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DND: 2nd Level Spells to Avoid CBR
Brenton Stewart    In Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd level spell slots can be a valuable asset. Unfortunately, too many players waste them with the game’s worst options.
Boruto’s 10 Closest Friends, Ranked CBR
Amber Boutwell    What’s a shonen protagonist without a group of buddies to go on adventures together?
Final Space: Ash Struggles With Fox’s Death CBR
Zeid Abughazaleh    After a devastating loss, Ash crosses the cosmos in hopes of comfort and closure in the latest episode of Final Space.
Hunter X Hunter: 5 Ways The Hunter Association Is A Force For Good (& 5 It Isn’t)
David Zimmerman    The Hunter Association plays a pivotal role and is a big influence in the Hunter X Hunter world. Here’s how they’re both a force for good and bad.
Lupin Part 2 Trailer Announces Netflix Premiere Date CBR
Sandy Schaefer    Netflix releases a full-length trailer for Lupin Part 2, confirming the French crime thriller will begin streaming new episodes in June.
Final Space: Gary Learns the Truth About Avocato and Little Cato
Zeid Abughazaleh    While mourning the loss of a teammate, Final Space’s Avocato reveals his greatest regret to Gary, and it ends violently.
Moriarty the Patriot: Sherlock Is Closer Than Ever To Understanding William
Hannah Collins    In Moriarty the Patriot, Sherlock Holmes’ observation of the Jack the Ripper case leads him to an important deduction about his rival.
RE-MAIN: MAPPA’s Water Polo Anime’s Summer Release Date Surfaces
lydia-livecchi    Upcoming MAPPA water sports anime RE-MAIN announces its cast and crew, a new key visual and an official release date for later this summer.
God of War: Kratos Will Fight a Monster Bigger Than Hraezlyr
Amer Sawan    God of War’s Kratos has experience killing giant monsters, but his trip to Egypt has pitted him against his largest foe to date.
10 Times Futurama Was Legitimately Smart CBR
Julian Prestia    Over the course of its more than 100 episodes, Futurama demonstrated that it had some really clever ideas and used real science.
Star Wars: 10 Ways Padmé’s Character Was Ruined CBR
Lillie Busch    How does a former queen who became the mother to two of the most important characters in the Star Wars universe become a forgotten character?
Final Fantasy’s Strongest Villain Is Kuja CBR
Ryan Bamsey    Final Fantasy fans have long debated which antagonist is the most powerful, and there’s a strong argument to be made that FFIX’s Kuja is that villain.
Venom 2 Trailer May Hide an Avengers Reference CBR
Colin Hekimian    A shot of The Daily Bugle in Venom: Let There Be Carnage seems to hint at the existence of the Avengers and a possible Doctor Strange villain.
Pokémon: 10 Best Water-Types In The Anime, Ranked CBR
Tom Steel    Water-types are some of the most recognizable and popular Pokémon but these are undoubtedly the best water-based creatures in the series.
Sandra Oh Shuts Down Fan’s Hope for a Grey’s Anatomy Return CBR
Tim Adams    Fans of Grey’s Anatomy may not want to get their hopes up of Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang returning for a reunion with Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey.
To Your Eternity And 9 Other Anime With Incredible First Episodes
Leah Thomas    Forget the three-episode rule, these anime deliver an amazing experience and get the viewer hooked from the very first episode
Jupiter’s Legacy: The Union’s Code Stifles the Team Against Evolved Villains
Renaldo Matadeen    Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy addresses a crucial aspect of the generational superhero trope in Season 1 as the Utopian’s Code becomes problematic.
Ms. Marvel Wraps Shooting in Thailand Despite COVID Surge CBR
Sandy Schaefer    Marvel Studios’ Disney series Ms. Marvel finishes shooting in Thailand despite the recent resurgence of the coronavirus in the country.
Batman: The Scarecrow Didn’t Invent His Signature Weapon Alone
Brandon Zachary    One of Batman’s most persistent foes has a unique tool in his war against the Dark Knight -- but it turns out he stole the idea from someone else.
5 Ways Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland Is The Best Version (& 5 Why It’s The 1951 Animated Movie)
Jasmine Venegas    Disney brought us the two most famous adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice stories, one animated and one live-action. Which one did it better?
Zack Snyder Labels Warner Bros. ’Aggressively Anti-Snyder’ CBR
Dyllan Cecil    Director Zack Snyder calls Warner Bros. ’aggressively anti-Snyder’ when asked about his future contributions to the DC Extended Universe.
Naruto: 8 Most Ridiculous Techniques CBR
Zac Francis    Here are several of the most over-the-top and out-there techniques from Naruto that would challenge even most hardcore fans’ suspension of disbelief
Amber Heard Celebrates Aquaman 2 With a Sleepy Throwback Photo
Samuel Gelman    A photo of Amber Heard showcases the Aquaman 2 star taking a nap in her Mera costume.
REVIEW: Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead CBR
Cynthia Vinney    Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is fun, escapist entertainment packed with visceral action and zombie gore.
One Piece: Nami Takes the Fight to Kaido’s Ulti CBR
Lee Russo    In One Piece Chapter #1012, Nami takes the fight to one of Kaido’s top dogs.
