Sequart : Alan Moore
23  septembre     01h17
Different Men of Tomorrow: Superman and Providence
Matthew Kirshenblatt    Stop me if you’ve heard this story. A mild-mannered bespectacled journalist works at an American newspaper attempting to find a story, having to deal with a senior editor, a wise-cracking coworker, and a troublesome, opinionated& [more]
21  novembre     01h50
Spotlight on Alan Moore
Mike Phillips    Here at Sequart, we’ve published dozens of books and movies. Today, we thought we’d tell you about a couple that address comics legend Alan Moore. Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen, edited by Richard Bensam, examines Watchmen& [more]
05  septembre     10h00
Two Sequart Products Spotlighting Comics History
Mike Phillips    Most Sequart books and movies address some aspect of comics history, but the two releases below are especially designed to investigate and further our understanding of the history of this medium we love. The British& [more]
17  juillet     15h00
Curtain Call: On The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and LoEG: The Tempest #1
Tom Shapira    So here we are. The last League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not the latest, the last. If one believes the hype, this will be the final comic book published by either Moore or O’Neill - making& [more]
25  avril     14h00
Alan Moore’s Marvelman, Part 2: Welcome to the Real World
James Kelly    What if Marvelman woke up in the real world? That was the simple and enticing high-concept that Alan Moore wished to explore when he began to write his graphic novel Marvelman. In the hands of a great writer something as simple as Superman landing in the Soviet Union can be developed into...
16  avril     14h00
Alan Moore’s Marvelman, Part 1: From the Ashes of Obscurity...
James Kelly    Alan Moore brought new life to one of the most unoriginal superheroes. See how Alan Moore utilized Marvelman to explore and critique the Golden Age of Comics. [more]
18  janvier     18h17
The Tao of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison
Bobby Campbell    I have something of a fascination for the recurring manufactured drama between comic occult visionary writers Alan Moore & Grant Morrison. Often times billed as an epic magickal war, w thematic shades of Aleister Crowley vs. William Butler& [more]
09  décembre     22h27
Smorgasbord #74: More Weight on the Shelf
Tom Shapira    Tom and Shawn welcome special guest and Sequart co-founder Julian Darius to our penultimate episode, where we talk about some of our favorite comics of all time Join us as we discuss omnipotent cats, an& [more]
28  juillet     08h00
Smorgasbord #70: The Saga Awards, Featuring Saga
Tom Shapira    It’s our post-SDCC special as Shawn and Tom take time out from reviews to discuss the metric ton of trailers, previews, announcements, panels and discussion that Comic-Con has wrought - from the very last Alan& [more]
16  mai     19h45
Mythic World Rewriting: Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence
Matthew Kirshenblatt    All countries and all cultures, in the first few centuries that follow their inception, seem to naturally produce their individual supernatural mythologies and webs of folkloric belief. This much we can deduce by looking at& [more]
28  avril     18h30
Where’s Our Moon Over Soho in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Part 2
Matthew Kirshenblatt    In Part I of Where’s Our Moon Over Soho in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I talked about The League and three major characters in its story line and some& [more]
26  avril     22h45
Where’s Our Moon Over Soho in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Part 1
Matthew Kirshenblatt    I’m not really sure how to start this one. I feel like I might be writing about this subject a few years too late, but it’s taken just as long to get to the point& [more]
14  mars     23h00
Without Doubt the Fullest and Truest Expression of Ethereal Genius& Tragedy, Transition and Triumph in Providence #11
Dave Whittaker    fantastic references to some plan for the extirpation of the entire human race and all animal and vegetable life from the earth by some terrible elder race of beings from another dimension. He would shout& [more]
21  février     19h50
Traversing the Plateau of Leng: To Read is to Be Read in Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence
Matthew Kirshenblatt    So much of this is made of books, this Commonplace book&. Robert Black, Commonplace Book, June 5th, 1919, Providence #1, p. 32 This article is strange for a few reasons. First off, it’s about& [more]
31  janvier     19h15
Down A Dark Path of Bibliomancy The Necronomicon in Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence, Part 2
Matthew Kirshenblatt    In Part I of Down A Dark Path of Bibliomancy: The Necronomicon in Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence we looked at how Alan Moore incorporated and reinterpreted H.P. Lovecraft’s History of the Necronomicon and& [more]
30  janvier     19h15
Down A Dark Path of Bibliomancy: The Necronomicon in Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence, Part 1
Matthew Kirshenblatt    My own rule is that no weird story can truly produce terror unless it is devised with all the care and verisimilitude of an actual hoax. H.P. Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith (17 October& [more]
23  janvier     18h00
Watching a Serial of Strange Aeons: Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence
