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16  avril     20h18
Stray Dogs #1 Review
Deborah Majowka    Written by Tony Fleecs Art by Trish Forstner Don’t let the cute dog illustrations in this comic fool you into thinking this is a children’s story. Using anthropomorphic dogs as its main characters, the first& [more]
02  mars     18h00
Radiant Black #1 Review
Deborah Majowka    Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Marcelo Costa SPOILER WARNING... The superhero genre often uses the super element as a way to explore experiences that in real life would be ordinary. Radiant Black certainly fits the genre,& [more]
01  mars     21h24
Aria: Heavenly Creatures Review
Deborah Majowka    Written by Brian Holguin Art by Jay Anacleto and Brian Haberlin While I am unfamiliar with the Aria comics from the ’90s, this one certainly makes an impression for a first-time reader. Set in Victorian& [more]
25  juin     14h00
JLA: New World Order Revisited or, What Makes a Story Essential?
Tom Shapira    The world of cape-comics has a rather tortured relationship with certain sets of words used to describe a character, creator or project. Iconic,’ for instance, is probably one of the most overused words in our& [more]
22  mars     22h45
I won’t wear one of those damnfool spandex body-condom things. I don’t have the bust for it : Superhero Costume in the WildStorm Comics of Warren Ellis, Part 1
David Sweeney    The title of this essay comes from lines spoken by the character Jenny Sparks in Warren Ellis’s first issue as writer on the WildStorm title Stormwatch (#37, July 1996), after she is recruited to the& [more]
14  janvier     11h00
Gunning for Hits #1: Image Comics and Power and Responsibility
Tom Shapira    2019 has just barely put on its socks and we already have our first whiff a controversy in the comics-corner of the world. To wit: the first issue of the new Image series Gunning for& [more]
26  février     12h00
Review of Prism Stalker #1
Tom Shapira    Writer and Artist: Sloane Leong Publisher: Image Comics Prism Stalker is a new science fiction series from Image comics. These days a new science fiction series from Image is not quite an exciting announcement as& [more]
06  septembre     22h40
Manifest Destiny #s 25-30: Into the Fog
Ian Dawe    Editor’s note: Sorry that I have fallen behind recently with my coverage of Manifest Destiny. But since the 5th trade paperback is released this week, it seems the perfect time to catch up. For those& [more]
01  février     17h30
Happy Birthday Image Comics
Ian Dawe    This week marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of one of the strongest and most creative comics publishers, Image Comics. Founded by and for comics creators, Image was established as a home for creators& [more]
20  janvier     19h10
The Goddamned #5: No Happy Endings
Ian Dawe    I’m Cain, the man who invented murder. But God invented me, so ask yourself: who’s the real asshole here? If readers expected the story of Jason Aaron and r. m. Guera’s The Goddamned to take& [more]
18  janvier     21h50
Descender #18: Back to Business
Ian Dawe    In its latest issue, #18, Descender gets back to business, driving the plot of this story forward after taking some time to develop the characters in recent issues. This issue is classic space opera science& [more]
16  janvier     23h45
Manifest Destiny #25: Who Are The Demons?
Ian Dawe    It’s a very special issue of Manifest Destiny as the 25th issue makes its appearance this week. The journey of Lewis and Clark has entered a different phase, as the Corps of Discovery settles down& [more]
10  janvier     20h15
Southern Bastards #16: Moving the Goalposts
Ian Dawe    There are eerie and tempting parallels between Coach Boss and a certain American President-elect. Both are brutal, simple-minded, deeply insecure tyrants, and both have a tendency to move the goalposts and declare victory when an& [more]
30  novembre     12h57
Watch The Image Revolution Free on Amazon Prime Video
Mike Phillips    Sequart Organization is pleased to announce that our documentary The Image Revolution is now available to stream for free, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. Simply click HERE and begin watching 20 years ago, a& [more]
01  novembre     17h15
Southern Bastards #15: The Taste of Ribs and Defeat
Ian Dawe    Here we are again in the steaming tribal vendetta-filled world of Southern Bastards. Craw County continues, here in issue #15, to be a community that measures is worth based on the standing of its high& [more]
28  octobre     20h40
Lake of Fire #3: Oaths
Ian Dawe    The situation faced by the crusaders in Lake of Fire is becoming increasingly desperate in issue #3. Theo has been badly wounded, the Keep is surrounded by aliens intent on getting in, the people are& [more]
