Sequart : DC
04  décembre     23h30
Citizenship 101: The DC Public Service Announcements of the 1950s and 1960s
Brian Puaca    An unlikely 1949 brown paper schoolbook cover produced by DC Comics and distributed by the Institute for American Democracy (IAD) received a great deal of attention following the violent protests in Charlottesville in August 2017.& [more]
25  juin     14h00
JLA: New World Order Revisited or, What Makes a Story Essential?
Tom Shapira    The world of cape-comics has a rather tortured relationship with certain sets of words used to describe a character, creator or project. Iconic,’ for instance, is probably one of the most overused words in our& [more]
01  juin     14h21
I won’t wear one of those damnfool spandex body-condom things. I don’t have the bust for it : Superhero Costume in the WildStorm Comics of Warren Ellis, Part 2
David Sweeney    The Authority’s sister’ title, Planetary was also launched in 1999, following a preview story included in the WildStorm titles Gen-13 and C-23 in September of the previous year. Conceived as a series in which Ellis& [more]
11  janvier     20h20
Larry Nevin Should Never Have Been Taken Seriously, or Why the Super Sons Matter
Benjamin Hall    DC One Million and Batman Beyond along with many other examples suggest that the concept of legacy characters and superhero parenthood can work. Yes, this ages the characters, but we have been stuck in the& [more]
11  septembre     19h50
Len Wein, 1948-2017
Michael Campochiaro    For those of us of a certain age, who grew up on comic books in the 1970s and 1980s, it seems like we’re losing far too many of the great creators who helped shaped our& [more]
04  septembre     16h00
The Early Superman
Joe Muszynski    Though I was never a regular reader of Superman comics, his presence was felt. In the Justice League comics and on cartoon shows of the era, Superman was always featured, his powers looming large over& [more]
02  novembre     09h00
The British Invasion in Current Previews Catalog
Mike Phillips    If you like to make all of your hard-copy purchases through your Local Comics Shop, and you want The British Invasion: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and the Invention of the Modern Comic Book Writer& [more]
25  août     14h29
Blue Beetle and the Last Days of the Bronze Age
Michael Campochiaro    Discussions of DC Comics in the 1980s tend to focus on works like The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, and Crisis on Infinite Earths. That’s fitting, because all of these were game changers for the industry,& [more]
06  juin     22h30
The Complicated Legacies of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane
Michael Campochiaro    Throughout the history of DC Comics, two female characters stand above the rest, in terms of appearances and popularity in the broader culture: Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and Lois Lane. It can be argued that& [more]
04  juin     20h00
Super Karate Monkey Death Car: Geoff Johns and the DC Universe
Mark J. Hayman    It’s true, pobody’s nerfect. We live with our foibles and imperfections, our biases and misconceptions, and hope that they don’t cause too many problems for ourselves or those around us. The human failing that most& [more]
01  juin     15h40
Smorgasbord #43: With Treelike Reptile Erections
Tom Shapira    As the Internet rages at Rebirth and Nick Spencer, Tom and Shawn discuss the passing of Darwyn Cooke, the latest desperation tactics at Marvel and DC, casting news for Thor: Ragnarok, and August Previews. We& [more]
15  mars     01h30
The Near and Distant Horizon
Mark J. Hayman    Timeliness is next to prescience, or something like that. Here I was preparing this screed when I chanced upon an article by a person who insists that the survival of comic books is dependent upon& [more]
05  décembre     17h00
Superheroes: The American Mythology Part I
James Kelly    Beginning in 1938, two simple creators will develop an entire genre of entertainment that will change the world. The humble beginnings of superheroes as pure heroes to guide America through the Great Depression. [more]
15  octobre     11h00
Believe the Aquaman: Why the King of Atlantis is the Real Deal
Jarrett Mazza    If you consider yourself familiar with comic’s most popular super heroes than you are capable of identifying those that are considered the best: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and& [more]
12  septembre     11h00
Why I Am Not A Superhero Fan
Ian Dawe    I’m fairly open about my own tastes and predilections when it comes to comics, or any other medium. I’ll freely admit to anyone who cares to ask that, while I love comics, I’m not that& [more]
18  juillet     11h00
And Then It Was Continued Thereafter. Unto All Eternity. : A Quite Unexpected Afterthought on The Multiversity
Dave Whittaker    By far the biggest news to come out of SDCC, for me personally, was She Makes Comics winning best documentary at the independent film festival. Second to this was the fruit borne of the Multiversity& [more]
16  juillet     15h00
Richard Bensam on Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen
Mike Phillips    As part of its ongoing Patreon campaign, Sequart runs a Book Movie of the Month Club. Patrons get a digital copy of a Sequart book or movie at the beginning of each month, and& [more]
29  avril     11h00
DC and Marvel: The Politics of Universes
Debarghya Sanyal    The superhero world is in bit of a rumble. Recently, Zack Snyder dropped another of his completely predictable little bombs, and we suddenly have a very familiar looking Aquaman on the blocks. (Did anyone notice& [more]
05  avril     11h00
The Good and Bad of Diversity in Comics
Ed Cambro    Diversity has always been a problem in comics. In the early days, minorities were nigh invisible, and women were usually relegated to romantic interests damsels in distress. In the modern era, however, DC and Marvel have& [more]
17  février     12h00
DC is Re-Branding (or De-Branding) Its Universe. So What?