Matthew Kirshenblatt    A lot of people, and I do mean a lot of people, are writing about Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Providence and have been for quite some time. You can look at Joe Linton, Robert& [more]
06  janvier     20h30
Doomsday, the 902s, and Comic Book Innocence
Stephen Sonneveld    Superman dies in Lois’ arms in the denouement of Superman no. 75 (1992) by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding. Source: https: 2015 06 05 comic-book-classics-revisited-the-death-of-superman-part-7 The fall For a brief moment in the autumn of 1992, the Doomsday monster had& [more]
30  décembre     23h30
A Journey Through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem: Modern Times
Matthew Kirshenblatt    In Modern Times we don’t get any answers to the previous chapter, or even new questions about the things that we already know. One hazard in writing these reader impressions of mine for each chapter& [more]
29  décembre     16h00
A Journey Through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem: X Marks the Spot
Matthew Kirshenblatt    A lot of events occurred in Jerusalem’s Rough Sleepers chapter. Moore’s nature of time, at least with regards to Northampton and the Burroughs had been revealed as eternalism: as space and time existing simultaneously in& [more]
26  décembre     16h00
A Journey Through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem: Rough Sleepers
Matthew Kirshenblatt    I didn’t know what to make of this chapter at first. To be honest, it’d been a while since I’d read Jerusalem after taking time to undertake some other projects. Certainly the preceding chapter ASBOs& [more]
22  décembre     16h00
A Journey Through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem: ASBOs of Desire
Matthew Kirshenblatt    There are a few things worth noting before I go on here. I might have mentioned this earlier, through my impressions of the previous chapter but unlike Alan Moore’s previous novel Voice of the Fire,& [more]
06  décembre     16h00
AARGH RESIST A Retrospective and a Prelude
Matthew Kirshenblatt    In my four-part article Not By Something As Accidental as Blood: Bash Back, my research into Lawrence Gullo, Fyodor Pavlov, and Kelsey Hercs’ work took me to places I hadn’t gone before while, in other& [more]
24  novembre     22h00
The Universe Doesn’t Care. This Is Not Punishment, But Rather It Is Appreciation& Celebration, Commiseration and Concern in Providence #10
Dave Whittaker    I will tell the audient void. . . . I do not recall distinctly when it began, but it was months ago. The general tension was horrible. To a season of political and social upheaval& [more]
18  novembre     21h00
A Journey Through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem: A Host of Angles
Matthew Kirshenblatt    You know there’s going to be a story when you’re told, flat out, that the protagonist is going to go insane. I feel like for every detail I catch in my reading of Jerusalem, there& [more]
02  novembre     17h45
A Journey Through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem: Work in Progress
Matthew Kirshenblatt    This is an experiment, you understand. I haven’t written for Sequart in quite some time and in addition to other articles I want to write, I’ve decided I wanted to try something I haven’t really& [more]
The British Invasion in Current Previews Catalog
Mike Phillips    If you like to make all of your hard-copy purchases through your Local Comics Shop, and you want The British Invasion: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and the Invention of the Modern Comic Book Writer& [more]
21  septembre     16h00
And Providence Hesitates On The Very Cusp Of Another World Than This. Rejection, Resolution and Revelation in Providence #9
Dave Whittaker    This stone, once exposed, exerted upon Blake an almost alarming fascination. He could scarcely tear his eyes from it, and as he looked at its glistening surfaces he almost fancied it was transparent, with half-formed& [more]
Smorgasbord #51: Goodbye, Northampton’s Rose
Tom Shapira    Shawn and Tom consider the legacy of Alan Moore as he prepares to leave comics forever(?); Shawn sings the praises of Outhouser Jude Terror for speaking truth to power; nobody puts Valiant in the corner& [more]
18  août     23h50
Sequart Releases The British Invasion
Julian Darius    Sequart Organization is proud to announce the publication of The British Invasion: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and the Invention of the Modern Comic Book Writer, by Greg Carpenter. Moore. Gaiman. Morrison. They came from& [more]
18  juillet     16h30
Dreams, Writings And Our Outlandish Human Imaginings... They’re At The Very Heart Of It. Romantic Reflections On The Written Word In Providence #8
Dave Whittaker    A blessed haze lies upon all this region, wherein is held a little more of the sunlight than other places hold, and a little more of the summer’s humming music of birds and bees;& [more]
09  mars     17h49
Smorgasbord #38: Moon Witch is Gonna Get Ya
Tom Shapira    The Iron Fist casting news brings with it a large discussion which dominates the episode as Shawn and Tom discuss the Marvel monochrome universe, the diminished importance of source fidelity, and being uncomfortable by heaving& [more]
08  mars     17h00
It’s Like Underneath Everything There Is Just Chaos... Perspective and Politics in Providence #7