27  octobre     19h25
Descender #16: A Real Killer
Ian Dawe    All of the characters in Descender (with the possible exception of the TIMs) have an undercurrent of rage and confusion. Their world changed so dramatically, and so quickly, with the Harvester attack that it re-drew& [more]
19  octobre     21h35
Manifest Destiny #24: Making Camp
Ian Dawe    The latest Manifest Destiny brings the Sasquatch story arc to an end in fairly spectacular fashion. These story arcs function quite a bit like seasons of television, and Chris Dingess has fashioned a whopper of& [more]
12  octobre     20h55
Reborn, from Mark Millar and Greg Capullo Makes Its Debut
Ian Dawe    The long-awaited collaboration between Mark Millar and Greg Capullo is now here in the form of Reborn, which debuts today. The book is certainly blessed with a deep bench of talent (Jonathan Glapion is the& [more]
03  octobre     19h50
Lake of Fire #2: Heroes
Ian Dawe    Lake of Fire, by Nathan Fairbairn and Matt Smith, seems to be mixing what we would expect from a crusaders vs aliens storyline (lots of fights, strange eruptions from wounds) with a fairly robust and& [more]
22  septembre     20h15
Invisible Republic Begins a New Arc in Issue #11
Ian Dawe    The new story arc of Invisible Republic, which begins here in issue #11, is a bit of a departure from previous issues and arcs in this compelling and complex science fiction drama. Readers will remember& [more]
20  septembre     21h20
Manifest Destiny #23: Tales of Captain Helm
Ian Dawe    It’s become apparent that the Captain Helm story in the pages of Manifest Destiny serves, at least in part, the same function that Tales of the Black Freighter did in Watchmen. This is emphatically a& [more]
24  août     19h45
Lake of Fire #1: Crusaders vs Aliens in an Innovative, Compelling New Comic
Ian Dawe    There’s been quite a lot written about The Crusades, but it seems like modern historians agree on one thing: they were a great excuse for Christians of a certain persuasion to engage in some serious& [more]
19  août     23h30
Manifest Destiny #22: The Eyes Have It
Ian Dawe    Like many men of their era, Lewis and Clark were blessed with an overabundance of positivity and confidence (more for Lewis than Clark, but they each believed in the soundness of their society and their& [more]
09  août     20h05
Descender #13: Telsa
Ian Dawe    Descender #13 is ostensibly about Captain Telsa, the red-haired, firey Captain from the UGC, sent to retrieve TIM-21 and the codex he carries in his electronic DNA that may hold the key to understanding the& [more]
06  août     01h30
Manifest Destiny #21: Leadership
Ian Dawe    One of the many challenges that the historical Lewis and Clark expedition had to surmount was simple hunger. They weren’t as badly off as some, and fared far better than some of the more northern& [more]
28  juillet     14h15
Black Road #4: A Walk in the Snow
Ian Dawe    It’s too easy for us today to slip into a simplistic stereotype of the dark ages , or the early medieval period. Barbarians roaming across the countryside, committing unspeakable acts of carnage and pillage, and scared& [more]
29  juin     21h35
Plutona #5: Kid Logic
Ian Dawe    The finale of Plutona’s five issue run is understandably dark, but then again, that’s basically the only place this remarkable series could go. The most interesting parts of this book have always been the relationships& [more]
14  juin     20h30
Manifest Destiny #20: Big Feet and Bigger Eyes
Ian Dawe    Captain Clark killed a curious animal... [one] never yet known in the United States. That’s a quote from a member of the actual Corps of Discovery, and in that case it was the antelope, which& [more]
13  juin     22h10
Descender #12: Brothers
Ian Dawe    One of Descender’s strongest themes has always been the notion of robots having souls sometimes souls more pure and more sensitive than the flesh and blood humans that surround them. Our central robot character,& [more]
08  juin     17h30
On Phonogram & Hating So Correctly
Kylie Blohm    Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Phonogram is very much a celebration of pop music, a comic filled with characters who love it deeply and at times overwhelmingly. A blurb from Art Brut vocalist Eddie Argos& [more]
07  juin     19h45
Invisible Republic #10: New Wrinkles
Ian Dawe    Invisible Republic is only just now in its tenth issue, but it feels as if there have been many more than that. The complexity of the world, and the subtlety with which Gabriel Hardman and& [more]
02  juin     19h20
Paper Girls #6: The Horror of Adulting
Ian Dawe    Warning: If you haven’t read the first five issues of Paper Girls, this discussion will spoil a few things. On the other hand, if you have read those issues but not the latest, don’t worry.& [more]
01  juin     19h10
