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06  avril     17h50
Evolution of the Islamic Superheroine: Post-9 11 Representation of Muslim Women in Comics
Sam Smith    Introduction The primary purpose of this piece will be to discuss the history regarding the increased representation of Muslima, or female adherents of Islam, within fictional mediums such as superhero comics. Specifically, following the September& [more]
13  mars     20h39
The Knighted King: A Brief Publication History of Christopher Priest’s Black Panther
Michael Hoskin    When Christopher Priest returned to Marvel Comics in 1998 it had been almost ten years since his tumultuous exit from the company. In the interim the company and the comic book industry had undergone tremendous& [more]
02  mars     18h00
Radiant Black #1 Review
Deborah Majowka    Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Marcelo Costa SPOILER WARNING... The superhero genre often uses the super element as a way to explore experiences that in real life would be ordinary. Radiant Black certainly fits the genre,& [more]
29  décembre     23h33
Wonder Woman 1984 Review
Matthew Kirshenblatt    SPOILER WARNING: Please don’t read this until you’ve seen the film I never wrote anything on Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Well, that isn’t entirely true, as I’d admit if Diana of Themyscira’s Lasso is called& [more]
24  décembre     16h23
An Introduction’s Inevitable Conclusion: Art Spiegelman: Golden Age Superheroes were Shaped by the Rise of Fascism
Matthew Kirshenblatt    It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the Folio Society published Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949 as compiled and edited by Roy Thomas. I saw it as a sponsored Facebook advertisement& [more]
04  décembre     23h30
Citizenship 101: The DC Public Service Announcements of the 1950s and 1960s
Brian Puaca    An unlikely 1949 brown paper schoolbook cover produced by DC Comics and distributed by the Institute for American Democracy (IAD) received a great deal of attention following the violent protests in Charlottesville in August 2017.& [more]
23  septembre     01h17
Different Men of Tomorrow: Superman and Providence
Matthew Kirshenblatt    Stop me if you’ve heard this story. A mild-mannered bespectacled journalist works at an American newspaper attempting to find a story, having to deal with a senior editor, a wise-cracking coworker, and a troublesome, opinionated& [more]
07  septembre     15h24
Panther’s Range: The History of the Black Panther Prior to Christopher Priest
Michael Hoskin    The Black Panther was a ground-breaking character in his 1966 debut. From his first appearance onward, he was seldom absent for long from Marvel Comics publications, whether as a guest star or part of the& [more]
18  août     07h46
Excerpt from Brett Dakin’s American Daredevil: Comics, Communism, and the Battles of Lev Gleason
Brett Dakin    INTRO: I never met Lev Gleason he died five years before I was born. My mother would tell me stories about her flamboyant, free-spending uncle from New York City, and I especially loved hearing about Uncle& [more]
03  août     17h25
Exploring White Privilege in Christopher Priest’s Black Panther: Part 2, Hunter, the White Wolf
Michael Hoskin    Hunter glided into the pages of Black Panther stealthily, first trailing him under a cloak of invisibility in the closing panels of issue #3, before fully appearing in issue #4. Even then, his back story& [more]
15  juillet     15h37
Exploring White Privilege in Christopher Priest’s Black Panther: Part 1, Everett K. Ross
Michael Hoskin    It seems shocking that it took more than 30 years for Marvel’s flagship black superhero Black Panther to have a writer who was himself black. This milestone on its own would have made Christopher Priest’s& [more]
01  juillet     17h18
Bold, Precise, Experimental: Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers and Their Coming-of-Age Story
Roque Briones    Whenever Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie’s excellent run on Young Avengers gets mentioned online, it’s more often than not to talk about how diverse and inclusive is in regards of sexual identity. This is absolutely& [more]
08  juin     21h43
Thor ’77-’78: On the Never-Ending Road to Ragnarok, Part 4
Joe Muszynski    The Mighty Thor #265: This one is truly an ALL BATTLE ISSUE We left off with The Destroyer, a suit of indestructible-looking armor, powered by someone’s spirit force, crashing into battle with Thor. We find& [more]
28  mai     21h20
Green Lantern’s Burden: Re-Evaluating the Superhero Genre’s Woke’ Moment
Daniel Guy    At the turn of the new decade, as the euphoric epoch of the 1960s finally withered away, the symbols of American optimism took on new burdens and new crises. The superheroes of the 1970s, now& [more]
24  mai     13h34
With Great Power Comes Great Career Opportunities: A Character Study of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith
James Heath Lantz    Colin Smith makes some valid points in his article He’s Not a Super-Hero, He’s Not Even a Very Naughty Boy: The Case Against Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith . Zenith isn’t a superhero. That’s the& [more]
14  mai     01h00
Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers #1: Memento Mori
Matthew Brake    If Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers #1 begins with a creation story, his New Avengers starts out with a less hopeful proclamation: Everything Dies. Hickman’s New Avengers #1 opens with a one-page prologue providing a recap of& [more]
24  avril     23h00
There is Another World: Postmodernism and Identity in Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol
Roque Briones    Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol is certainly not an easy book to recommend. On the surface, it’s a very dense work with dozens of different literary references hiding in every corner, and it can& [more]
11  avril     13h00
Judge Dredd and the Rise of the Police State
Douglas Rasmussen    The dystopian science fiction film Dredd (2012), starring Karl Urban as the titular Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as his rookie-in-training Psi Judge Anderson, adapts the popular British comic strip character originally serialized in 2000AD& [more]
15  janvier     02h06
Send in the Clowns: Todd Phillips’s Joker
Matthew Kirshenblatt    Coulrophobia. A fear of clowns. It’s kind of an ironic fear when you consider the idea that clowns are humanity’s way of making fun of its own mortality. For the longest time, I actually thought& [more]
24  décembre     18h18
Van Jensen on His OGN Two Dead
Nathan Cabaniss    In America, no one is more powerful than a police officer, a character says at one point in Two Dead, the new crime graphic novel from publisher Gallery 13, a cop can detain you, hurt& [more]
21  décembre     17h34
Because I Am the Goddamn Batman: Political Ideologies and Transhumanism in Superhero Comics
KD Evans    Superheroes give us a way to get at the ideologies at work in transhumanism and politics. The genre of superhero comics is a fantastical take on an often dystopian version of our own real world.& [more]
07  décembre     15h00
David Seelow on Teaching with Comics and His Book Lessons Drawn
Nicholas Yanes    With over twenty-five years of experience in higher education, David Seelow’s career has been defined by his desire to develop new and innovative ways of educating students. In addition to his academic work, Seelow founded& [more]
28  septembre     17h13
Academics on the Legacy of Fox’s X-Men Films
Nicholas Yanes    Given how fast our current news cycle moves, it is often difficult to remember a time when comic book movies thrived before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, if we cast our minds to the early& [more]
08  septembre     16h00
Hell is Other People: Superheroes, Outsiders, and Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan, Part 2
Jesse Berberich    Previously, I explored the themes of Chris Ware’s landmark graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth specifically the role and function of the superhero in this piece and even beyond in Ware’s& [more]
31  août     14h52
Hell is Other People: Superheroes, Outsiders, and Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan
Jesse Berberich    Chris Ware’s seminal graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth is a masterwork wherein Ware chronicles the struggles of main character, Jimmy, as he navigates through life, eventually meeting his estranged father for& [more]
28  août     14h00
Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers #1: An Avengers World is Born
Matthew Brake    Hickman begins Avengers #1 like a creation story, the theme of creation being prevalent throughout the three-issue opening arc: First there was nothing. Then everything. As we will see, this is juxtaposed against New Avengers& [more]
23  juillet     11h26
I won’t wear one of those damnfool spandex body-condom things. I don’t have the bust for it : Superhero Costume in the WildStorm Comics of Warren Ellis, Part 3
David Sweeney    In How To Read Superhero Comics and Why, Klock applies Harold Bloom’s concept of the agon’ to Ellis’s treatment of superheroes in his work for WildStorm. For Bloom, poets can only escape the anxiety of& [more]
22  juillet     13h00
Capes, Cowls, and Purple: How Prince Merged the Worlds of Music and Comics with Batman and Beyond
James Heath Lantz    Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958-April 21, 2016), known throughout most of his career simply as Prince, had been an important part of music since his humble beginnings with the band 94 East in 1975,& [more]
01  juillet     11h00
The Road to Vertigo: The Suppression and Eventual Rise of Mature Comics and Their Readers
Mikayla J. Laird    The legacy of Vertigo recalls the very idea of comics finally being allowed to mature; letting people swear, drink, openly take drugs for recreation, and bringing in some serious ambiguity as to what it means& [more]
25  juin     14h00
JLA: New World Order Revisited or, What Makes a Story Essential?