Star Trek: How the Federation Made Peace With the Klingons CBR
Robert Vaux    The Klingons began as the signature enemies of Star Trek’s Federation, but they eventually evolved into partners and allies.
WWE’s New Day Are Starring in Their Very Own Comic CBR
Tim Adams    The New Day’s Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods will have their origin story told in a new comic book series from BOOM Studios and WWE.
The Boys Teases a Season 3 Premiere Date Announcement CBR
Steven Ferraro    Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys teases the premiere date of Season 3 while also poking fun at fans and their desire for the show to return.
Justice League: Last Ride Creates the BLEAKEST World in DC’s Multiverse
Brandon Zachary    The events leading to Justice League: Last Ride seem to have brought upon a particularly dour version of the DC Universe.
Army of the Dead Early Reactions are Mostly Positive CBR
Sandy Schaefer    Early reactions to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Deadly are mostly positive so far, with many praising the zombie movie’s action and characters.
Fear the Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Premiere’s Twist, Explained
Keegan Prosser    Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg explains why Season 6’s midseason premiere ended with such a heartbreaking twist.
MechWarrior: The Star League, Explained CBR
Louis Kemner    In the MechWarrior computer games, the Star League is a long-lost empire from the golden age. Its legacy lives on in startling ways.
The Green Knight Trailer Sends King Arthur’s Nephew on an Epic Quest
Tim Adams    A24 launches a new trailer for The Green Knight, featuring King Arthur’s nephew embarking on an epic quest to face the titular antagonist.
Boruto vs. Naruto Proves It’s Not Just Karma CBR
Renaldo Matadeen    In Boruto Episode 196, Boruto and Naruto clash in a fight that perfectly shows just how far the young shinobi has come.
Black Mirror: Nosedive Predicted Social Media’s Destruction of Humanity
Renaldo Matadeen    Netflix’s Black Mirror used Season 3’s Nosedive to give us a scary reality check as it showed how social media would eventually destroy us.
Star Wars: Boba Fett’s War of the Bounty Hunters Introduces a Spider Woman
Renaldo Matadeen    As Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters gets underway, Boba Fett gets caught in a vicious arachnoid alien’s web.
Conjuring 3 Has a ’Shameless’ Callback to Nightmare on Elm Street 4
Sandy Schaefer    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It director Michael Chaves confirms the film includes a ’shameless’ callback to Nightmare on Elm Street 4.
Street Fighter: Vega’s History, Explained CBR
Nicholas Brooks    Street Fighter’s Vega is one of the deadliest assassins in the franchise. The vanity that birthed his skill also turned him into a monster.
MHA: All For One’s Assassination Attempt on Deku Isn’t What It Seems
Jesus Amaral    All For One’s attack on Deku might not be what it seems in Chapter #311, but the stage for My Hero Academia’s finale is set, nonetheless.
Criminal Minds: Why Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook) Left & Returned
E.L. Meszaros    J.J. was an integral member of the BAU in Criminal Minds, making her Season 6 departure a surprise to many.
War Thor: How Marvel’s Ultimate Mjolnir Powered Up Asgard’s Volstagg
John Dodge    The most destructive God of Thunder of all time was born from one of the most loveable Asgardians in the entire Multiverse.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Changes Kanan Jarrus’ Comic Origin CBR
Renaldo Matadeen    Star Wars: The Bad Batch started with a bang with Kaller and Order 66 being enacted, but it makes big changes to Marvel’s Kanan Jarrus origin.
Thraag vs Battle Beast Is Invincible’s Most BRUTAL Fight CBR
Brenton Stewart    The Invincible series is best known for its epic, bloody battles, and the most brutal fight of all did not even involve the titular hero.
Resident Evil Village Proves Castlevania Could Work in First Person
Sam Stone    With a variety of monsters and first-person combat, Resident Evil Village introduces a potentially effective direction for the Castlevania franchise.
Dragon Ball: What Happened to Yamcha? CBR
Molly Kishikawa    In Dragon Ball, Yamcha had the potential to be one of the most powerful humans on Earth, but he gave up on himself.
Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Should Have Focused on the Past CBR
Timothy Donohoo    The flashbacks of how the Union got their powers are much more interesting than the present-day story of Jupiter’s Legacy for a variety of reasons.
Batman: Joker, Riddler and Every Other DC Character Who Used Bane’s Venom
Robert Curran    Although Bane is the most well-known user of the serum known as Venom, other characters have been made into super soldiers by the drug.
Mortal Kombat: Lord Raiden Stays Distant From Earthrealm’s Warriors
Cass Clarke    2021’s Mortal Kombat pushed Lord Raiden out of the spotlight, paving the way for Earthrealm warriors to gain a little more attention.
Venom 2: Carnage and Shriek Are Deadlier Than Joker and Harley Quinn
Zachary Guida    Venom 2 teases Carnage’s romance with his true love Shriek, which makes Joker and Harley Quinn’s destructive relationship look tame by comparison.
Swamp Thing: The Wodewose’s Mythical Roots, Explained CBR
Brennan Fielder    Swamp Thing #3 depicts Levi Kamei fully descending into the Green and coming face-to-face with the Wodewos, but what is this strange creature?