Ryan C.    Note: This is a companion editorial of sorts to the Marvel Is Rebooting Its Universe. So What? piece I wrote for Sequat on Wednesday, January 21st. Apparently there’s something of a PR war going on between the& [more]
01  février     12h00
Oh, My Aching Cranium : Jack Kirby’s OMAC Deconstructed And Reconstructed, Part Twelve
Ryan C.    Before we get into the beginning of the end here, I suppose we’d better talk about that cover first. Yeah, it’s not by Kirby. In fact, I’m willing to bet that even if his distinctive& [more]
17  janvier     21h00
Image Comics Launches Mail-Order Service: A Threat to Comics Ecology?
Ian Dawe    Image Comics announced this past Thursday that they will now be offering a direct mail service to their US customers for over 35 of their most popular titles, including Rat Queens, Sex Criminals, The Walking& [more]
04  janvier     21h00
Comics Were Everywhere in 2014& Just Think of What 2015 Can Bring
Ian Dawe    Comics were everywhere in 2014, and not just from my perspective. Check your Facebook page, or Twitter feed, and if you’re anything like me you’ll see at least one (probably three) Cyanide and Happiness, for& [more]
13  octobre     11h00
Obsession and Superhero Movies: Scenes from a Comics Convention, Part 2
Greg Carpenter    If you read last week’s column, you know that I recently attended the second annual Nashville Comic Con. This week, I’d like to talk about one of the panels that made a particular impression on& [more]
29  septembre     19h59
The Last Temptation of Supe: Christian Overtones in For the Man Who Has Everything
Ian Dawe    On those rare occasions when I teach students about superhero comics, one question that always comes up is what defines a hero . Is, for example, a hero simply an individual who does heroic things? Or& [more]
24  septembre     17h00
Is Having No Wonder Woman Movie Better than Having a Bad One?
Ian Dawe    A recent clip of Fox Newsbots prattling on about superheroes without any tangible connection to reality has been making the rounds this week, just as has happened many times before. Among the many idiotic things& [more]
26  juillet     17h00
Power Fantasies: Superman, Jeffrey Baldwin and the Worth of a Publishing Brand
Anthony Castle    Jeffrey Baldwin was powerless. The five year-old had lived, and died, locked in a cold bedroom in the Toronto house where he was left unchecked after being removed from the custody of his parents. In& [more]
23  juillet     11h00
As Human as You Want to Be: A Review of Charles Soule’s Swamp Thing: Seeder
Noel Thorne    It’s an obvious pun when the subtitle here is Seeder , but Charles Soule’s first Swamp Thing book is such a scattershot of ideas and beginnings that it’s like he’s planting the seeds of larger storylines& [more]
16  mai     11h00
Follow me; I seek the everlasting ices of the north& : DC’s Frankenstein in Post-Millennial Publication, Part Two
Dave Whittaker    We left the last article after establishing various conventions of the Creature and ended on the discussion of a crossover and crisis event. We begin this article with another company-wide crossover and crisis event. To& [more]
08  mai     11h00
Brian’s Comic Book Grab Bag: Tangent Comics: Nightwing Volume 1 #1
Stuart Warren    This Christmas my brother gave me a booster pack of random, non-sequential issues from a variety of popular comic book titles that syndicated in the late eighties to mid nineties. The nineties was a time& [more]
24  avril     11h00
Brian’s Comic Book Grab Bag: Catwoman Volume 2 #20
Stuart Warren    This Christmas my brother gave me a booster pack of random, non-sequential issues from a variety of popular comic book titles that syndicated in the late eighties to mid nineties. The nineties was a time& [more]
12  février     18h00
Harley Quinn #2 Review
Dave Whittaker    They say never judge a book by its cover, and yet comic books in some sense urge us to do so. Comic book covers are in essence what hook many of us into purchasing a& [more]
28  janvier     12h00
Just Don’t Do It Again : The American Superhero Comics of Mark Millar, Part 4
Colin Smith    Continued from last week. How was it possible for Millar to show so much respect for Bruce Wayne’s back story while portraying such a deeply unconvincing Dark Knight? Though the writer’s take on Wayne was ludicrously& [more]
26  janvier     02h37
What Batman vs. Superman Could Get Right (And Wrong)
Amy Maynard    Last year when Man of Steel came out, I was reminded of the line uttered by Chastity (Gabrielle Union) in 10 Things I Hate About You: I know you can be overwhelmed... and you can& [more]
23  janvier     12h00
Thus strangely are our souls constructed& : DC’s Frankenstein in Post-Millennial Publication, Part One