Dave Whittaker    Any magazine-cover hack can splash paint around wildly and call it a nightmare or a Witches’ Sabbath or a portrait of the devil, but only a great painter can make such a thing really scare& [more]
24  janvier     18h30
The Days of EC: A Critical Examination of the Pulp Books of the Past and What They Can Teach Us About Our Future
Jarrett Mazza    The pages were pulpy and the colors were bright, the ink was fresh and the dialogue had been waxed freshly onto each page and all it cost was a nickel to buy. The panels were& [more]
18  janvier     22h00
Inside the Frontier: What Non-Comic Readers Can Learn From Reading The Star Trek Comics
Jarrett Mazza    What kind of relationship do comic books and films share? This is a broad, subjective, and fairly debatable question to ask most comic readers, but it is still nonetheless a question that continuously courses through& [more]
16  janvier     16h45
The Fourth Means Is Most Terrible, And Rests On The Eviction Of A Soul... Transcription and Trauma in Providence #6
Dave Whittaker    And yet, its realism was so hideous that I sometimes find hope impossible. If the thing did happen, then man must be prepared to accept notions of the cosmos, and of his own place in& [more]
17  décembre     12h00
The Complete D.R. & Quinch: Alan Moore’s Sci-Fi Fun Time
Mario Lebel    Like many readers who discovered the world of comics in bookstores rather than comic shops, the works of Alan Moore made an immediate impression on me. He’s a comic book rock star and, undeniably, one& [more]
14  décembre     20h00
Constructing a Perfect Reality
Jeff Hayes    Thus only in a dream we are at one, Thus only in a dream we give and take The faith that maketh rich who take or give - Monna Innominata by Christina Rossetti The topic of& [more]
12  décembre     12h00
Send in the Third String: An Argument for the Importance of Less Popular Superheroes
Jarrett Mazza    It is difficult to choose your favorite superhero. Most fans of any universe or mythology will immediately select the one that is the most well known or frequently seen in comparison to those that are& [more]
05  novembre     14h00
Remembering the Fifth of November: V for Vendetta
Ian Dawe    It’s the fifth of November, so I offer my humble thoughts on one of the true classics of our favourite medium. This is by no means an exhaustive analysis, simply a reflection on the book& [more]
24  octobre     11h00
Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s Snakes and Ladders Gets a Film Adaptation
Ian Dawe    Alan Moore’s Snakes and Ladders was one of his first major works dealing specifically with his unique approach to magic, following his revelation in 1995 that he himself was, in a very real sense, a& [more]
17  octobre     11h00
Being The Frightful Smile Of Their Creator& Grimoires and Ghoulish Acts in Providence #5
Dave Whittaker    Non-Euclidean calculus and quantum physics are enough to stretch any brain; and when one mixes them with folklore, and tries to trace a strange background of multi-dimensional reality behind the ghoulish hints of the Gothic& [more]
18  septembre     17h00
There Was No Hand To Hold Me Back. That Night I Found The Ancient Track : Transgressive and Transfigurative Acts in Providence #4
Dave Whittaker    That the prince of the powers of darkness, passing by the flower and pomp of the earth, should lay preposterous siege to the weak fantasy of indigent eld Nor, when the wicked are expressly& [more]
16  septembre     19h06
Alan Moore brings Satire and Subtext to Spawn: Writers Writing Spawn, Part 1
James Kelly    Believe it or not, Alan Moore wrote an issue of Spawn. In the midst of a crass and embarrassing era of comics, could Alan Moore steer Image Comics to substance? [more]
14  septembre     11h00
Shambling After the Mad Ones : Bob Dylan, Alan Moore, and Jack Kerouac
Greg Carpenter    A couple of weeks ago, I broke down and got a copy of Bob Dylan’s 1970 album, Self Portrait. For many fans, this album represents the low point in Dylan’s discography. Throughout most of the& [more]
06  septembre     00h00
How’d you do, my little Siren? : Sensuality, Sentiment and Solipsism in Providence #3
Dave Whittaker    Let’s begin by returning to the idea of Alan Moore infusing the Mythos with an emotional current and introducing the alien to well, the alien. I am undoubtedly one of those strange folk who doesn’t& [more]
07  août     11h00
And Thus Exemplify This Process. Duality, Duplicity and Dissolution in Providence #2
Dave Whittaker    Providence thus far appears at the very least to be an exercise in dichotomy. The first issue portraying relatively liberated sexual play alongside tragic repression. The second issue appears to do much the same, only& [more]
01  août     11h00
No Future For You Crossed 100
Emmet O'Cuana    SPOILERS for the six issue Crossed 100 storyline Then the whole community of Israel set out from Elim and journeyed into the wilderness of Sin - Exodus 16 We all know what the post-apocalypse looks& [more]
23  juillet     11h00
Ten Great Titles From Sequential’s Summer Sale
Ian Dawe    Sequential, an iPad app for reading comics, is having a great summer sale on dozens of indie comics titles this month, and if those sorts of comics are to your taste, there’s quite a bit& [more]
03  juillet     11h00
The War Against Caption Boxes
Mike Greear    Lately I’ve been catching up on some contemporary titles, some of which are produced by my favorite writers in the field, and I’m actually finding plenty of things not to enjoy about them, which doesn’t& [more]