The Goddamned #4: You Don’t Mess With Noah
Ian Dawe    The Goddamned is one of two major comics that have recently offered us a reimagined version of the Biblical character Noah. The other book Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which was also made into a big& [more]
17  mai     17h45
Manifest Destiny #19: Teamwork
Ian Dawe    When undertaking a task as dangerous as the exploration of unknown lands, teamwork is an absolute necessity. Other writers (such as Stephen Ambrose) have noted that it was this capacity for group unity, strong leadership& [more]
16  mai     21h30
Black Road #2: A Little Kindness
Ian Dawe    It should come as no surprise that Black Road has the narrative structure of the journey . (The word road is right there in the title, after all.) While we were introduced to the characters and& [more]
10  mai     18h00
Southern Bastards #14: Homecoming Ends
Ian Dawe    As we reach the end of the Homecoming story arc in Southern Bastards, it becomes fairly clear what this particular storyline has always been about. Not football, or even race, necessarily, but the rather the& [more]
07  mai     15h00
A Tour of the 2016 Eisner Nominees, Part 9 Monstress
Ian Dawe    Monstress wastes no time in creating a lush, vivid fantasy world and giving us some great characters to populate it. This Image Comics release by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda builds all manner of artifice& [more]
02  mai     15h00
A Tour of the 2016 Eisner Nominees, Part 7 The Fade Out
Ian Dawe    The Fade Out is a comic about Hollywood, specifically that magical post-war late-1940s Hollywood that is so often romanticized. It’s one of America’s true mythic places, full of hard-drinking writers, bombshell girls (and the occasional& [more]
01  mai     15h00
A Look at East of West (Volumes 1-5)
Craig Ambegoda    East of West is an ongoing series that hasn’t exactly been getting the attention it rightfully deserves. So, if you haven’t been reading this series, then you need to run to the nearest bookstore and& [more]
22  avril     16h05
A Tour of the 2016 Eisner Nominees, Part 2 Paper Girls
Ian Dawe    Another contender for the 2016 Eisner Award for Best New Series is Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, from Image Comics. By now we’ve come to expect great things from the creator& [more]
13  avril     17h00
Black Road #1: The Viking Comic You’ve Been Waiting For
Ian Dawe    Vikings have a special place in the European imagination, to put it mildly. A crazy blend of the wild west with the notion of the Fantasy Hero archetype set to a Heavy Metal soundtrack, the& [more]
11  avril     21h30
The Fix Is Wonderful, Outrageous Fun
Ian Dawe    When I was in Grade 12, our laid back physics and astronomy teacher once asked our class, What do you want to do when you leave here? One bravely honest soul replied, I don’t want& [more]
07  avril     15h15
The Goddamned #3: The Mark of Cain
Ian Dawe    Jason Aaron’s The Goddamned is best described as a cross between the Bible and Mad Max, with all the brutality and wit that implies. But somehow it goes so far into the depths of inhumanity& [more]
15  mars     01h30
The Near and Distant Horizon
Mark J. Hayman    Timeliness is next to prescience, or something like that. Here I was preparing this screed when I chanced upon an article by a person who insists that the survival of comic books is dependent upon& [more]
08  février     23h15
Descender #10: Picking a Side
Ian Dawe    We’ve spent so much time getting to know the characters and their personal challenges over the past 10 issues of Descender that it’s good to be reminded in the new issue that the freaking galaxy& [more]
02  février     18h20
Manifest Destiny TPB vol 3 is Essential Reading
Ian Dawe    The latest, and darkest, collection of Manifest Destiny appears in stores this week, gathering issues #13-18 in a gruesome, intense and compelling TPB. Although it may be obvious to anyone who reads this comic, it& [more]
25  janvier     22h30
Smorgasbord #35: Going 911 on 4.99
Tom Shapira    Tom and Shawn get all combative in a very angry Smorgasbord, as they discuss the new Suicide Squad trailer, Image series ending too early, Marvel superhero (and price) inflation, and a complete rundown of the& [more]
Southern Bastards #13: Game Time
Ian Dawe    Ah, American football. It isn’t the world’s most competitive sport (have you seen the World Cup lately?), nor is it necessarily its most violent (I’m looking at you, Australian rules rugby), but there’s something about& [more]
13  janvier     19h45
The Goddamned #2: Sin and Redemption
Ian Dawe    Who are the goddamned , referenced in rm Guera and Jason Aaron’s The Goddamned? This ultra-violent re-interpretation of the Old Testament is faithful to the original text in the sense that the goddamned are really all& [more]