From revered classics to modern hits, these are the best Batman comics currently available to read on ComiXology Unlimited.
26  mars     15h00
Campaign for New Marvel vs. DC Crossover Builds Momentum
Joshua Yehl    After writer Gail Simone presented the idea of another Marvel and DC crossover on social media, professional comic book creators have been excitedly supporting the idea by suggesting fun character team-ups.
29  février     17h00
Star Wars - The High Republic Is Just What the Franchise Needs
Jesse Schedeen    The Star Wars publishing line is blazing a new path, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come in The High Republic.
25  février     04h43
Lucasfilm Reveals Star Wars: The High Republic Publishing-Led Initiative
Adam Bankhurst    Star Wars: The High Republic is a new series of interconnected adult and young adult novels, children’s books, and comics that will explore the era that takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace.
20  février     02h32
Wolverine’s New Comic Was Worth the Wait
Jesse Schedeen    Marvel finally gives Wolverine his own monthly comic again, and it does justice to this iconic mutant hero.
23  janvier     14h00
Want to Read Guardians of the Galaxy? Start Here
Jesse Schedeen    Marvel Comics has relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy once again, and there’s never been a better time to hop on board the series.
18  janvier     15h45
The Top Selling Comic of the Decade Wasn’t About Superheroes
Matt Fowler    What took home the prize for best selling comic of the 2010s? It wasn’t Spider-Man or Batman.
09  janvier     18h22
DC’s Flagship Batman Series Charts a Darker Course for 2020
Jesse Schedeen    A new creative team takes the reins of DC’s core Batman comic, but can they live up to the series’ high standard?
19  décembre     19h24
Batman #85 Review
Jesse Schedeen    The final chapter of Tom King’s epic Batman run serves as a fitting and emotional epilogue.
05  décembre     01h21
Batman #84 Review
Jesse Schedeen    The penultimate chapter of Tom King’s Batman takes a novel and enjoyable approach to fleshing out the history of Flashpoint’s Thomas Wayne.
28  novembre     02h33
Venom #20 Review: An Essential Absolute Carnage Epilogue
Jesse Schedeen    Venom #20 explores the fallout of the Absolute Carnage crossover while teasing exciting new developments for several key characters.
27  novembre     23h04
X-Force Is Now Marvel’s Most Important X-Men Comic
Jesse Schedeen    The second chapter of X-Force cements the series’ status as the most important title in the Dawn of X lineup.
21  novembre     01h01
Captain Marvel vs. Thor Ends in Grisly Fashion
Joshua Yehl    Captain Marvel #12 sees Dark Captain Marvel battle Thor Odinson -- and the battle ends in a bloodier fashion than anyone could have predicted.