Tom Shapira    The world of cape-comics has a rather tortured relationship with certain sets of words used to describe a character, creator or project. Iconic,’ for instance, is probably one of the most overused words in our& [more]
08  juin     15h00
Academics on Avengers: Endgame, Part 2
Nicholas Yanes    As mentioned in Part 1, we got so many contributions that we had to split this article up into two parts. Below is the second half, and we hope you enjoy it. And again...BEWARE...FOR SPOILERS& [more]
Ever to Ashes: The Unadaptable Nature of the Dark Phoenix Saga
J. Andrew Deman    INTRO As Hollywood takes its second big stab at The Dark Phoenix Saga, the most popular X-Men storyline of all-time, certain age-old arguments about the adaptability of comics properties find new footing in our collective& [more]
01  juin     14h36
Academics on Avengers: Endgame, Part 1
Nicholas Yanes    Avengers: Endgame is a cinematic generational event. The epic conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first arc that began with 2008’s Iron Man and encompasses twenty-two films. As of this posting, Avengers: Endgame has grossed& [more]
I won’t wear one of those damnfool spandex body-condom things. I don’t have the bust for it : Superhero Costume in the WildStorm Comics of Warren Ellis, Part 2
David Sweeney    The Authority’s sister’ title, Planetary was also launched in 1999, following a preview story included in the WildStorm titles Gen-13 and C-23 in September of the previous year. Conceived as a series in which Ellis& [more]
18  mai     01h00
Suzanne Scott Discusses Her Career and New Book Fake Geek Girls
Nicholas Yanes    Currently an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at UT Austin, Dr. Suzanne Scott is a scholar focused on fan cultures, gender studies, popular culture, and the various ways they intersect. She has recently published a& [more]
11  mai     13h00
Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man, and America
James Rovira    Disclaimer: this article includes spoilers starting in the third paragraph, so I wouldn’t read too far if you haven’t watched Avengers: Endgame yet. It also won’t make much sense if you haven’t watched Endgame and& [more]
22  mars     22h45
I won’t wear one of those damnfool spandex body-condom things. I don’t have the bust for it : Superhero Costume in the WildStorm Comics of Warren Ellis, Part 1
David Sweeney    The title of this essay comes from lines spoken by the character Jenny Sparks in Warren Ellis’s first issue as writer on the WildStorm title Stormwatch (#37, July 1996), after she is recruited to the& [more]
13  mars     00h06
My Thoughts on Captain Marvel: It’s Complicated
Karra Shimabukuro    Here be spoilers& I went into my 10:30a showing of Captain Marvel not really knowing anything about Carol Danvers Captain Marvel. At a time when the entire media market is glutted with superhero films& [more]
24  février     18h00
Academics on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Nicholas Yanes    Released on December 14, 2018, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a movie that shouldn’t exist. Superhero movies have been dominated by live action adaptations for well over a decade, while animated comic book movies have& [more]
19  janvier     20h34
Too Much of Everything
Tom Shapira    Launched in the last month of 2018, TKO Studios is a new publisher that sets out to redefine the industry. Their first wave of announced comics includes titles like Sara - a World War II& [more]
27  octobre     18h29
Can Thanos Come Snap Comics TV Shows?: Titans Disappoints
Karra Shimabukuro    When Arrow first premiered on the CW, I was excited because the weekly format seemed the perfect fit for telling comic stories. As more shows got rolled out, I was even more excited. The Flash,& [more]
23  octobre     10h00
We Go Bigger : Diving into Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers
Matthew Brake    Jonathan Hickman’s run on the Avengers picks up just after Brian Michael Bendis’s eight-year run on the title came to an end. Bendis’s time on the title was a veritable event generating machine, beginning with& [more]
01  octobre     14h00
Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon’s PunisherMAX: Kingpin Becomes Walter White
James Kelly    Though many fans will rightfully clamor for Ennis’ Punisher, Aaron & Dillon’s 22-issue run on the Punisher is the greatest Punisher story ever told. Beginning with Wilson Fisk rising in the criminal world. [more]
04  septembre     14h00
Julian Chambliss Discusses MSU’s Comics Forum and Commitment to Pop Culture Studies
Nicholas Yanes    Leaving the peninsula of Florida for the peninsula of Michigan, Dr. Julian Chambliss is now a professor in Michigan State University’s Department of English. As a scholar of comic books and popular culture, Chambliss will& [more]
18  juin     18h40
A Flying Jatt: A Superhero Movie a la Bollywood
Brian Cowlishaw    No one knows better than Sequart’s readership that there are tons of superhero movies out right now. Especially now, in fact, as high popcorn movie season, a k a summer, is just beginning. If you know the& [more]
15  juin     19h39
Why Latinx Superheroes Matter: An Interview with Eisner Nominee Frederick Luis Aldama
Shawn Edrei    I first met Professor Frederick Luis Aldama in 2015, at a conference held by the International Society for the Study of Narrative in Chicago. His talk on mixed-race superheroes was part of a larger panel& [more]
26  mai     23h16
Also, It’s Congruent with Lovecraft’s Ideal State of Ataraxia& Providence #12 and the Acceptance of Apocalypse
Dave Whittaker    of all the space unoccupied by familiar material objects not one particle was vacant. Indescribable shapes both alive and otherwise were mixed in disgusting disarray, and close to every known thing were whole worlds of& [more]
25  avril     14h00
Alan Moore’s Marvelman, Part 2: Welcome to the Real World
James Kelly    What if Marvelman woke up in the real world? That was the simple and enticing high-concept that Alan Moore wished to explore when he began to write his graphic novel Marvelman. In the hands of a great writer something as simple as Superman landing in the Soviet Union can be developed into...
16  avril     14h00
Alan Moore’s Marvelman, Part 1: From the Ashes of Obscurity...
James Kelly    Alan Moore brought new life to one of the most unoriginal superheroes. See how Alan Moore utilized Marvelman to explore and critique the Golden Age of Comics. [more]
27  février     19h38
Zaki’s Review: Black Panther
Zaki Hasan    Black Panther is a movie that, of necessity, means different things to different audiences. As the latest entry in Disney’s expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe, it holds a specific appeal to longtime comic fans and those& [more]