Dave Whittaker    Frankenstein (or, rather, Frankenstein’s creature): that oft studied literary figure, that icon of cinematic horror and, upon closer inspection that almost universal and perpetual figure in the comic art. Appearing in various titles from a& [more]
21  janvier     12h00
There are Some Things in Life It’s Best not to See : The American Superhero Comics of Mark Millar, Part 3
Colin Smith    Continued from last week. The suspicion that Millar idled his way through his years at 2000AD is at least in part countered by the contents of Favourite Things. For it seems unlikely that he would have& [more]
14  janvier     12h00
Yes, Alfred. Time for Bed. : The American Comics of Mark Millar, Part 2
Colin Smith    Continued from last week. Favourite Things was the first mainstream superhero tale that Millar had ever sold. Previously, he’d depicted the costumed crimefighter as a horror-hybridised symbol of corruption and cruelty, as with The Saviour and& [more]
07  janvier     12h00
Enter Mr. ... Miller?: The American Comics of Mark Millar, Part 1
Colin Smith    Continued from here. Exactly when Grant Morrison landed Mark Millar the job of scripting Swamp Thing is hard to pinpoint. Millar has hinted that the GLASCAC comic convention in the late April of 1993 may have& [more]
26  décembre     18h00
Harley Quinn #1 Review
Dave Whittaker    With last month’s zero issue restoring my - and no doubt many other people’s - faith in the Harley Quinn character, as presented in DC’s new continuity, this month’s issue was eagerly anticipated. And it& [more]
24  février     12h00
That Cowardly and Superstitious Batman, That Heartlessly Persecuted Joker: On Batman #17
Colin Smith    Well, why doesn’t the Batman simply kill the Joker? You’d think the answer would be obvious. Yet fans the blogosphere over appear quite flummoxed, if not dangerously apoplectic, about the matter. The Joker can’t be& [more]
23  février     12h00
Marvel Now-ish
Tom Shapira    One of the good things to come of Marvel Comics frankly insane shipping schedule in their latest relaunch scheme is that it allows the poor sideline commenter the chance to quickly appreciate the general trend& [more]
08  février     12h00
Ctl-Alt-Delete: Retcon, Relaunch, or Reboot?
William Proctor    According to Cody Walker, reboots and relaunches have been a part of comics for decades now[i]: From Julius Schwartz’s revisionist techniques that birthed the Silver Age in DC Comics - Barry Allen as the second& [more]
21  janvier     12h00
On Invasion, Written by Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo
Julian Darius    Published in late 1988 as a three-issue monthly crossover mini-series, the central premise of Invasion (titled Invasion , with an exclamation mark, on the cover) was simple: aliens invade the Earth. The series was plotted by Keith& [more]
17  décembre     12h00
The DC Canon
Julian Darius    This is the beginning of a series of articles on classic works of the DC Universe. It is the contention of this series that the DC Universe has been around long enough and has produced& [more]
04  décembre     03h43
Karen Berger to Leave DC
Julian Darius    After a long career that included creating and helming DC’s Vertigo imprint since its inception, Karen Berger is departing DC Comics. In an industry where few editors are known to readers and fans, Karen Berger& [more]
05  octobre     11h00
Interview with Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass
Cody Walker    DC Women Kicking Ass is a popular blog that addresses gender issues within the comic book industry or, to quote the site itself, it is a place for Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about& [more]
18  août     17h40
On Rorschach #1
Colin Smith    In which the blogger attempts to review Rorschach #1, despite the experience proving a thoroughly enervating one. Visitors should be aware that what follows contains spoilers and, uniquely for this article, a moment or two& [more]
05  août     11h00
Grant Morrison on Experimental Writing in Doom Patrol
Patrick Meaney    Grant Morrison used a variety of experimental techniques during his surrealist run on Doom Patrol. He discusses them here in a clip from the special edition of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, now available for& [more]
04  février     07h48
When Adrian Veidt Owns Shakespeare: Why I’m Against Before Watchmen
Mike Greear    DC Comics recently officially announced that it would be reviving the characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s revered graphic novel, Watchmen, for a slew of prequel spin-off comics. In my opinion, these prequels are& [more]
19  janvier     12h00
Five Years Later: 52, the New 52, and the Elusive New Reader
Logan Ludwig    DC Comics has never been shy about branding, their long line of multiverse spanning event comics don’t always feature the same titular influence, but it always seems like there’s some new form of Crisis looming& [more]